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What is Sage? And What Are The Benefits Of Sage Training Courses In Newington?

What is Sage?

Sage is a popular accounting software recognized worldwide and well known by employers. The software is used to record a company’s transactions, create records, and generate VAT returns. These can be used by accountants to analyse the company’s financial situation and make decisions.

Due to MTD (Making Tax Digital) taking place in April 2020, it is essential for accountants to have experience using computerised accounting software such as SAGE. This means that companies will be required to submit their VAT return to HMRC online through accounting software, which applies to all businesses that have a threshold above £85,000.

Sage Training Courses at Future Connect

Our Future Connect Sage Training Courses can give you all the knowledge and experience to prepare for MTD and use Sage confidently. We have a variety of Sage Training Courses, covering all levels of accounting and suitable for different accounting job roles.

In the Sage training courses, you will be guided by our workbook with detailed instructions and our staff to support you all the way. Our sage training courses are methodically set out to optimise your learning.

Available Sage Training Courses:

Sage 50 Accounts for Bookkeeping and VAT, Accounts Assistant and Management Accounts. You will learn from basic bookkeeping, knowing all the processes of bookkeeping from records sales and purchases invoice to bank reconciliation. You will learn to submit VAT to HMRC through Sage, deal with foreign currency transactions, use EC Sales List reports and submit intrastate reports and budgeting and forecasting, management accounting, profit and loss.

Sage 50 Payroll for Bookkeeping and Payroll Course: You will learn to record employee details in the software.

Sage Production Software for Final Accounts: You will learn about corporate tax, self-assessment balance sheets, and trading accounts.

Our Sage training courses will help you learn how to accurately manage your sales, supplier details, produce financial reports, process invoices, and manage the business’s VAT records through step-by-step learning and practical work experience. Future Connect Sage training courses are broken down into easy-to-understand and manageable modules, which means that the technical nature of these training courses doesn’t need to be overwhelming, as you can take them to step by step.

Our sage training courses are an essential part of accountancy training. While looking to work as an Accounts Assistant in the Finance Department of a business or wanting to work with an accounts team member in any organisation, you’ll add tremendous value to a team with Sage accounts skills. Also, if you run your own business or want to manage the personal finances of your business, the Sage training courses provide you with the tools to be self-sufficient, so you don’t have to rely on an external accountant or finance manager.

Our Sage training programmes will provide you with the skills and expertise required to work within the software programme and give you transferrable techniques that you can apply within the software, regardless of the industry or sector in which you are operating. With our Sage training course, you’ll use live software, helping you learn more efficiently and meaning you can practice right away everything you learn.

As well as the Sage Accounting training, we also offer Sage Payroll training. The Sage payroll training course arms you with vital knowledge of how to process a company’s weekly or monthly salaries. This practical course is great if you’re currently processing your payroll manually and need to switch to running a computerised payroll efficiently and accurately.

For each course, you will be working for different types of companies. You will be provided with receipts, invoices, and bank statements, and required to input them. There will be different types of VAT you will be working on. This will also help you understand the different types of VAT schemes, their advantages and their disadvantages.

The Different VAT Schemes You Will Be Working With:

By the end of the Sage course, you will feel more confident using Sage. Our Future Connect Training is very flexible, as we are open 7 days a week. You will be able to attend your sessions at a time that is convenient for you by booking your sessions through our website. Our branches in London are in Harrow and Finchley, which are closer to Newington. We also have an office in Birmingham.

Our training centre will provide you with all the support required for you to succeed. You will be able to learn at your own pace. We will help you gain more skills that will aid you in getting a job in the accounting field. At the end of your course, we will help you boost your CV and guarantee you a work placement.

Sage Training Courses In Newington

A Combination Of Sage Accounts Training And Practical Experience

With practical experience and the right skills, you would be able to fast-track your career in accounting, and precisely that’s where we can fill the gap. The intensive training courses provided by Future Connect Training will help you gain the skills required to fast-track your career in the accounting profession.

If you’re looking to attain competency in the world’s most popular accounting software, the Sage 50 Accounts course will teach you everything you need to know, while helping you achieve a recognised qualification. Upon completion of the training, you have the option to gain some practical experience in accounting by joining the optional job placement with our sister company, Future Connect Certified Accountants.

We offer job placement when you choose Total Sage Training.

Why Study Sage 50 Course At Future Connect Training

  • IAB Approved Training Provider and Exam Centre
  • We are well known for quality.
  • Tuition led by highly expert tutors
  • Free Sage Accounting Course Materials
  • Job placement with our partner Future Connect Training
  • Your resume/CV will stand out from the crowd.
  • State-of-the-art classroom
  • Tutorial support by email and phone
  • Student Discount Card from NUS*
  • Access to IAB Membership and Certificate
  • Free Sage 50 Accounts Software*
  • We offer a choice of Classroom-Based Online Live Study or Distance Learning.
  • State of the Art Virtual Learning Campus

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