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"Payroll courses in Putney, introducing the important processes of payroll for beginners. Practical accounting training using software's like Sage & Xero."

Introduction To The Payroll Course

These payroll courses are designed to offer you with all the essential tools and knowledge you need to run payroll effectively and systematically at all times. The payroll courses come with a certification on practical completion, which is not only business recognised, but it is also confirmable. This allows potential employers to confirm your qualifications and hire you with complete assurance.

Accounting & Payroll Course Objective

The objective of the Accounting & Payroll course program is to train students in the practices of financial accounting and payroll in Putney.

This program emphasis on three key elements: the theoretical principles of bookkeeping and payment, the practical “hands-on” experience required doing the job, and the communication abilities needed to work within an office environment. Each successful student will have the essential skills to enter into the workforce and uphold a complete set of books, both manuall and with computerised software.

It’s time to build your career.

In bookkeeping, students will learn to calculate, formulate and issue accounting reports related to financial transactions such as bills, inventory reports, invoices, account statements and other financial statements using computerised and manual systems; code, batch, total, enter, reconcile and verify transactions such as accounts payable and receivable, purchase orders, payroll, cheque, cheque requisitions, invoices, and bank statements in a ledger or computer system; compile budget data and documents based on projected revenues and expenditures and previous budgets; and formulate period or cost reports or accounts.

In payroll, students will learn to retain records of leave and overtime to calculate pay and benefit entitlements, employee attendance, prepare and verify statements of earnings for employees, using manual and computerised systems; deductions such as taxes, union dues, garnishments and insurance and pension plans; indicating gross and net salaries; prepare T4 statements and other statements; prepare employee payments and benefit payments by cheque or electronic transfer, and prepare and balance period-end reports and reconcile issued payrolls to bank statements.

In theoretical principles, the hands-on practice and the communication skills learned in the bookkeeping and payroll courses ensure our graduates will be efficient in an entry-level office or payroll position.

Learning Objective: Payroll Courses

  • Acquire an understanding of what payroll systems are and why you need one
  • Identify the payroll systems in the UK
  • Learn the basics of payroll systems
  • Study how to deal with HMRC when it comes to new employees
  • Get insight on how employees starting & leaving the business impacts payroll
  • Comprehend the different deductions you need to know about to go to net pay amounts
  • Learn how to compute gross and net pay
  • Record keeping and reporting to HMRC.
  • Learn how to manage the PAYE system.
  • Comprehend retirement schemes.
  • Tips and tricks for payroll management annual /quarter reporting.
Payroll Training In Putney

Course Modules/Lessons

Lesson 1: Payroll systems & management: an introduction
Lesson 2: Learning the basics of payroll systems
Lesson 3: How to run an efficient payroll
Lesson 4: Dealing with HMRC concerning new employees
Lesson 5: How to calculate net and gross pay
Lesson 6: The national minimum wages for different types of work
Lesson 7: Understanding the PAYE system
Lesson 8: Dealing with the online PAYE system for employers
Lesson 9: Employment termination payments
Lesson 10: Payroll computer software/programs

Payroll Courses In Putney, United Kingdom

The payroll course is perfect for those new to finance that require training on the essential components of handling payroll. Payroll training courses give practical knowledge and information on the diverse accounting and finance techniques done using the accounting software of your choice and comfort. The responsibility of a Payroll professional is to process and maintain payroll records, update records, produce reports on a monthly or weekly basis. You are required to have experience in using payroll software, such as Sage 50 Payroll. You are also required to have good knowledge of NIC, Statutory pay, and HMRC.

At Future Connect Training, we offer an integrated course for individuals seeking a role within the payroll industry. We offer very flexible training where you can select the widely used accounting software’s from our list. We give flexibility in the duration of the course along with the days of your training as we are open seven days of the week. Our methodology of mixing the critical hypothetical ideas and aptitudes gives you a large upper hand in your journey towards a better job.

At the end of your course, you will receive certifications to prove that you have completed these qualifications and have practical training throughout this course which will surely Launchpad your profile above others when it comes to getting a better role within the accountancy sector.

Who Is Eligible For Payroll Training & Certification Program?

Our Payroll Training course and Certification Program is ideal for administration, HR Managers, CFOs, Payroll Administrator.

Accounting And Payroll Career Opportunities

Completion of this program will have the opportunity to enter the workplace with the skills to perform the variety of tasks. Employers are looking for accounting & payroll professionals who are trained to collect effectively, record, organise & prepare financial records. An bookkeeping background is one of the first steps in business. Accounting & Payroll graduates are employed throughout the private and public sectors. Possible job titles include:

  • Accounting clerk
  • Accounts payable clerk
  • Accounts receivable clerk
  • Accounting assistant
  • Payroll officer
  • Salary administration officer

Future Connect Method Of Learning:

Our Payroll training methods are primarily practical as you will have to deal with real-life scenarios on. Our trainers are specialists and are CPD Certified. We have had students travel from Putney, Feltham etc. to take training for this course under the supervision of our coaches

By the end of the course, trainees will have a sound understanding of payroll and statutory obligations, as well as demonstrate proficiency in manually calculating the gross to net function.

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