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"Our Advanced Excel Course in New Barnet progresses you from a beginner to a proficient user of Excel formulas and functions like Pivot tables and V-lookups."

Advanced Excel Course near New Barnet – London

What is Excel? Microsoft Excel is the standard spreadsheet software used for data calculations and analysis. Expertise in Excel is typically essential for accounting, business analytics, and data analysis for accounting and bookkeeping jobs. Its certification may increase your career worth.

To be trained in MS Excel is to be trained in the world’s most popular spreadsheet application. Over 750 million users around the world turn to Excel daily for presenting and analysing data. Having vast knowledge of Excel is an essential critical skill for any office worker today as it is the one application that most businesses in the world need and use.

Our Advanced Excel training course takes you on a journey from being a complete beginner to an advanced user. Upon completion of the practical training course, you will be able to make full use of the application’s capabilities and beyond.

It’s time to build your career.

You will gain practical experience as well as useful tips and tricks that are taught by highly efficient, expert Microsoft Certified trainers with many years of experience. You will gain access to our extensive library of software help guides is included in the price. Our centre is easily accessible and is ideally located in places like New Barnet. Microsoft Excel 2016 training courses is the most valuable training course if you want to excel in the accounting field.

Build a strong base in Excel for careers in:

  • Investment banking
  • Corporate development
  • Private equity
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Equity research

Training Course:

The syllabus can be delivered from our extensive range of Standard courses outlines as well as the official Microsoft Certified training course is designed for those people wishing to become Microsoft Accredited by taking the office specialist exams. The methods of our practical training are 1-to-1, Group Training, Bespoke Training, Public Courses and Office Migrations. The course content of advance excel training course is:

  1. Introduction to excel: It contains a course introduction and keyboard over the mouse familiarity.
  2. Simple math formulas: In this module, we have layout overview, workbook, worksheet and formula setups are included.
  3. Excel setting: Excel data proofing and customising is the major part of this topic.
  4. Financial and analysis structure: Background and preview setups are essential for analysis work. Assumptions and percentages are devised for this setup.
  5. Complex formulas practice: Formulas are main to learn. All work depends on formulas to calculate like cash flows, taxes and analysis i.e.
  6. Practical experiences: Real-world examples are experienced in this module.

What Will You Learn in Advance Excel Course?

Advance Excel Course is a must, and it could be the only one you need if you need to master Excel for any reason. It is well organised; it covers all subjects of Excel, from the basics to advance. Implementation of advance excel formulas is also part of this training course.

What Benefits I going to get from this free Excel course?

  • Acquire everything you need to recognise about Excel spreadsheets for a career in business finance and investment banking
  • Follow industry-leading best practices; pretend on-the-job analyst training
  • Major keyboard shortcuts, functions, and methods to save time and speed up your displaying skills
  • Get an Excel training course certificate of completion
  • Rolled out in an interview or move up the hierarchy at work by radically boosting your MS Excel skills and self-assurance
Excel Course In New Barnet

NOTE: These Specialist Training courses are designed to focus on the principles of using MS Excel as a tool to support the topics below. The courses examine how best to utilise Excel to achieve these objectives.

  • Pivot Tables
  • Charts
  • Functions
  • Database Tools
  • Dashboards
  • Introduction to Financial Modelling

Certification Path:

Certification path is open to boosting your career.

Eligibility Requirements

All you need is a PC, software of Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016, and a readiness to learn! No other knowledge is mandatory, as each step is clarified fully in the course. All beginners and professionals are eligible for this course. This course is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced users. Start the advance excel course now!

Add Advance Excel Training Certification to Your Resume

To give you an idea of Excel among employers, a current keyword search of “Excel” on formed almost 600,000 results. Excel skills are wanted in nearly every industry and continuously rank near the top of the list of utmost essential skills to add to your CV. Whether you’re in healthcare, finance, IT, business intelligent or CS, taking an Excel tutorial or short online Excel course to get the latest features can increase your performance. Education of Microsoft Excel can be a skill that relates to most business processes. Future connect also offers advanced excel training courses to help endorse your skillset to the advance level.

Future Connect Approach:

At Future Connect, we provide courses that are focused on ensuring that we make you a faster and more relaxed Excel user. Given how widely Excel is used in businesses today, we believe that being a comfortable and capable Excel user is a crucial career skill for everyone. Our friendly team of trainers will do their best to make you feel relaxed and confident with the application to make sure that your learning process is smooth and effective. Our range of excel learning courses has been designed to support everyone from complete beginners through to those who needed to develop advanced Excel skills using Macros and VBA

All of our courses are held at our training centre in London.

Future Connect is a certified company who provides practical hands-on accounting training. We are not limited with Advanced Excel course, and we also offer various other practical accounting courses to build your skills such as Bookkeeping Training, Xero Training, QuickBooks Training, Payroll Training, Account Assistant, CIS Training and Final Accounts Training.

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