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"Accountancy Courses in New Addington can help you gain skills and experience necessary to increase your chances of finding a job in the accounting field."

The training sector opened in New Addington

We have offices in Finchley Central, Birmingham & Harrow where you can train on practical accountancy courses. If you live near New Addington (CR0) or Shirley (CR0), you can travel to one of our centres for practical training and build your career in the accountancy sector.

How to enter the competitive accounting world?

Consequently, with the continued expansion of the business market, Organisations are searching for Trainee Accountants to work in accounting firms and financial solution companies as an accountant. In the same way, it has become increasingly more challenging to enter the accountancy industry without a professional level certification. In this situation, Future Connect serves you with accountancy training courses and assists you to prepare a CV and search jobs according to your qualification and skills.

What are the duties and responsibilities in bookkeeping training?

You will start your duties in accountancy in the following ways:

  • Posting supplier invoices and expense forms
  • Processing bank payments
  • Posting bank and petty cash transactions into the accounting system
  • Preparing month-end reconciliations
  • Preparing VAT returns

What skills do you learn from the AAT qualification offered by the Future Connect Training?

Future Connect Training is a certified accountancy courses provider. Our accounting training course is designed to enhance your skills in computerised aspects of accounting. Also, we will offer you Sage Training, XERO Training, QuickBooks Training, Payroll Training, IRIS Training, and Bookkeeping Training.

How to boost accountancy job prospects with the AAT qualification?

We have helped AAT /Finalists students, University Accounting, finance students, and accounting professionals gain hands-on experience, which has helped boost their accountancy job prospects and supports many of them in getting accounting jobs.

How are AAT courses designed to meet the demand of the accountancy sector?

Our accountancy courses are designed according to the needs and demands of your job roles in the accountancy sector. To support these accounting courses, we provide hands-on practical training to boost your career and help you apply for jobs in the accounting sector. Furthermore, this training will give you the valuable experience and skills required to apply for accountancy jobs. If you have an interest in figures, then a career in accounting could be for you.

What strong skills can you adapt to the AAT qualification?

Our courses will provide you with the skills and experience you need to get the best possible start in London's financial world, whether you want to be a high-flyer in the city or managing the books for local businesses.

How do AAT courses lead to professional certification?

Our AAT courses at Levels 2, 3 and 4 courses also enable you to study towards chartered qualifications, namely CIMA, ACCA, ICAEW, or degree programmes.

Who is the best suitable match for the bookkeeping training?

Our Accounting training centre offers a fast-track route into these professions for students aged 16 to 24, including internships, coaching and mentoring and the opportunity to network with industry professionals.

Accountancy New Addington

Award-winning learning

Our accounting courses are designed for both beginners and more experienced accountants. Future Connect Training is the UK's most chosen training provider of AAT accounting qualifications and offers award-winning learning that works.

How is the best study support in accounting training provided by us?

You can choose the accounting course level that suits you, knowing each accounting course comes with a complete programme of support, including revision, one to one classes and proactive help from the dedicated tutors.

Why should you choose an AAT course?

No wonder you're looking to begin a career in accountancy or want to progress to a job you are already in; you can become a certified accountant by completing our courses. Accounting and finance can be challenging fields to break into and succeed in, which is why accounting courses are so worthwhile. Having an accounting certificate or diploma can set you apart from the competition; help you with a comprehensive knowledge of all areas of accounting and the confidence to put it into practical experience.

How are accounting courses flexible besides your tough schedule?

Completing one of our registered accounting qualifications gives you the freedom to study at your own pace. We make it flexible around your work, allowing you to continue with your current role while gaining a certificate or diploma in accounting. It also means you can improve your recent accounting experience and knowledge while doing the job. Also, if you're a beginner in the accountancy field, this course fits around you.

What will you learn in our accounting courses?

Your qualification level will dictate how advanced the topics your study will be.

AAT Level 2 course:

It will introduce the essential concepts of accountancy. With further progress through the AAT qualification, you'll develop more complex skills and knowledge. The professional accountancy course is one that's accredited by an accountancy body. One of the most significant bodies is AAT, and it means you get learning that the industry experts have approved. AAT qualifications are recognised and sought after within the industry.

Future Connect Training provides accounting learning through award-winning tutors

Our accountancy courses come with support from your peer group on the campus forum and the personal tutors who you can contact for individual help. Prestigious awarding bodies across the country have recognised our award-winning tutors. Accounting experience will be much more accessible with the knowledge and skills learnt during your Future Connect Training course.

What are the AAT courses offered by the Future Connect Training?

Accounting courses we offer:

  • AAT Course
  • AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping Certificate
  • AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma/Certificate in Accounting
  • AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma/ Certificate in Accounting

You'll get a qualification from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). AAT bookkeeping and accountancy courses are suitable for those looking to enhance their accounting skills and expertise. AAT qualification is the best way to gain access into an accounting career as our weekends and customised classes don't require you to take extra time out from work or lose out on vital experience.

How to be successful with the AAT courses provided by us?

We have many subjects in the accountancy field that help us retain our laser-like focus on creating easy-to-follow course materials and providing the gold standard of tutor support. Our courses are designed to help you succeed in the accountancy field. Our carefully constructed learning experience offers you the best chance to pass the AAT exams and gain your qualification.

What learning experience do you get after accounting training?

You're learning experience includes

  • Award-winning tutor support- by email and phone
  • More learning materials than any college or Training Provider
  • Up-to-date, easy to follow, printed and bound workbooks for every unit
  • Practical hands-on activities that ensure you have both knowledge and skills
  • Online Enhanced Learning Resource with:
    • Extra lessons
    • E-books
    • Tests
  • 24/7 Assignment marking with instant results and personal tutor feedback
  • Student Services department open seven days a week
  • Private Facebook Group for support and chat with tutors and fellow students
  • Top Sage software package (not Sage Essentials, not Sage One, and no subscriptions)
  • Everything you need to be included – No additional add-ons required – no extra exam


How does Future Connect training help students to enter the competitive environment?

Future Connect aids you in preparing a CV and searching for jobs based on your qualifications and talents by providing accountancy training courses.

How is studying AAT with future Connect training flexible?

You can study at your speed if you complete one of our approved accounting qualifications. We make it work around your schedule, allowing you to keep your current job while earning an accounting certificate or diploma.

How does accounting training with Future Connect lead to professional certification?

Our AAT Levels 2, 3, and 4 courses also allow you to study for chartered qualifications such as CIMA, ACCA, and ICAEW, as well as degree programmes.

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