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IAB Bookkeeping Qualification

Our IAB bookkeeping qualifications will help you grow your business and develop your career. To find out more about our IAB bookkeeping qualifications are listed below:-

Level 1 Award in Computerised Accounting for Business 603/2736/4

Level 2 Certificate in Computerised Bookkeeping 601/9052/8

Level 2 Certificate in Computerised Accounting for Business 603/2735/2

Level 3 Certificate in Computerised Bookkeeping and Accounting 601/9055/3

Level 3 Certificate in Computerised Accounting for Business 603/2737/6

Importance of IAB qualifications

IAB qualification is very significant in an organisation to develop skills in order to establish the business and to become a competent and fully fledged bookkeeper. Job role of IAB qualified individuals is very crucial in the industry that is why companies always hire professional and qualified individuals. The IAB qualification equips you with updated knowledge and skills to improve your recruitment chances.

We at Future Connect offer level 1 and level 2 IAB bookkeeping qualification, and level 1, level 2, and level 3 of IAB payroll qualification.

Benefits IAB bookkeeping qualification

  • Completing the IAB qualification boosts your confidence in your skills and earns you customers’ trust as well.
  • After IAB qualified you can add the recognised title of IAB with your name and stand out in recruiter’s pool and to life your status as professional in the market.
  • Upgrade your skills to provide professional development opportunity and enabling acquisition of higher jobs.

Employment opportunities after IAB qualifications

The job position and role in the company are based upon your level of qualification, skills, aptitude, and experience in the field. Fresh graduates and qualified individuals often get assistant or junior level jobs. However, if you have sufficient experience your promotion is quicker and you can earn reasonable money each year.

Account Receivable Analyst

IAB Operator

IAB Packaging Operator

Project Manager

Senior Product Director

Warehouse Agents

Why IAB bookkeeping at Future Connect

Professional level education meeting the industry-recognised standards

Interaction with qualified and expert trainers

Telephone and online access to staff and access to online resources and support

Professional guidance to understand business logistics and ideas to develop your business

Flexibility in days and time of training

Launches your career as recognised and qualified bookkeeper

Guaranteed job recruitment at reputable organisation

Opportunity to avail fully funded scholarship for more technical and short accounting courses

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