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Management Accounts Training Course

  • 2 - 3 Months
  • 25 Sessions
  • Full Time / Part Time

The course is designed to give you a thorough experience of Bookkeeping, Tax Returns and Payroll accounting principles and you will be coached by our CPD Certified accountancy professionals, covering KPIs and Financial Modeling.

Course Overview

Management Accountants play an important role in the overall progression and performance of the company. They are required to comment and see beyond numbers, predict, foresee and prevent organizations from deviating from there prime goals.

Most Management accountants report to the financial managers by preparing reports and accounts. The management accountants are required to provide a detail report with commentary on figures that helps the managers with the financial information needed to make short-term decisions related to production, operation and investment.

Creating budgets is a huge part of this role – you’ll be responsible for tracking internal costs, as well as driving efficiency and value for money throughout the organization.

Suitable For

The course is suited for aspiring bookkeepers, and anyone who wants to start a career in accounting.

New entrants into accounting sector

Learners pursuing accounting qualification

Candidates with overseas experience


CPD Certificate

Accountancy Practice Certificate

IAB Certificate

Xero Advisor Certificate

Course Content

You have option of learning any of the following Accounting Software's:

Sage 2017 v24







VT Software

Free Agent


Industries Covered

The training is provided with the relevant industries listed below:




Dental Clinics

Online Business



Medical Surgeries

Architect & More

Course Modules

*Using sage as an example, the course structure is as follows:

(The course structure is same for all the other softwares)

  • Management Accounting: Introduction and Tools.
  • Fundamental concepts and knowledge building around the subject.
  • Income statement types (Absorption and variable costing).
  • Understanding and processing Cost-Volume-Profit analysis.
  • Processing and calculating the Pricing tools and making decisions based on results (Target costing).
  • Understating various Budgeting techniques (Operational and Financial).
  • Job and Process Costing.
  • ABC and Sections.

Trainees who are seeking roles as management accountants need an understanding of following

  • Cost Analysis
  • Budget & Forecasting
  • Departmental Analysis

Management accounting training aims to provide learning development through practical skills training and real client scenarios, technical skills development through exercises solved by the student and explained and discussed in the classroom.:

Our trainees come from different academic backgrounds and it is important to collate all the information into a detailed workshop session to bring all the trainees at one page. The payroll workshop includes an introduction to all the HMRC forms, technical aspects, important dates, tax codes and year-end adjustments. It also includes a reference to HMRC website for more up to date knowledge.

  • To grasp the main techniques of management accounting for the decision making
  • To understand the effectiveness and range of management accounting tools
  • To understand the application of these instruments to any new scenarios
  • To process, calculate, analyse and evaluate the outcomes of these management accounting models, there causes and effects on the decision making

Skills You Will Gain

The students will acquire following set of skills after completing this Management Accounts Training Course.

Management Accounts Course

Management Accounting Profit & Loss

Management Accounting Balance Sheet

Management Accounting Report Pack

Costing Schedules

Cash Flow Projections

KPI Summary Reports


Employee Records

Payments and Deduction

Basic Pension Schemes

Pay Elements & Company Reports

Statutory Payments

Generating Payslips

FPS, EPS , RTI Submissions

Setting up Starters & Leavers

P32 and HMRC Submissions


Sales Day Book

Purchase Day Book

Credit Notes

Debtor / Creditor Reconciliation

Petty Cash Reconciliation

VAT Calculation

Bank Reconciliation

VAT Adjustment

VAT Submission

Career Path


Financial Controller

Junior Accountant

Asst. Management Accountant


Sr Bookkeeper

Credit Controller

Finance Manager

Accounting Clerk

Accounts Manager

Budget Analyst

Payroll Administrator

Payroll Clerk

Assistant Controller

Management Assistant

Work Placement Structure

After finishing your training, you will be given a chance of guaranteed work placement at our offices or at our external client’s offices. The duration is dependent upon the training course you have opted with us.

Purpose of Management Accounts Training

The training courses in management accounting enable the students to develop qualified skills and knowledge relating to account management in various companies. It teaches about procedure, systems, and policies related to decision-making and company management.

Management accounting facilitates the company owners and other managers to analyse the company performance and functioning. The gathered data allows you to define the budgets, expenses, and policies to enhance the company revenues and earnings. It helps the company to decide for new recruitments or cut off, staff training and retaining, offering bonus or reducing the pay, and improving the overall functioning of the organisation.

Skills in Management Accounting

The important skills involved in management accounting include:

Smoothing Techniques

Regression Analysis

Trend Analysis

Expected Values

Evaluation of Forecasting Technicians

Salary of Management Accountant

The average salary of a part-qualified management accountant can earn up to £27,000 – £40,000 in the United Kingdom. The fully qualified and experienced management accountant has a more prestigious job position in the company and earns up to £41,300 – £60,000.

Why choose our services

We are highly flexible with our training schedules and facilitate you to learn smoothly

We have highly qualified trainers and educators who design friendly classroom structure and interactive course content to help you learn through their experience and knowledge

We have very reasonable fee structures and also offer fully-funded scholarships and fee discounts for deserving students

We have wide array of short accountancy courses that allow you to learn more about accountancy and have better jobs

We also guarantee job placement for you through Future Connect Recruitment Agency and help you to kick start your career

This course includes:
  • 300 hours of Training
  • Complete Bookkeeping, VAT and Payroll
  • Trial Balance Adjustments until FTB
  • KPIs , Budgets, Variance analysis, Management Accounting reporting pack
  • Manual calculation of SSP, SMP, SAP and more
  • VAT Schemes, claims and Adjustments including Penalties and surcharges
  • IFA Endorsed Certificate of completion
  • Control Account, P&L and Balance Sheet Reconciliation
  • CV and Recruitment support
  • Offices available in Finchley, Harrow, Hounslow, Mile End, Corydon, Birmingham and Manchester
  • Free AAT Level 2 Included
  • Fully flexible structure – On Demand Training
  • One on One Individual Training
  • Sage, Xero , QuickBooks and Adv. Excel for Bookkeeping
  • Sage Payroll, Bright Pay ,Xero and Qb Payroll
  • In-class, Online and Live Online options to train
  • Access on Mobile and TV

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