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Personal Tax Return Training

  • 6 Weeks
  • 12 Sessions

Personal tax returns training are technically known as SA100- Self Assessment returns, are the most important tax returns you have to fill as an individual. It takes into account all your taxable income from different sources like Salary, Rental, foreign, capital gains, trust or any other source.

Tax Return and Self-Assessment

Personal tax returns training are technically known as SA100- Self Assessment returns, are the most important tax returns you have to fill as an individual. It takes into account all your taxable income from different sources like Salary, Rental, foreign, capital gains, trust or any other source. You might have an accountant or bookkeeper doing your SA100 self-assessment returns but it doesn’t harm to know how the tax matters actually work. The self-assessment SA100 Training conducted by Future Connect Training is suitable not only for individuals to do their tax returns but is equally technical and essential for aspirant bookkeepers and accountants to offer services to their clients. Submission of Personal income Tax return is a responsibility of individual and HMRC has strict rules about the submissions.

The tax returns training will be done on real client files with varying degree of income sources like cab drivers, dentists, individuals within GP Services, nurses associated with agencies doing their own tax returns, construction workers affected by CIS regime, IT Contractors, individual selling home for the first time and want to learn about PPE relief or efficient way of managing the capital gains tax. You will learn how to implement a tax allowance and use efficiently the tax free income given by HMRC.

The training can be done online, through our various offices in London and Birmingham. The online self-assessment SA-100 Course from Future Connect is equally good as office based as you will have a dedicated training associate and training will be conducted via live one to one interactive sessions by sharing screen using zoom or anydesk.

The training id ofqual regulated by IAB – you get a level 3 / 4 diploma in self-assessment.

Overview of Personal Tax Return Training

The personal Tax return training course will provide learners with an insight into how to implement taxation policies efficiently in practical commercial situations. It includes all aspects of taxation from personal income tax to incorporated company’s corporation tax, this course proposes to support learning understanding of various income tax matters and SA100 rules, focusing on different type of forms ranging from SA100, 102, 103,104 and 105. The computation id taught for simpler tax returns and also for more complex business structures as well. You are given exposure to different reliefs and when to use them efficiently to bring down the tax liability. The real life live material gives you the best training where you are not just reading theory but also implementing the concept on client’s financial situation and filling in the returns using tax filing HMRC approved software like taxfiler or tax calc. Whether you currently serve in finance, are wanting to work in finance, run your private business or desire to gain a new skill, this course is ideal.

How to do a Self-Assessment tax return SA-100?

We learn the process in a very chronological way, as it will happen in the real life with yourselves or your prospective clients. Firstly, you need to learn how to be registered with HMRC to process your tax return. How to get a UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number. Identifying the categories of your income sources and building up the bookkeeping for the taxable income computation. Once you have details for all receipts and expenditure, you can submit electronically to HMRC. The deadline for filing a personal tax return is 31 January for the previous tax year.

Apply for a Tax Refund

It is possible; you could qualify for a tax rebate.

Most likely scenarios are

  • When you pay more tax than required
  • Submitting an incorrect tax return
  • Claiming personal Tax relief

There could be many more motives, why should you get a tax return. It is essential to know the scenarios under which you should apply for a tax rebate.

Why Should I follow Personal Tax Training?

Most self-employed people and directors of companies must submit Tax Return every year. If you are an individual operating a business, you may study how to do tax return by yourself. As an outcome, you can save money by not to pay for an external agent. Don’t forget. You can also preserve more money as you will know more about how to apply for a tax deduction. According to a statistical survey, more than 60% of taxpayers not sure how to do tax return correctly and lose money for not knowing how to apply for a tax rebate successfully.

If you want to give tax services to the public, then skills in this sector can dramatically increase your job prospect or business prospect.

