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Graphic Design Essentials Course

  • 3 Sessions
  • 5 Hours

Be the expert in your graphic design skills that pushes your marketing or design career. The training comes with modules that develop skills to understand a business or brand inside out through typography, colors, photo, and video designing, and logo designing.

Course Overview

This course is all about the fundamental principles of graphic design and its essentials. This course will cover the most important aspects which are necessary to be an expert in graphic design skills. This journey will help you to improve your portfolio.

Creating a design using Canva and a demo of online video editing software will also be part of the course, allowing you to broaden your design and editing skills.

Individuals or small businesses who really need to work on designing and graphic works for their personal projects can be benefited from this course.

Join us now and present your brand or business parallel to existing market leaders!

Suitable For

This course is suitable for

A business owner who wants to showcase their profile or product to the digital world.

New or experienced marketers are interested to expand skills and want to learn Website creation and optimisation for search engines!

Entrepreneurs who want to start their online store for an existing business.

A career-changing individual who wants to become a graphic designer or a digital marketer.

Existing employees in the Design field.


Introduction to Graphic Design and Video Editing

Course Modules

Graphic Design Essentials
  1. Basics of Graphic Design
  2. Raster & Vector Graphics
  3. Understanding Colors
  4. Evoking Emotions Through Graphics
  5. Importance of Typography in Graphic Design
  6. How to use Canva
  7. Video Editing through Final Cut

Skills You Will Gain

The students will acquire following set of skills after completing this Graphic Design Essentials Course.

Fundamentals of design

Color Theory

Typography Concept


Canva for Design

Final Cut for Video Editing

Understanding of Branding, Visual Identity, and Marketing

Ability to Create Designs for Print and Digital Media, such as Websites, Advertisements, Packaging, and Logos

Knowledge of Design Trends, Styles, and Best Practices

Career Path

Graphic Designer


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This course includes:
  • 3 Sessions
  • 5 Hours of Hands-on Training
  • Practical Project to Test and show off your skills
  • Completely Flexible Online Sessions with Trainer Support
  • Flexible Payment Options

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