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AAT Qualification Integrated with Practical Accountancy Training

AAT Qualifications

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is popular among employers and globally recognised. The AAT is a professional membership body for accounting and bookkeeping technicians. The AAT AQ 2022 qualifications are integrated with practical accounting training from Future Connect Training and it is a complete career solution that covers the academic knowledge and practical concepts of AAT qualifications AQ 2022 from Level 2 to Level 4 through training, CV writing and job-hunting support from our recruitment team.

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Integrated Practical Accountancy Training with AAT Curriculum
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Free CV & Recruitment Support
Free AATQB & MAAT Membership Support
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Evenings & Weekend Classes Available

Are You Planning a Career in Accounting?

Let's identify important elements you would need to get started,

  1. An accredited AAT qualifications AQ 2022 are the best option
  2. Practical Experience in Accounting - CPD Based training on real client files, to make you confident enough to hit the ground running from day one of your job role.

Do you need a complete Career Solution?

AAT qualifications AQ 2022 at Future Connect Training are not just qualifications, they are career solutions. The accounting job is experience-based. In most of the interviews, employers are interested to know what you have been doing in the last 6-12 months for your accounting career. How is your job experience compatible with the role applied? Simple classroom studies or an online qualification, theoretical knowledge won't be enough. You need hands-on experience to get through the interview. The answers should be based on real scenarios, and you should know how to handle real client information.

AAT Qualifications And Practical Accountancy Training

Our award-winning practical accounting training will give you the competitive edge to cut through the competition by studying each level of AAT Qualifications AQ 2022. Whether you're new to accountancy or looking to progress from a junior role, we offer a range of practical training integrated with AAT qualifications AQ 2022 that will lay the foundations for you to excel in the accountancy profession.

Future Connect Training is an award-winning training provider that will put a lot of effort into ensuring that you get the best solution for your career needs.

Which AAT qualifications are right for you?

Every organisation needs trained people in accountancy. Students can choose from various accounting, bookkeeping, and business skills according to their experience and career goals and be confident that they will acquire the necessary practical skills that employers need.

AAT AQ 2022 Qualifications for each stage of the career

Our wide range of capabilities suit all backgrounds and levels of experience. You can read more about each of the qualifications we offer or use our Skills to decide which option is right for you.

AAT Qualifications AQ 2022, specifications and outlines in Accounting

  • Level 2, AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting
  • Level 2, AAT Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business
  • Level 3, AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting
  • Level 4, AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting

AAT Qualifications AQ 2022, specifications and outlines in Bookkeeping

  • AAT Access Award in Bookkeeping Level 1
  • AAT Access Award in Accounting Software Level 1
  • AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping Level 2

AAT Qualifications AQ 2022, specifications and outlines in Business Skills

  • AAT Access Award in Business Skills Level 1
  • Level 2, AAT Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business
  • AAT Essentials

Recruitment Support for AAT Students

Job Interview Guarantee, if you follow the plan and focus on practical and theoretical concepts, we guarantee that our recruitment team will get you a fair audience with the employer.

CV Help, our dedicated recruitment team will help you in CV preparation, job hunting, the mock interview's to make sure you are ready with the best narrative and can share your career highlights in the most professional way

Pass Guarantee, although we want you to succeed on the first try, if you don't achieve the first time, you'll have access to additional classes and dedicated tutor support. The re-sit is on us!

AAT Membership

After completing all AAT qualifications i.e., level 2, AAT level 3, and AAT level 4 qualifications, you can apply for AAT membership. AAT offers three types of memberships.

Bookkeeping Membership (AATQB)

It offers you a professional status to stand out to your clients and employers. The AATQB membership is perfect for bookkeeping specialised individuals who will acquire full membership.

Full Membership (MAAT)

Acquiring Full membership in Finance and Accounting, you can recognise yourself as an official AAT qualified individual and demonstrate your skills and knowledge as an accounting and finance expert.

Fellow Membership (FMAAT)

It is the highest membership level you can achieve as an AAT qualified individual. You can apply for fellow membership after being MAAT for five years.

AAT Licensed Membership

If you want to become a freelance bookkeeper or accountant, you will need a Valid AAT License to practice. Having the license, you can call yourself AAT Licensed Bookkeeper or AAT Licensed Accountant, depending upon the type of service you are offering.

AAT Affiliated Membership

After completing an AAT Level 4 professional diploma, you become an AAT Affiliate Member and progress to MAAT or bookkeeper.

Job opportunities after AAT qualification levels

The job opportunities after completing AAT qualification levels include:

Junior Bookkeeper

Senior Bookkeeper

Trainee Accountant

Payroll Manager

Accountancy Manager

Commercial Analyst

Senior Financial Officer

Trainee Corporate Finance Assistant

Accounts Payable Clerk

Tax Supervisor

Tax Accountant

VAT Accountant

Fixed Asset Accountant

Cost Accountant

Why Study AAT Qualifications AQ 2022 At Future Connect Training?

AAT qualifications are accredited and approved training provider.

Expert classroom-based support available.

Practical training and AAT subjects integrated to make sure you get the best of the both.

A dedicated e-portfolio to book your training, any time 7 days a week at our North, West and East London and Birmingham offices.

Free e-portfolio to track your performance and training milestones integrated into academic modules of AAT.

CPD Certification essential to become an AAT Member integrated with all AAT Levels.

Weekend and evening classes are available.

Three certificates from 1 course - 1 from AAT,1 from CPD and 1 from XERO.

CV preparation, mock interview and Job hunting support available.


To become the best, one has to choose a relevant course of AAT to accomplish your desires. AAT qualifications AQ 2022 lead you towards your future goals and makes it easier for you to achieve them. So, AAT is the best option you can have, and we can guide you towards it. Visit our website and book your free consultation.

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