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"To become a bookkeeper our course includes introduction of bookkeeping and various concepts of basic bookkeeping with practical training in Sage, Xero."

Welcome to one of the complete course on Bookkeeping Basics.

Basic Bookkeeping Courses starts from “What is bookkeeping”, “Need for Bookkeeping” to various Practical aspects in Accounting with 100s of a practical example. Enjoy lectures for each & every concept in bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is the first part of the business accounting system. Bookkeepers are accountable for recording and analysing the bookkeeping transactions of the business firm and methods involving recording those transactions.

If you’re a small business owner, you either have to set up your office system, or you have to appoint someone to set up a company for you. If you are self-employed & it is a one-person trade, you will do it yourself. If you are hiring staff, you may employ a supervisor to handle your financial administration and accounting. If your business is going to raise, but you anticipate slow growth, you may simply hire a bookkeeper to handle the accounting system.

It’s time to build your career.

Basic Bookkeeping Certificate Course

The Basic Bookkeeping Course will help you to understand economic matters clearly. Being capable of understanding bookkeeping fundamentals can assist you to record any economic issues accurately and professionally. This Basic Bookkeeping Course is an excellent method to bring your bookkeeping skills up to speed.

All the fundamentals are covered, including Recording accounts payable; Properly recording receipts; Recording accounts receivable; Recording loan repayments; Properly recording expenditure and much more

The first bookkeeping courses will provide you with all the information that you need to register business transactions precisely. More importantly, the course offers essential information that is easy to apply in practical situations. All bookkeeping certification training courses will give you a current state of the art overview of bookkeeping and provide you with essential financial matters.

Initial Bookkeeping Terms Related To The Accountancy Equation

Let’s take a look at assets, liabilities & equity so you will have a full understanding of what comprises each one.

Assets: If you want thorough knowledge, you look at the format of a balance sheet, you will see the asset, liability & equity accounts. Asset accounts typically start with the cash account and the merchandisable securities account.

Liabilities: The liability accounts of a balance sheet comprise both current and long-term commitments. Current liabilities are typically accounts payable and accumulations. Accounts payable are usually what the business owes to its credit cards, suppliers, and bank loans.

Equity: The equity accounts include all the rights the owners have against the company. The business owner has an asset, and it may be the only investment in the firm.

Key Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understanding and applying the essential numerical skills required for bookkeeping and accounting
  • To understand and explain the relationship between the accounting equation and double-entry bookkeeping
  • Recording transactions in the appropriate ledger accounts using the double-entry bookkeeping system
  • Balancing off ledger accounts at the end of an accounting period
  • Preparing a trial balance, balance sheet and a profit and loss account.
  • Have an understanding of basic accounting terms
  • Recognise the different types of financial statements
  • Read, understand and use a balance sheet
  • Understand the principles of inner and external auditing
  • Be able to recognise the different bookkeeping methods - accrual and cash accounting.
  • Understand the importance of creating & monitoring a budget
  • Be able to document financial business movements using a journal and general ledger
Basic Bookkeeping Courses In Kensington

Who Should Take This Course?

Are you just a beginner in bookkeeping? Are you stressed in understanding basic accounting concepts and methods like Double Entry System, Journalising Process, Rules for Debit and Credit, Ledgers, Rectification of Errors, Trial Balance, Final Accounts, Bank Reconciliation Statements, Partnership Bookkeeping,

How This Course Will Benefit You?

After completing this training, you will be capable of solving the above concepts, case studies in bookkeeping at ease with a high level of assurance as well as handle real-life problems with clarity.

Benefits of Bookkeeping:

  • Helps you to grow specialised and transferable skills that can be used to increase your career prospects.
  • The essential Bookkeeping qualification provides you with a fundamental knowledge of bookkeeping principles and concepts.
  • Once you’ve complete the advanced level, you’ll be granted Certificate in Bookkeeping.


Anyone interested in Learning Accountancy; Accounting / Finance / Science Students, Entrepreneurs, No basic knowledge is required, Students can approach this course with a fresh mind.

Basic Bookkeeping Courses Near Kensington

Learn about the essential numerical skills required for accounting and bookkeeping. Our courses give Introduction to bookkeeping and accounting, explain the rules of double-entry bookkeeping and its used to produce the balance sheet and profit and loss account. All our practical training are given using widely used accounting software’s like SAGE, XERO, QuickBooks also using MS Excel to record data.

Why Future Connect?

  • One of our most sought-after practical training courses is the Bookkeeping training in Sage. This course includes the most important topics regarding bookkeeping and provides you with real-life scenarios so that you get practical training about bookkeeping. After completing the course, you will be very confident about keeping records of everything promptly.
  • After you have completed this course and gained certification, we will also help you improve your profile and CV to help you find the job you deserve within the industry. We will help you prepare, modify and reinvent your CV all over again to include the new skills set you gained through the training and make it more marketable. We will put forth your CV to our partner firms and also help you in the early days of your new job to make sure you succeed to the best of your abilities.

Our classes are being held at our training facility in Harrow and Finchley. Due to this, our centre can be accessed easily from all parts of London like Kensington (SW7) in West London to Greenwich (SE10) in South London. You will be trained by highly experienced individuals who are already holding respectable positions within the industry.

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