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"At Future Connect Training, our accounting training courses aim to help the student who wants to develop their skills and enhance knowledge."

About our Accounting Training Courses

At Future Connect Training, our accounting training courses aim to help the student who wants to develop their skills and enhance knowledge. Whether they are starting their journey at foundation level, continuing to advanced level courses, or want to become a qualified accounting technician at the professional levels.

Our students come from different backgrounds; many want to change their career or improve their prospects in the accountancy field. Topics covered during the course include double-entry bookkeeping, cost accounting, accounting software, ethics for accountants and spreadsheets, tax including VAT, income tax and corporation tax, and credit management.

It’s time to build your career.

Accounting Training Courses with Work Experience

If you are looking to start your accounting career or would like to develop your skills as an Accounts Assistant using accounting software, this experience will give you that opportunity as it is tailor-made for beginners and graduates. Accounting courses can help you get to positions such as accounts payable, accounts assistant, trainee accountant and accounts receivable positions.

We offer affordable, accountancy training courses that cover the duties of an accounts assistant.

The accounting course is a fast track training programme and taught by Future Connect professional accountants. The main advantage is to give you experience in cloud accounting software such as Sage. You will be doing live accounts and doing numerous reports of assistant exercises online. Accounting course will ensure that you understand the concepts behind an Accounts associate role.

This experience covers both Accounts payable and Accounts Receivable duties.

Accountancy Courses comprises the following:

Accounts Assistant

  • Introduction to bookkeeping Double entry for Accounts Assistant
  • Chart of accounts
  • Nominal Accounts: Creation, maintenance of nominal codes
  • Creating Supplier accounts and Customer accounts
  • Coding and Posting Sales, purchases and expense invoices
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) within purchase ledger and Sales Ledger
  • Posting Customer Receipts, Posting supplier payments and Bank Payments
  • Processing staff expenses
  • Supplier statement reconciliations
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Exporting reports
  • Basic Accounting Concepts and Data Security
  • Trial Balances
  • Reconciliations

What skills/qualifications do I need to complete this experience

You do not need to have previous experience, qualification or skills to enrol on this. It designed for beginners, people looking to develop their skills and graduates who are looking for experience to start their accounting career.

Build the knowledge and skills to work in Accounting and Finance in any location worldwide. Get started on your professional Accounting studies and enjoy flexibility from start to finish of your course. Master in the bookkeeping and build a successful career in the accounting field. No matter you are looking to continue studying at a more advanced level in Accounting, pursue an entry-level accounting position or enhance an existing career, this endorsed course could make all the difference. Whether you are looking to work with an accounting firm or want to start your own business from scratch, our accounting training courses will help you to achieve your goals. You can start your journey towards an exciting career in professional accountancy with our range of accounting courses.

Accounting course from Future Connect Training with no prior experience or expertise required.

Our short accounting course will cover the topic that explains

  • How to interpret complex financial material
  • How to prepare financial statements
  • How to make decisions in a business environment
  • How to solve accounting problems
  • How to build a rapport with clients
  • How to undergraduates will learn how to
  • How to critically challenge and appraise existing accounting practices
  • How to evaluate live situations and make decisions

Accounting course modules and its structure

Our accountancy courses are vocationally focused, with students studying accounts management and corporate accounting against national and international business context. Our courses offer a mix of theoretical accounting along with financial and general business studies with practical experience. Coaching and learning are usually undertaken in lectures supported by workshops, smaller group seminars and tutorials. Cloud accounting use is made of information technology and other teaching innovations. Our courses use a combination of formal examinations, and coursework assessment, where students work can be the analysis of case studies, essays or written reports and formal presentations.

The accounting subjects’ range that can be studied on a short accounting course include;

  • Accounting Practice & Legal Aspects
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Commercial Law for Business
  • Principles of Taxation
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Auditing
  • Marketing
  • International Finance
  • Public Accounting
  • Double-Entry Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statistics
  • Corporate Accountability
  • Business Economics
  • International Marketing
  • Financial Institutions
  • Company Valuation
  • IT for Business
  • Risk Analysis and Modelling
  • Corporate Law
  • European Business Culture
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Strategy
  • Contemporary Corporate Recording
  • Social Accounting
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
  • Advanced Management Accounting
  • Corporate Financial Strategy
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Fundamentals of Business Mathematics
  • Financial Operations
  • Performance Management
  • Financial Concepts
  • Business Research
  • Enhancing Organisations & Employability
  • Business Ethics
  • Small Organisation Development
  • Managing Entrepreneurship
  • Business Modelling for Decision Making
  • Accounting IT Packages
  • Business Financial Crime
  • Investment Analysis
  • International Accounting

Accounting training courses are in great demand all around the world, with freshly qualified students having some of the brightest job opportunities in the country. Accounting profession continues to expand as the needs of businesses and firms grow ever more global and complex, and seasoned professionals are beginning to retire in unprecedented numbers.

Apart from being an excellent springboard from which to launch a career in the accountancy field, a course can also equip you to embark on a number of careers in various other sectors of accountancy. It means that should you ever decide against a professional accounting career then you can be reassured that the business and accounting skills you learn as part of your course are highly prized in a variety of other industries. It's one of the few courses that give you the education to succeed at just about anything in the business. By opening up doors in accounting, corporate management, government or self-employment as an entrepreneur, it is really useful in an entire spectrum of careers. Other reasons why opportunities for employment are increasing;

  • Accounting is a basic tool of business.
  • Increased government regulations.
  • Regular tax law changes.
  • On-going downsizing and restructuring of corporations.
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