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"Future Connect provides Certified Accountant in New Southgate, which is necessary along with qualifications to become a certified accountant."

A career in accountancy is a challenging and rewarding job in this competitive market. Future Connect can help you take the right steps along your journey to becoming a Certified Accountant.

No matter where you are or at what stage you are in your career, Future Connect is always there to take you to the next level in the field of accountancy. We continuously motivate individuals from different backgrounds who desire to apply for accountancy jobs. We served you by giving hands-on practical accounting training in New Southgate (N11). Experts and qualified accountants develop our practical accounting training courses for the trainee.

The significant categories of accountancy courses provide you with a broad range of accountancy. Following are the contents of the Accounting Course:

  • Learn how to prepare the Balance Sheet
  • Learn how to record the Sales daybook
  • Learn how to record the Purchase of the daybook
  • Learn how to do Bank Payments & Receipts
  • Learn how to do Bank Reconciliations
  • Learn how to do different VAT Schemes and prepare reports
  • Learn how to make & record accrual & Prepayments
  • Learn how to prepare & file Depreciation
  • Learn how to log the Wages Control account
  • Learn how to adjust the statement of profit or loss
  • Learn how to develop the Management Reporting
  • Learn how to prepare Forecasting Techniques

Chartered Certified Accountant

Chartered Certified Accountant is a job role given by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). The Association is UK based and was historically an employer of British-certified accountants. However, it's far now a global frame for expert accountants with 208,000 qualified members allowed to apply for the designation and 503,000 students globally. Support companies exist in over 100 countries.

As a chartered, licensed accountant, you may adopt quite a few accountancy offerings and may be responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining monetary and accounting systems
  • Economic forecasting
  • Auditing monetary records
  • Investigating economic anomalies.

Someone offers a variety of services to an internationally recognized standard, inclusive of advising on taxation, insolvency and corporate finance. You might also provide a management consultancy service.

You can work within quite a several sectors together with free exercise, financial services or the corporate sector. In many cases, your primary aim can be to maximize profitability and performance or make a specific cost for money on behalf of your agency.

The term 'certified chartered' is legally protected and can handiest be used by a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).


As a chartered, licensed accountant, you'll want to:

  • Put together monetary statements, enterprise plans, commentaries and budgets for control or client reports
  • Frequently undertake audits, involving the examination of the organization's accounts, analyzing risk, analyzing the organization's current practices, investigating any financial irregularities and recommending improvements
  • Review, put into effect and adapt new and existing economic structures and controls
  • Produce and analyze annual and month-to-month accounts
  • Provide everyday economic reports
  • Control expenditure, credit, payroll and investments
  • Communicate with clients (people or businesses) or non-financial participants of staff, giving financial records and advice
  • Suggest managers on financial coverage and control, inclusive of the costs and advantages of a specific project
  • Deal with and advise on tax issues, making sure compliance with tax legislation
  • Advise customers on areas of enterprise improvement, or deal with insolvency
  • Negotiate commercial enterprise terms with associated organizations which include suppliers.
  • As you develop into more senior roles, you're probably to tackle staff management duties and contribute similarly to business strategy.


Your beginning profits can range considerably depending on the region and size of the organization you figure for, the arena and your qualifications. As a graduate, it's viable to start on a revenue of around £25,000.

Once qualified, your income can provide a variety from £26,000 to £ forty-five,000 (senior accountant roles).

Once you've got constructed significant experience, your salary can vary from £40,000 to more than £100,000 (for roles at the director level).

Starting salaries for corporate and public exercise are typically better than within the public. Wages usually are better for chartered certified accountants running in banks and coverage companies.

Some organizations offer additional advantages, together with profit-sharing schemes, private health coverage, pensions, vehicle allowances and bonuses.

Bonuses that can sometimes reach significant levels can both be a set sum or based on individual and business enterprise performance. Gifts are more commonplace in monetary offerings and the company sector.

Income figures are supposed a guide handiest.

Working Hours

You'll normally work from Monday to Friday, 35 to 45 hours a week. You might also need to work longer hours and at the weekend at height times, inclusive of while meeting consumer deadlines, at a monthly stop or at the cease of the financial year.

There are some opportunities for part-time working, flexible working and job sharing.

What To Expect

Although the job is particular office-based, you may carry out audits at clients' premises, which can involve journeying and spending time far away from home, sometimes up to three weeks at a time.

Jobs are available throughout the UK.

As a chartered, licensed accountant, you could see paintings in a broad range of regions from public practice to private finance.

ACCA is a globally-acknowledged accountancy expert body, so once qualified, you may be able to paint abroad.

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There are no particular entry requirements for these courses, but we do recommend that you should have some basic accounting understanding and knowledge.

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