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VAT (Value Added Tax) is an indirect tax, occasionally you might also see it discussed to as a type of general feasting tax. VAT applies on most supplies of goods and services that are bought and sold. VAT is one of the common types of ingestion tax found around the world. In European countries businesses have to pay the tax to government that collects from the customers. The net result is that tax receipts to government reflect the ‘value add’ throughout the supply chain.

How VAT Training Courses help you:

  • VAT Training can help you to crowd of job seekers. Moreover, if you are thinking of running a business, VAT training course can help you to more clearly understand the issues relating to VAT and help process VAT returns more efficiently and accurately. Our VAT Training courses are eligible CPD Training for accountants and attending this course can give you a more detailed understanding of how to do VAT return correctly.
  • It is an incredibly complex field that is often time-consuming to work out. However, with training from The VAT People, you can confirm you and your team have the necessary knowledge to calculate your payments with ease.
  • We provide VAT training courses for our own IT software, mostly in the UK, but sometimes specifically for our clients abroad.
  • VAT training courses VAT training course covers the most of the aspects of VAT used in the accountancy procedures used on a daily base within most companies and organisations.
  • The VAT training shows our students how the VAT rules and regulations applied in the maintenance and preparation of bookkeeping records.
  • VAT training emphasises the importance of completing VAT returns correctly.
  • We explain when a company charges output VAT, and when the company is approved to recover input VAT.
  • The Quality of our VAT Training:
  • Our VAT Training course uses scenarios which demonstrate how to deal with VAT on an international basis. There are additional VAT Rules for cross-border transactions and international services. Our seminars focus on the complex VAT treatment related to international services.
  • On completion of our VAT training course you will have:
  • Knowledge and practical experience using computerised bookkeeping and payroll packages such as Sage, Sage Payroll, IRIS, QuickBooks, VT or TAS
  • Proficiency using MS Excel spreadsheets.

VAT Training Course Contents:

  • Analysis of different VAT Scheme
  • Preparing VAT in Spreadsheet
  • Reconciliation of VAT
  • Import and Export VAT analysis
  • Calculating VAT for a business with mixed zero-rated and standard-rated sales, using Spreadsheet
  • Introduction of TOMS (Tour Operator Margin Scheme)
  • Understanding VAT Principles
  • Submission of VAT Return to HMRC
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