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Bookkeeping & VAT Return Practical Training

  • 2 - 3 Months
  • 25 Sessions
  • Full Time / Part Time

Welcome on board – you’ve taken the first important step towards your new career in the accounting and bookkeeping field! Rest assure it is a lifelong career, and it is a very rewarding profession. The future’s looking bright: Check industry averages and statistics. Let’s get started– Our consultants will make sure you choose the right course.

Course Overview

Future Connect Training courses are designed and delivered so you end up with real-world knowledge and skills. We will bridge the gap between theory and practice. This is a unique combination and will get you into your desired accounting job.

We start with learning the essential and most useful skills and concepts of bookkeeping and VAT in Bookkeeping training.

To start with we will be giving you all the important legislative knowledge about HMRC Rules and regulations regarding VAT and Making Tax Digital (MTD). You will gain practical skills in various industries like IT, Retail, Construction, Wholesale businesses and many other businesses. You will develop an understanding of the fundamental principles that underpin the basics of subjects in accounting and bookkeeping training. You will learn the time-honoured rules of double-entry bookkeeping and also how to prepare an unadjusted trial balance.

Suitable For

The course is suited for aspiring bookkeepers and anyone who wants to start a career in accounting.

New entrants into the accounting sector

Learners pursuing accounting qualification

Candidates with overseas experience


Accountancy Practice Certificate

IAB Certificate

Xero Advisor Certificate

Course Content

You have the option of learning any of the following Accounting Software:

Sage 2017 v24






VT Software

Free Agent


Industries Covered

The training is provided with the relevant industries listed below:




Dental Clinics

Online Business



Medical Surgeries

Architect & More

Course Modules

*Using sage as an example, the course structure is as follows:

(The course structure is same for all the other softwares)

  • Makes you to learn and identify the needs of the company. Implement the discussion on template.
  • Its Software is being configured and based on identified company needs.

The Module has been customised and set up according to the following:

  1. Arrangement of accessible rights to users
  2. Arrangement of Bank, cash and credit card accounts
  3. Arrangement of Customer and supplier records
  4. Arrangement of Departments
  • You learn how to use default settings that results in determining the data the way it is being displayed in SAGE 50.
  • Changing the system date & accounting periods.
  • SAGE 50 makes it easier to work as it divides the whole fiscal year into a number of accounting periods.
  • You learn how to identify and choose the correct accounting period and know how to modify the system date in SAGE 50.
  • Deeper understanding of subsidiary and general ledger, setting up the chart of accounts.
  • Arrangement of the Customer, Supplier and Tax codes.
  • Arrangement of the software for company use by entering opening balances for nominal, customer and supplier accounts.
  • Analysing supplier invoices, credit notes and post supplier payments.
  • Analysing supplier account activity.
  • Computing reconciliation of supplier account activity.
  • Recording supplier invoices & carrying out aged creditor analysis.
  • Designing various Daybook reports for the Supplier activity.
  • Organizing the purchase budgets and payment runs via Supplier reports.
  • Modify and revise the supplier account details.
  • Arrangement and processing of recurring transactions.
  • Analyse various bank accounts.
  • Performing on numerous petty cash transactions.
  • Accessing the petty cash reconciliation.
  • Recording the bank transactions.
  • Rectification, identification and correction of errors while computing.
  • Analysing and keeping the data safe by using various backups.
  • Understanding various options available to manage the overall bookkeeping.
  • Keeping an eye on the transactions and generating audit trails.
  • How to record and process General Trail balance and financial statements.
  • Deeper knowledge and understanding of various VAT Scheme.
  • Updating and analysing of Cash, Standard , flat rate schemes in Software.
  • Understanding the various other policies related to VAT on goods from EU Countries.
  • Keeping a general record of the various matters related to Acquisition Tax.
  • Deeper Knowledge and better understanding of Intrastat Supplementary declarations.
  • Updated Knowledge of Tax matters on goods purchased from non-EU countries , and how to process and apply for EORI.
  • Claiming relief on the goods returned outside EU.
  • Analysing and choosing the appropriate VAT quarters.
  • Keen Observation and analysis of all spreadsheets related to the transactions.
  • Proper analysis of VAT related to mixed transactions ,identifying the zero rated, standard rated items and recording it and performing a reconciliation to calculate the VAT.
  • Introduction to various important VAT industry specific issues for Retail , IT , Construction industries.
  • Writing off bad debt and perform a VAT reclaim.
  • Guidelines and knowledge about how to perform VAT adjustments.
  • For better understanding on how to the work on VAT regular workshop has being introduced.

Skills You Will Gain

The students will acquire the following set of skills after completing this Accounting, VAT Return and Bookkeeping Training.

Sales Day Book

Purchase Day Book

Credit Notes

Debtor / Creditor Reconciliation

Petty Cash Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

VAT Calculation

VAT Adjustment

Career Path

Sales Ledger Clerk

Purchase Ledger Clerk


VAT Manger

Billing Clerk

Credit Controller

Account Receivable Clerk

Trainee Bookkeeper

Account Payable Clerk

VAT Administrator

Cash Controller

Work Placement Structure

After finishing your training, you will be given a chance of guaranteed work placement at our offices or at our external client’s offices. The duration is dependent upon the training course you have opted for with us.

Bookkeeping VAT Training
This course includes:
  • 102 hours of Training
  • Multiple Industries covered
  • Fully flexible structure – On Demand Training
  • One on One Individual Training
  • Sage , Xero , QuickBooks and Adv .Excel
  • In-class, Online and Live Online options to train
  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • IFA Endorsed Certificate of completion
  • CV and Recruitment support
  • Offices available in Finchley, Harrow, Hounslow, Mile End, Corydon, Birmingham and Manchester
  • Free AAT Level 2 Included

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