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Master the Essentials of Microsoft Office: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook

Microsoft Office is a suite of software applications commonly used in businesses, educational institutions, and personal use. It includes various programs that are designed to help users with different tasks. Four of the most commonly used programs in the MS Office suite are Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook.


Suitable For

This course is suitable for

Students: Microsoft Office is widely used in schools and universities, and students can benefit from learning how to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office applications to complete assignments and prepare presentations.

Professionals: Many jobs require proficiency in Microsoft Office, and professionals in fields such as business, finance, accounting, and administration can improve their productivity and job performance by taking a course in Office applications.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners: Learning how to use Microsoft Office can help entrepreneurs and small business owners create professional-looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as manage their finances and communicate with customers and clients.

Job seekers: Proficiency in Microsoft Office is often listed as a desired skill in job postings, and taking a course in Office applications can improve a job seeker's chances of being hired.

Anyone looking to improve their digital literacy: Even if you don't have a specific reason for learning Microsoft Office, improving your digital literacy skills can benefit you in many ways, such as increasing your productivity, improving your communication skills, and helping you stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends.


Certification in MS Office

Course Modules

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software used for data analysis and visualization. A Microsoft Excel course will teach you how to create, format, and edit spreadsheets, as well as how to use functions and formulas to perform calculations and analyze data. You'll also learn how to create charts and graphs to visually represent data.

  • Basic Functions
  • Formula's
  • Sheets
  • Presentability

Word is a word processing software used for creating and editing documents. A Microsoft Word course will teach you how to create, format, and edit text documents, as well as how to use features such as tables, images, and styles to make your documents more professional-looking. You'll also learn how to use templates and mail merge to automate document creation.

  • Page Layout; borders, footers, headers
  • Home/Insert tab features
  • Template settings
  • Constructing Paragraphs

Outlook is an email and calendar software used for managing communications and scheduling. A Microsoft Outlook course will teach you how to create and send emails, manage your inbox, and organize your email messages using folders and filters. You'll also learn how to schedule meetings and appointments, manage your contacts, and use the task list to keep track of your to-do list.

  • Email Account and Signature Setup
  • Calendar, Contacts
  • Task Management
  • Composing an email using Outlook

PowerPoint is a presentation software used for creating and delivering presentations. A Microsoft PowerPoint course will teach you how to create and format slides, add images and multimedia, and use animations and transitions to make your presentations more engaging. You'll also learn how to use slide masters and templates to create consistent and professional-looking presentations.

  • Layout
  • Simple Presentations
  • Delivery
  • help
  • Backstage View
  • Creating a Presentation

Skills You Will Gain

The students will acquire following set of skills after completing this MS Office Course.

Digital literacy: You'll learn how to use Microsoft Office applications to communicate, create, analyze, and present information effectively in a digital environment.

Time management: You'll learn how to use Microsoft Office applications to manage your time more efficiently, whether it's by automating document creation, managing your email inbox, or scheduling appointments and meetings.

Collaboration: You'll learn how to collaborate with others using Microsoft Office applications, whether it's by sharing documents and presentations, working on the same spreadsheet simultaneously, or using email to communicate with team members.

Problem-solving: You'll learn how to use Microsoft Office applications to solve problems, whether it's by analyzing data to make informed decisions, creating professional-looking documents to impress clients, or delivering engaging presentations to convince stakeholders.

Professionalism: You'll learn how to use Microsoft Office applications to present yourself and your work in a professional manner, whether it's by using templates and styles to create consistent and high-quality documents, or by using multimedia and animations to create engaging and impactful presentations.

Career Path

Career paths you could pursue after completing a Microsoft Office course

Administrative assistant: Uses Microsoft Office applications for managing calendars, scheduling appointments, creating reports and presentations, and communicating with team members.

Data analyst: Uses Microsoft Excel for data analysis, creating charts and graphs, and creating reports. (if you go with our Advanced MS Excel Course)

Marketing coordinator: Uses Microsoft Office applications to create marketing materials such as reports, presentations, and brochures.

Project manager: Uses Microsoft Office applications to manage project timelines, budgets, and resources, and to communicate project updates and progress to stakeholders.

Human resources specialist: Uses Microsoft Office applications to create job postings, manage employee information, and create reports on employee performance.

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This course includes:
  • 5 Sessions
  • 16 Hours of Hands-on Training
  • Multiple Softwares to enhance skills
  • Online Practical Training
  • Learn MS Office Skills
  • Learn MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, Basics of MS Excel
  • Practical Tasks, Lectures and more
  • Administration oriented Course Content with Hands on Training

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