Self-Assessment Return Training Content

  • Identify the different type(s) of returns that may be completed based on individual taxpayer requirement 
  • Completely able to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of a bookkeeper / tax agent when computing the self-assessment tax returns; focusing on the deadline and rules from HMRC
  • Computing the tax liability for sole traders or individuals like cab drivers or owner of corner shops, nurses, dentist or agency staff working on locum with NHS, having varying sources of income. 
  • Understanding the directors responsibilities and liabilities whilst making drawings or using same bank account for personal and business purposes; dealing with allowable and disallowable expenses for tax computation purposes
  • Introduction to UTR and NI Classes; classifications and payments attached to each. Timeline, tax year rules and much more. 
  • Understanding Tax Return submission procedures to HMRC (using real individual Scenarios)
  • Analysing Class 2 & Class 4 NIC
  • Analysing Personal Allowance and CIS deductions
  • Analysing Income from Self Employments and working out the trading reliefs
  • Employment benefits Analysis and learning to fill in P11Ds
  • Analysis of Car & Fuel benefits , mileage claims and real income computation for tax purposes
  • Analysis on savings, investment income, and tax implications on them.
  • Introduction to Capital Gains Tax analysis and implications of PPE relief
  • Introduction to Inheritance Tax Analysis and implications of Taper relief
  • Understanding the procedure for payment, administration of both tax, and National Insurance Contributions

Personal Tax Study Options

As we give numbers of exercise training, you'll sit assuredly throughout the exam. We provide expert help during weekends and evenings; likewise, we serve a manageable study mechanism and course start dates. You'll lead by our certified and experienced teachers, practical learning techniques, and ongoing response, even after your exams.


  • Specialists will attend a scheduled programme face to face classes in classrooms.
  • Sessions at set times of the day.
  • We enable digital access to our online learning resources.
  • Our team provides workbooks for practice Activities.

Course Assessment Method

To assess the learner's ability and knowledge to understand the topics contained within the Tax Accounting course effectively. The course features some end of module interactive quiz questions.

Additionally, at the period of the program, students will also take an online multiple-choice assessment questionnaire. This online multiple-choice test is marked on the spot so you will get an immediate grade and know whether you have crossed the course.

Personal Tax Training Fees

The SA-1OO training is offered via online and office based facilities. The prices for both slightly varies. To find out our best deals and prices and get a free course consultation and career support discussion call us on 0203 7908674 or fill out the form to book a free consultation. One of our specialist program experts will get back to you within one working day.

Who is suitable for this course?

Every professional involved in the global financial services industry. (as a provider, user, regulator or advisor of product/services, marketplace/exchange)

  • Individuals filing their own returns
  • Aspirant Bookkeepers or accountants
  • Accountancy Firms
  • Consultancy Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Rating Agencies
  • Multi-lateral Financial Institutions
  • Others

Why inquire Personal Tax training with Future Connect?

Future Connect Training Centre is an award-winning education provider with skilful professors who provide the best personal tax training and guidance. We give practical instruction on Tax return utilising for real businesses also encourages doing CV formation, mock interview, and Job-hunting support.

Benefits of following Future Connect Training centre:

  • AAT , IAB and CPD Approved Training Centre
  • Hand-picked Industry Certified Instructors
  • 24/7 Exceptional Learner Support to accomplish your practice and career goals
  • Provides detailed education material and real life scenarios or for complete understating
  • Offers Exam preparation kit for IAB self-assessment returns
  • OnDemand Software Training
  • 24/7 online access to VLC (Virtual Learning Campus)
  • Free e-portfolio to understand the current performance and training findings combined into academic subjects of ACCA
  • A dedicated e-portfolio to register your training at our West, East, North London, and Birmingham branches
  • Helps with Exam booking service
  • Support to establish a work placement, which will lead you a real-time experience to work in the industry.
  • Adaptable payment options (Debit card, Credit card, PayPal, Cash, and Bank Transfer)

  • Multiple Industries covered
  • Fully flexible structure – On Demand Training
  • One on One Individual Training
  • In-class, Online and Live Online options to train
  • Offices available in Finchley, Harrow, Hounslow, Mile End, Corydon, Birmingham and Manchester
  • CV and Recruitment support

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