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Though most businesses and companies have shifted their jobs to remote working, yet you can work as a freelancer and can serve as a financial advisor, consultant, tax expert, VAT expert, bookkeeper, and account manager.

Many small businesses and companies that suffered a great loss during the covid-19 crisis are seeking to hire fresh accountants. Thus, fresh accountants with well-developed accounting skills and soft business skills have a secure future after COVID-19.

It is a mere myth that accountants are doing maths all the time during their jobs. To start an accounting and finance career, you need a fundamental knowledge of algebra and arithmetic to pass the basic accounting exams. Later on, during studies and job, most work is done by accounting software and computers.

You need to have top-notch skills in finance and accounting. Additionally, soft skills such as organisational skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, analytic skills, leadership and managerial skills, and effective interpersonal skills. You also need to be computer and technology literate as most accounting work is done on the software, including QuickBooks, XERO, and Sage.

Those having an interest in accountancy and no previous experience in commerce must go for an AAT qualification as it is perfect for kicking start finance and accounting careers.

You can call yourself an accountant after completing the AAT level 4 qualification and can use the title MAAT with your name. You can also gain exemptions in accountancy courses such as ACCA, CIMA, ACA, and CA.

AAT can earn you course exemptions for further accountancy qualification and also open job opportunities in various fields, offering you job security.

What Is An Accounting Clerk?

An Accounting Clerk focuses more on the administrative side where they will be handling with day to day transactions and doing bookkeeping tasks.

What Is An Accounts Administrator?

Accounts administrator provide administrative support to the accountant by preparing financial records, managing the company’s finances and office administration. Your calculations are important in preparing company accounts, filing and many other tasks. They often work with accountants and provide them with support when producing financial reports.

What Is An Accounts Assistant?

Accounts Assistant provides administrative support to accountant by preparing financial records, managing company’s finances and office administration. Your calculations are important in preparing company accounts, filing and many other tasks.

What Is An Accounts Manager?

Accounts Management is about building a good relationship with clients for them to be loyal and gain a reputation for the business.They achieve this by understanding what the clients requirements are and completes it at a high standard. Another role is to attract as many clients into their business and building long term relationships with them.

What Is An Accounts Executive?

Account Executive is a role in advertising, marketing, information technology and fashion agencies involving intimate understanding of a client company's objectives and products and a professional capability to provide effective advice toward creation of successful promotional activities and strategies.

What Is A Bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper is employed for recording the company’s transactions like sales, purchases, payroll into their system. They maintain a businesses on how finances flow in and out day to day.

What Is A Financial Controller?

Financial Controllers are involved with the day to day transactions happening in the business, which will then be updated to the senior finance officers. These roles are found in larger companies where they will require more people working in the Finance Department.

What Is A Final Accounts Officer?

An Accounts Officer monitors the company’s day to day transactions such as where they would be doing bookkeeping tasks like recording invoices, analysing the business's financial situation. This is then informed to the board of directors for them to make decisions.

What Is A Financial Accountant?

A Financial Accountant will prepare financial statements where they can evaluate a company’s financial performance to improve in decision making. They will need to have knowledge on Financial Statements, such as the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and statement of retained earnings.

What Is A Management Accountant?

Management Accountants produce and analyse the company's financial information to examine their situation in order to make accurate decisions to enable them to prevent them from facing trouble, grow and become successful.

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