AAT Level 2 Qualification | AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping Modules

Qualification Overview

AAT Level 2 has 2 variants.

  1. AAT Level 2, Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping (2 Subjects)
  2. AAT Level 2, Foundation Certificate in Accounting (5 Subjects)

AAT Level 2 Qualification overview?

AAT Level 2 is the first step towards your full AAT accounting qualification and successful career in accounting and finance. The course gives you a full understanding of different kind of financial transactions within a bookkeeping job role.

AAT Level 2 provides a full-on understanding of important financial activities like dealing with customers and supplier records, entering invoices, discount calculations and taking the figures to the trial balance level.

This AAT level also covers payment methods, recording journals, dealing with bank reconciliations.

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Significance of AAT level 2 qualification

It equips the learners with practical knowledge of accountancy, costing, accounting software, and bookkeeping.

Students completing this level can apply for entry-level accounting jobs. It also builds the foundation for students to start their own bookkeeping businesses in future.

The internationally and industry acknowledged qualification is important for initiating a career in accounting as it builds a strong foundation for an individual.

Job opportunities after completing AAT level 2 foundation certification

  • Trainee bookkeeper
  • Account payable clerk
  • Trainee finance assistant
  • Account clerk
  • Trainee account technician
  • Account officer
  • Account administrator

AAT Level 2 training outline

The level consists of five mandatory exams and covers various accounting and finance skills.

The courses included in the level are as follows.

Bookkeeping Control

The topics include account control, identifying errors, correcting errors, and adjusting the entries.

Bookkeeping Transaction

The units in the subject include double-entry bookkeeping. Identifying and dealing with accounts and various types of accounts. It is an important and tough course and sets you on an accountancy career path.

Elements of Costing

The subject content includes value inventory, overhead dealing, and cost classification and is crucial for learning in AAT level 3 and AAT level 4.

Foundation Level Synopsis

The content of the course includes office environment ethics, professional values and working practices and enables effective working in finance. The subject has written exams and includes content from all previous courses.

Using Accounting Software

It involves the use and navigation of the software, data entry, analysis, and effective reporting. It teaches the basics of accounting software.

Duration of AAT Level 2 qualification

The training takes 2 months to complete, but you can complete it in six to eight months while increasing training hours.

AAT Level 2 - Module Description and AAT Exam Structure

What is covered in AAT Level 2 ?

Bookkeeping Transactions

  • Understand financial transactions within a bookkeeping system
  • Process customer transactions
  • Process supplier transactions
  • Process receipts and payments
  • Process transactions through the ledgers to the trial balance

Bookkeeping Controls

  • Understand payment methods
  • Understand controls in a bookkeeping system
  • Use control accounts
  • Use the journal
  • Reconcile a bank statement with the cash book

Work Effectively in Finance

  • Understand the finance function within an organisation
  • Use personal skills development
  • Produce work effectively
  • Understand corporate social responsibility (CSR), ethics and sustainability within organisations

Using Accounting Software

  • Set up accounting software
  • Process sales and purchases transactions
  • Process bank and cash transactions
  • Perform period end routine tasks
  • Produce reports

Elements of Costing

  • Understand the cost recording system within an organisation
  • Use cost recording techniques
  • Provide information on actual and budgeted costs and income

AAT Level 2 Synoptic Exam

Download AAT Synoptic Calender

AAT Level 2 Jobs

  • Bookkeeper
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts Payable

AAT Level 2 Salary

£18K to £22K

Certification at the end of the Training

Level 2


Xero Adviser Certificate

AAT Level 2, AAT Level 3, AAT Level 4

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