AAT Q2022: Your Ultimate Guide to Exam Preparation

AAT Q2022 Qualifications Integrated with Practical Accountancy Training

About AAT

The AAT qualification is globally respected and internationally recognised. Organisations recruit AAT members for their knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm because AAT represents the highest standards of professionalism. In short, the AAT qualification is one of the most sought-after and provides our students and members with a professional status to be proud of.

AAT offers a set of bookkeeping skills, training students for many bookkeeping roles. Bookkeeping qualifications can promote associate bookkeeping membership where students will have professional recognition with designated letters AATQB.

Update On AAT Bookkeeping 2022

These qualifications are approved and regulated by:

Office of Qualifications and Examinations in England and internationally

Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) in Northern Ireland

Student Registration: Support At Every Step

Students must register with AAT if they want to study for the AAT qualification. Once students

Registered and purchased access to their required qualifications, they will be able to:

Sit AAT assessment

Access AAT support resources to learn skills and complete support careers.

Support for this qualification

AAT Qualification Support will provide a range of free materials and resources to assist in the delivery and assessment of AAT tutors and students throughout the life of this qualification.

Content developed for this qualification will include:

Practice assessment for each unit

A Sample Assessment and Mark Scheme (Introduction to Bookkeeping)

Qualification Technical Information (QTI)

Annual Chief Examiner Reports

Additional content may include:


Greenlight test


Tutor to tutor sessions in network meetings

How will students be assessed?

To achieve this qualification, students must successfully obtain a mandatory unit assessment. Externally marked assessment has 100% of this qualification.

Assessment of this qualification:

Set and marked by AAT.


Time is limited.

Scheduled by training providers or diagnostic sites.

Occurs in controlled conditions at approved training providers and diagnostic locations.

This qualification is not rated. To pass the qualification, students must pass a mandatory assessment.

FC Training Mocks and Testing

We have a lot of materials to help you review and pass your exams. All study options come with the following:

1. Knowledge testing

As you move forward, the knowledge test helps you consider your understanding of a topic before moving on to the next topic.

2. Consolidation test

This test is based on the topics you studied in your course.

3. Progress test

This is a test based on particular key topics to prepare you for the review phase of your study.

4. Two mock exams

Practice your exam skills with mock exams with a real test feeling, so you can constantly check your progress.

5. Additional video learning resources

If you are studying in the classroom, live online, or on-demand, you will have access to the full On-Demand learning modules available on FC training.

FC Training Online features

FC training Institute is an online learning portal with practical resources to help you prepare for your exams.

View your detailed study programs and online content in one place and access your content in just a few clicks.

Contact the teacher directly using live chat. You can request a callback or send an email.

Complete practice tests and gets instant feedback.

Participate in topic-level discussion forums with students and tutors and find answers to common questions.

Track your performance by topic and easily identify where you need to improve. You can even analyse yourself to others in your class.

Use the mobile app to read on the go and access your study material offline.

Tutor support

FC Training Institute will assist you throughout your AAT learning experience. You can contact your tutor and get the help you need.

Provided by our Academic Support Team of expert tutors:

Live chat (quick reply via online messenger system)

Email (we will contact you within 4 hours)

Discussion Forum (We will contact you within 4 hours)

Request a call back so you can talk to the tutor (we will arrange a call with you within 24 hours)

Academic support Timings

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