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Why Choose AAT Accountancy Qualification?

Whether you are planning to start your career in accountancy or you are planning to create a new business. Accountancy qualifications can help you equip with relevant confidence and expertise to succeed in this career. With AAT Courses, you will be on the right track.

Internationally Recognised Accountancy Qualifications

AAT accounting qualification is worldwide recognised and is based on practical, real-life accounting experience that you can use from day one.

We provide Accounting Qualifications, a high sign of commitment, professionalism and sign of excellence in the industry. This range of AAT bookkeeping and small business qualifications helps employers and employees alike deliver key business skills.

It’s time to build your career.

What Accounting Qualifications do Employers Prefer?

Financial accounting management is at the heart of every business, so economical and accounting skills demand is consistently high across all sectors.

By adding AAT accounting qualification to your CV, you will demonstrate a level of excellence and work readiness demanded by most employers. Practical courses, these are industry-focused with Future Connect Training, enable you to manage finances, Budget finances and management accounts with cash flow effectively and efficiently and will play an important role in business growth.

Keep Your Career Options on track

After studying AAT, you will have much more opportunities to explore more options:

  • Start Work Straight Away
  • Go On To University
  • Become A Chartered Accountant
  • Set Up Your Own Accounting Practice

Our team can create a learning environment with a friendly atmosphere, a perfect complement for all the practical modules blended with each course.

We also make sure that students training with us get the best AAT support and study materials that will guide them through their training and keep them in touch with experienced professionals. They will be available to answer any questions one may have.

  • Dedicated And Experienced AAT Staff And Tutors
  • A Professionals and Student Support
  • Our Tailored practical and experience courses To Match AAT Courses
  • A Relaxed, Friendly and professional Study Environment

AAT Membership

Successful completion of your AAT levels will enable you for the status of AAT membership; you will be eligible to use the suffix MAAT with your name. These are important as these letters carry a level of recognition as an accounting professional and have the employer's prestige, making you a sought-after candidate for employers.

Career Opportunities with AAT Course

The Accountancy Profession has many opportunities for people ranging from junior-level positions to senior-level positions, with AAT Courses and practical training with Future Connect Training. Based on your AAT level course, you will have the opportunity to work in this career at the entrant level or the intermediate or senior level. This will also enable you to further your professional development and increase your career prospects in renowned and respected employers worldwide.

You might choose to continue your studies. And pursue an accounting career through professional qualifications like ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW, AAT Course, etc. Considering using your expertise and knowledge to start your own business after your AAT qualification in practice (MIP) status will enable you to offer a wide range of consultancy services and financial services to different clients in the UK.

International Careers

The Financial Industry is progressing and evolving with technology. So companies are always looking for individuals with particular expertise and skills in the field. Career opportunities available in the UK AAT course also provide opportunities for people to grab overseas markets.

Completing the AAT Course will enable individuals with the required skills and tools. Practical Experience with Future Connect Training and recruitment will help people grab job opportunities in the UK and Overseas.

AAT level and Structure

AAT is a worldwide recognised qualification that ensures that you are starting your academic career; it will not affect your academic career if you start your AAT from any level. You will be on the road to securing a prestigious qualification. With Future Connect Training, you can be certain that all experience levels can be accommodated. Our capabilities offer something for beginners and those who already have some accountancy experience in the past.

AAT Foundation Certificate

AAT foundation qualification

That will enable individuals to get essential knowledge skills to manage books effectively. That includes manual double-entry bookkeeping and associated documents and processes up to the Trial Balance.

Most students will prefer to start at the Foundation level. This qualification enables individuals to fast track route to the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounts.

Foundation Certificate in Accounting

AAT Foundation qualification will help you to get into junior and entry-level accounting roles. This course is designed for strong basics and understanding of foundations in finance administration, covering double entry, bookkeeping and basic accounting principles and usage of accountancy software.

Most students will prefer to start with this level of qualification.

AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting

AAT level 3 will help you master more complex accounting disciplines that include financial processes, advancement of bookkeeping, and final accounts and ethical implications to accountants.

This qualification will also help you join the university as this is worth 160 UCAS points if you are considering to go in university going.

The Future Connect Training is proudly affiliated with AAT and offers students the opportunity to study AAT courses at their own pace. We have AAT evening classes, and AAT day classes (levels 2-4) are available to look at the Centre.

The Future Connect Training teams have cultivated a friendly and professional environment that compliments the practical syllabus. So, you will be able to Study AAT and get practical life experience in accounts preparation that will help you succeed in the Accounting Industry.

At Future Connect, we aim to enable learners to get the best out of them with the best experience possible through professional and academic progression in the best way possible. Whether you are a newbie to accounting qualification or just striving to get the best out of your accounting career, the Future Connect Practical training course blended with AAT will help further your career in accounting and finance.

Why Study AAT Courses with Future Connect Training?

With Future connect training, you will get AAT level 2-4 high-level tutoring with qualified professionals and a study friendly environment. Students will be encouraged to practice and participate in clients and participate in clients accounts preparation.

We will ensure that students have the best academic and professional support to carry on with their AAT qualifications.

  • We offer flexible study options – AAT evening and day Classes and also provide weekend tutoring.
  • Affordable and customised financial plans.
  • A friendly, professional study environment.
  • Programmes customised to match your knowledge and experience.
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