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AAT Q2022 Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting

AAT AQ2022 level is perfect for you if you are new to accountancy and finance, want to change your career to accountancy or have previously worked in the accounts department. Study this accounting capability for the Foundation in Finance, covering areas such as double-entry bookkeeping, basic costing principles and accounting software.

AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting provides a thorough understanding of key financial activities such as handling customer and supplier records, filing invoices, discounting calculations and taking data to a test balance level.


To pass Level 2, you will be tested on four units (also called subjects), one of which includes a synoptic diagnosis. It tests the knowledge you have acquired at the whole level, covering all the units. All diagnoses are computer-based examinations (CBE).

What does it cover?

This course provides a strong foundation in finance administration, including double-entry bookkeeping, basic costing principles and accounting software. Students will learn finance, accountancy, business and communication skills.


You will learn a wide range of basic accounting skills, including double-entry bookkeeping and basic costs, as well as accounting-related business and personal skills.

You will learn the basics of the double-entry bookkeeping system and ledger accounts. You will also be able to process daily financial and bank transactions for suppliers and customers.

Number of lessons

  • Classroom: 4 days / 8 pm
  • Live Online: 4 days / 8 sessions
  • On Demand / Distance Learning: Study at your own pace
  • Subject Evaluation: Computer Based Examination

It is based on the knowledge and expertise of ITBK. You will learn about control accounts, bank reconciliation, payroll, error handling, and the purpose of using the journal.

Number of lessons

  • Classroom: 3 days / 6 pm
  • Live Online: 3 days / 6 sessions
  • On Demand / Distance Learning: Study at your own pace
  • Subject Evaluation: Computer Based Examination

You'll learn about cost recording systems within an organization, use cost recording techniques, provide information on actual and budgeted expenditures and revenues, and spread to support cost calculations. Learn basic sheet skills.

Number of lessons

  • Classroom: 2 days / 4 pm
  • Live Online: 2 days / 4 sessions
  • On Demand / Distance Learning: Study at your own pace
  • Subject Evaluation: Computer Based Examination

This unit will prepare you for the indoor and outdoor business environment. You will learn about the legal system, the principles of contract law, corporate social responsibility, ethics, and sustainability.

You will also learn how the finance function fits within an organization and how to communicate effectively. This assessment will also gain your understanding of ITBK, POBC and PCTN.

Number of lessons

  • Classroom: 3 days / 6 pm
  • Live Online: 3 days / 6 sessions
  • On Demand / Distance Learning: Study at your own pace
  • Subject Evaluation: Computer Based Examination

How and where to study

You can study distance learning online, in blended learning, or classroom. Do it later in the evening, part-time or full-time, whichever is right for you. You must find a training provider, even if you choose distance education.

Study methods available for this qualification

Whichever study method you choose, you will benefit from high-quality learning materials, practical strategies, hundreds of practice questions, marked mock exams and expert help even in the evenings and on weekends. You can be confident with the FC training institute.


Please note that all Q2022 Level 2 assessments will be released beginning September 5, 2022. You can choose a time for your exams as they are in demand. You must book your exam as soon as you plan to finish your course.

To avoid misery, we recommend booking early as this may interfere with your study plans. You will still need to book your exams separately. All exams at this stage are computer-based exams (CBE).

You will be awarded (pass, merit, or distinction) based on your performance. Unit and Synoptic Assessments are not graded individually, but the scores obtained in all assessments contribute to your overall grade for eligibility.

How long does it take to pass/Complete?

Most students complete it within six to 12 months; however, it varies depending on your chosen study method. There is no specific deadline for the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting Exams - you can complete your exams throughout the year. Most likely to be completed in six months.

Suggested study methods

We recommend that you complete the introduction to the bookkeeping (ITBK) unit before studying the principles of the Bookkeeping Course (POBC). You must complete your studies for all units before attempting to assess a Business Environment (BESY).

Study material

The course includes the following materials:

1. Study Text

Textbook covering a full syllabus with examples and activities.

2. Pocket note

Our AAT Pocket Notes are short review notes highlighting and prioritising the topics you need to pass your AAT exams.

3. Exam kit

The exam kit gives you plenty of exam-style questions and answers to test your knowledge and practice.

4. Study program

Our study programme outlines the structure of the course.

5. Online syllabus coverage

Covers key topics and other methods for distance education.

6. Integrated Workbook (Classroom, On-Demand, Live Online)

An integrated workbook helps you work through the curriculum, which allows you to write notes. It enables you to put everything in one place so that it is easy to read and review.


Training provider fee

£600 - £2000

The fee covers your tuition (if attending a study course) and is paid directly to your training provider.

Standard Qualification fee

The standard qualification fee includes £49 per assessment, four assessment fees, and a synoptic assessment fee of £52, for a total of £248. You must pay a diagnostic fee to your training provider or diagnostic location.

AAT membership fee

To study this qualification, you need to register for AAT Student Membership. Read about the benefits of student membership. You will need to sit for an assessment and access study support resources to help you succeed.

£155 for UK students

£145 for international students

These are paid to AAT, and the fee covers:

AAT entrance fee

AAT Annual Student Membership Fee

Funding options

Employer Support

If you have a relevant job or already working in a relevant field and want to improve your education, your employer can fund your tuition fees. You need to talk to them to see if you are eligible and if they are willing to support the cost.

Payment plans

AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting is covered with our interest-free payment plan. This allows you to expand the cost of your tuition for up to 12 months at no extra cost. You must spend a minimum of £500 to qualify for a payment plan.

Entry requirements

Students can start with any qualification based on current skills and experience. Most of the students will begin at the foundation level. For the best chance of success, we suggest that students start their education with good English and Maths. This qualification can be a fast track for an AAT Advanced Diplomas in Accounting.


Those who can provide proof of previous, relevant qualification from an external awarding body may not be required to sit for all AAT reviews.

We believe that you will not need to duplicate the work if you have already studied qualification units featuring the same content. This means students can quickly track the most appropriate AAT qualification.

Students may be eligible for the exemption if they have:

Previous finance or accounting qualifications

Degree in accounting or finance

Jobs this course can lead to

Accounts Administrator

Accounts Assistant

Accounts Payable Clerk

Purchase / Sales Ledger Clerk

Trainee Accounting Technician

Trainee Finance Assistant

Trainee bookkeeper

Account Clerk

Accounts Officer


Q.1. What is AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting?

The AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting is the introductory level of AAT accounting proficiency. You will develop your skills in Finance: Double Entry Bookkeeping, Basic Principles of Cost and Purchase, Sales and General Ledger.

Q.2. What is AAT eligibility?

Foundation Certificate in Accounting Level 2 qualification is equivalent to General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) level study and is best for those without experience in accounting or finance.

Q.3. Is AAT Level 2 a good qualification?

Completing Level 2 AAT is the most important step. This is because the AAT certificate level will teach you all the basics of accounting. In addition, it will lay a solid foundation for your future in accounting.

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