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"Accountany training courses in mitcham like AAT integrated with Practical Accounting Training are a powerful combination to make you Super-Employable in Accounting job Market."

Accountancy Training: Description

This exclusive Level 1 accountancy course introduces all critical parts of this fascinating subject. Discover profit and loss accounts, costing, and so much more besides. Take the first vital steps toward the career you know you’re skilled of, with this inspiring Accountancy and Account Management! Across both public and private areas alike, accurate accountancy is of universal reputation. Regardless of the size, type or nature of the business, accounts and finances need to be correctly managed. Even if the company in question is a non-profit organisation, reliable accountancy and financial management are required. Just as quality accountancy can directly subsidise to more reliable business performance, substandard accounting can cause even the most significant organisations to flop.

This foundation-level course in accountancy is designed to lay the groundwork upon which to begin building a satisfying career in accountancy. Whether looking to continue learning at a more advanced level, chase an entry-level accountancy position or further a current job, this recognised course could make all the difference.

Accountancy Training: Objectives

Throughout insightful modules, learners are regularly introduced to the mechanics of corporate accountancy, along with a consideration of the importance and potential value of proactive financial management. A sequence of key financial reports is investigated in-depth, along with a variety of economic analysis tools and the different types of accounting. Business budgeting is also announced and explored from an existing corporate perspective.

The financial statements that précis a large company’s operations, financial position, and cash flows over a specific period are concise and combined reports based on thousands of separate financial transactions. As a result, the bookkeeping certification is to being awarded.

While a bookkeeper can handle essential accountancy functions, advanced bookkeeping is typically handled by experienced accountants who possess job titles such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in the UK. In Canada, the claims are Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA); and Certified General Accountant (CGA).

Essential skills, talents and knowledge picked up along the way include Detailed understanding of the contemporary accountancy profession, Familiarity with critical accountancy journals and documents, Understanding of key accountancy concepts and standards, The confidence to continue a career in accountancy.

Accountancy Training : Course Outline

Your assigned tutor will offer you a comprehensive support at all times, to help with your successful completion of each module.

Module 1 - Introduction to Accounting: Module of accountancy program covers the following key topics: Accounting and Finance, Objectives of Accounting, Advantages of Accounting, Functions of Accounting, disadvantages of accounting, Plus more.

Module 2 - Tools for Financial Analysis:

This module covers the following key topics: Overview to Financial Management, Scope of Financial Management, Finance Functions, Finance and Accounting, Categories of Financial Management, Plus more.

Accountancy Course In Mitcham

What Will You Learn?

  • Handle, analyse and interpret financial and non-financial data.
  • Prepare financial reports.
  • Apply bookkeeping standards and strategies to the scope of business issues.
  • Use industry-standard software

Who Is This Accountancy Training Course For?

Our famous Accountancy Training Course is suitable for anyone looking to advance their competencies and career predictions with an endorsed distance education program. Whether concerned in developing a current career or discovering an entirely new learning for the first time, targeted studies can make you professional. Present accountants interested in increasing their professional profiles could also benefit from this course.


We do our best to retain all of our courses as available as possible for all learners.

Accountancy: Career path

You will be able to apply for the job roles below after the completion of your practical accountancy training.

  • Account Assistant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Management Accountant
  • Payroll Manager
  • VAT Manager
  • Credit Controller
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounting Clerk Leader

Accountancy Training in Mitcham (CR4)

Being an accountant, you’ll have the capacity to look for employment in any division (public and private) and both large organisations and large and medium-sized ventures (SMEs). Indeed, the only degree is not enough to know the real situation in the accountancy field; you need to work on practically. So by securing an account course training in Future Connect will enable you to work in the real world.

Why Future Connect Training?

The Future Connect can help you take the right steps along your journey to a successful accounting career through globally recognised accounting qualifications by giving you proper training. From accounting basics to advanced management accounting, our courses are designed to help you build your dream career. We provide experienced and expert tutor support, High-quality videos and study materials, and regular contact by email and phone. Assist you in CV building and help in the job search.

We serve you with Bookkeeping Training, XERO Training, QuickBooks Training, Payroll Training, Account Assistant, CIS Returns Training, Taxation Training and Final Accounts.

Choosing an Accounting course:

IAB courses are best for those who want to gain entry into the job market as a beginner. IAB qualification is best as it is highly focused on practical issues of accounting with the support of CPD. The student who has a precious educational background in accounting can apply for exemptions.

We offer various hands-on practical Accounting courses which suit your needs. Additionally, they are mainly suitable for people, who already hold some accounting qualification such as Xero training, Sage training, QuickBooks training and others.

Practical Accountancy Training fees

We are flexible in payment options, and your course fees can depend on the study method chosen. You can pay the course fees in a number of the following ways

  • Self- funded
  • Employer-funded
  • Government-funded
  • Private education loan

If you require more information and if you want to ensure you are heading towards the right direction to build a successful career as an accountant. Future Connect Training is the no.1 choice for the individual who wants to make a career in the accountancy field. We are based in North London, Harrow and Birmingham and planning to open new training centres in different places like Mitcham (CR4), Barking (IG11).

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