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"Future Connect provide practical accounting work experience in Plaistow, with structured courses covering different types of accounting job roles."

What Is An Accountancy Internship?

Internships offer a designed introduction to working life in the area and the organisation. Most are targeted at students in their penultimate year of study and run for eight to ten weeks during the summers, but some organisations also offer shorter internship programmes.

Accounting Work Experience:

Gaining some work experience is a vital part of getting professional qualifications. An internship or work following opportunity will show potential employers that you have the skills and practical accounting work experience they're looking for.

Search for an accounting course includes a work placement. This could consist of part-time/full-time work in an accountancy firm or work experience in the finance department of any organisation. The knowledge that shows you have office & admin skills, as well as the capability to work with numbers and budgets, will be helpful. The work placement is essential for accounting students who lack practical work experience. Accounting work experience placements are similar to an internship in accountancy. It fills out the breach between academic qualification and practical learning or dealing with possible issues.

It’s time to build your career.

Who Is Eligible?

As part of our support to professional who attend the total accounting training and total sage training, we offer the accounting work placement, providing practical accounting work experience in Plaistow to help associate what you have learnt from the course.

Accounting Work Experience Placements

During the bookkeeping work experience placements, you will take the role of an accounts assistant and working on client files. You will be involved in bookkeeping duties including, but not limited to:-nominal ledgers, sales and purchase ledgers, adjustments, preparation of profit & loss, journals and bank reconciliation, trial balance and balance sheet, income tax, taxation including vat, corporation tax, setting up and managing excel spreadsheets, accounting and general admin duties, setting up new staff records and running payroll.

Employers Firms:

Opportunities are widely available with:

  • Accountancy firms
  • High street banks
  • Building societies
  • Insurance companies
  • Management consultancies
  • Investment banks
  • Public sector employers

Skills For Your CV

Accounting and finance degrees offer you with knowledge of accountancy practices, industry, commerce and finance. As well as emerging a range of subject-specific and practical skills, you also increase more general skills, including:

  • Knowledge and awareness of business organisations
  • Problem-solving and analytical ability
  • Numerical and quantitative skills
  • Ability to argue your case and negotiate
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge of global business issues and language skills, mainly if you study European or international finance
Accounting Work In Plaistow

Accounting Work Experience In Plaistow: Future Connect

At Future Connect training and recruitment, we offer accounting work experience. We also offer a wide range of accountancy training courses to individuals who are looking to change their career or enhance their skills.

Future Connect training is a leading accountancy training provider in the UK, who provides support in accounting practical training which will add value in your profile as well.

Which Accounting Courses:

At Future Connect Training, we offer a wide range of accounting courses to the individuals who are looking forwards to change their career or enhance their skills. We offer accredited accounting courses such as IAB Courses and CPD courses. We also provide various other practical accounting courses to complement your qualifications such as bookkeeping training, xero training, quickbooks training, payroll training, account assistant, cis returns training, taxation training and final accounts. Therefore, it ensures that you have a leading edge in the employment market. QuickBooks is the most used accounting software to learn. IAB courses are best for those who want to gain entry into the job market as a beginner. IAB qualification is best as it is highly focused on practical issues of accounting with the support of CPD. A student who has a precious educational background in accounting can apply for exemptions. We offer various hands-on practical accounting courses which suit your needs.

Additionally, they are mainly suitable for people who already hold some accounting qualification such as ACCA, IAB, AAT, ICB, ICAW, CIMA and others. Benefits you get through our accounting training courses.

  • Study and Work with our organisation
  • Subject to receiving references for each candidate
  • Guaranteed opportunity for an accounting work placement within an accounting firm

Future Connect Training is a XERO Certified Training Provider. Xero accounting course is designed to enhance your skills on computerised aspects of accounting. Our Xero training in North London, Birmingham and Harrow will empower you to understand all the features of Xero. After completion of your training, you will be able to get a XERO Advisor certification. Xero Advisor certification shows you to use all the core features of XERO.

We help and support you through our practical accounting training course from a day start, to fit along with your busy life and also helps in free CV building and helps in the job search. Training classes are flexible. Our qualified trainers are highly experienced and give you the time and attention.

After completion of your practical accountancy training you will be able to apply for below job Roles:-

  • Account Assistant
  • Management Accountant
  • Bookkeeper/ Accountant
  • Payroll Manager/ VAT Manager
  • Data analyst / Forensic accountant
  • Credit Controller
  • Company secretary
  • External auditor
  • Business development manager / Economist
  • Chartered management accountant
  • Chartered public finance accountant

Those people who are motivated and want to develop their career within a dynamic and ambitious field can join the Accountancy Training at Future Connect Training. We even provide certification for the training you endure with us. We are based in Birmingham, North London and Harrow, and we are on the process of growing our business and opening new training centres in different parts of the UK. But we have students from different places like Plaistow (BR1), Chelsfield ( BR1) etc. coming to join our training centre although it is fair for them. Therefore, we aim to open our training centre in different parts of the UK so it would be easier for the students to commute.

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