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Accounts Assistant Training Course

  • 2 - 6 Months
  • 55 Sessions
  • Full Time / Part Time

If you are good analytical skill, you are organised and you have an amazing sense of communication with a knack for numbers then you are a perfect candidate to start a career as an Accounts Assistant.

Course Overview

As an accounts assistant, you are a supporting between the bookkeepers and accountants. Your support is instrumental in providing administrative help by undertaking a range of tasks. You will assist with compiling trial balances, maintaining financial records, invoicing, processing tax returns and identifying, processing and computing journals. Your calculations are important in preparing company accounts, filing and many other tasks.

Accounts Assistant training course provides you with all the important concepts and practical skills to apply and work as an Accounts Assistant or Finance Assistant. The contents cover everything from basic invoice recording and invoice generation, purchase, expenses, and sales receipts and working through VAT Return, VAT Reconciliations, uses of different VAT schemes and managing the year-end closings, different Payroll methodologies like setting up employees, processing payslips, maintaining statutory payments, submission of RTI and calculating deductions from pay that are learned in this payroll training course. We cover all the journals and trial balance adjustments in detail.

The use of different accounting software like SAGE, XERO, QuickBooks and MS Excel spreadsheets to record all these transactions and gain hands-on practical accounting training in a professional accountancy environment.

This course provides good working knowledge and practical experience on the different bookkeeping methodologies and practices essential to effectively record and store financial information on a daily basis. The course is designed to give you a thorough experience of Bookkeeping, Tax Returns, and Payroll accounting principles and you will be coached by our CPD Certified Accountancy professionals. Our unique approach of blending the important theoretical concepts and practical skills give you an enormous competitive advantage in your quest to get a job placement.

Suitable For

The course is suited for aspiring bookkeepers, and anyone who wants to start a career in accounting.

New entrants into accounting sector

Learners pursuing accounting qualification

Candidates with overseas experience


CPD Certificate

Accountancy Practice Certificate

IAB Certificate

Xero Advisor Certificate

Course Content

You have option of learning any of the following Accounting Software's:

Sage 2017 v24







VT Software

Free Agent


Industries Covered

The training is provided with the relevant industries listed below:




Dental Clinics

Online Business



Medical Surgeries

Architect & More

Course Modules

*Using sage as an example, the course structure is as follows:

(The course structure is same for all the other softwares)

You will be trained to do the following :

  • Processing and maintaining financial records with an aim to understand the workflow of financial data through nominal and subsidiary ledgers.
  • Computing, identifying and processing journals.
  • Dealing with accruals, prepayments, Assets registers, Depreciations and more.
  • Preparing Account receivables, Accounts payables and KPI reports.
  • Dealing with complex invoice that is not covered at the bookkeeping stage, approving and raising invoices and credit notes.
  • Processing company expenses.
  • Dealing with complete Payroll reports, analyzing the P32, P60 reports and adding their journals to compute the final trial balances.
  • Credit control and debt chasing with concept of factoring and debtor reconciliation summery reports.
  • Preparing accounts for internal review. Internal profit and loss accounts with commentary of important KPIs.
  • The course content covers much more than what’s listed here, you can contact our training consultant to help you customize the plan according to your requirement.
  • Deeper knowledge and understanding of various VAT Scheme.
  • Updating and analysing of Cash, Standard, flat rate schemes in Software.
  • Understanding the various other policies related to VAT on goods from EU Countries.
  • Keeping a general record of the various matters related to Acquisition Tax.
  • Deeper Knowledge and better understanding of Intrastat Supplementary declarations.
  • Updated Knowledge of Tax matters on goods purchased from non-EU countries, and how to process and apply for EORI.
  • Claiming relief on the goods returned outside EU.
  • Analysing and choosing the appropriate VAT quarters.
  • Keen Observation and analysis of all spreadsheets related to the transactions.
  • Proper analysis of VAT related to mixed transactions,identifying the zero rated, standard rated items and recording it and performing a reconciliation to calculate the VAT.
  • Introduction to various important VAT industry specific issues for Retail, IT, Construction industries.
  • Writing off bad debt and perform a VAT reclaim.
  • Guidelines and knowledge about how to perform VAT adjustments·
  • For better understanding on how to work on VAT regular workshop has being introduced.

Our trainees come from different academic backgrounds and it is important to collate all the information into a detailed workshop session to bring all the trainees at one page. The payroll workshop includes an introduction to all the HMRC forms, technical aspects, important dates, tax codes and year-end adjustments. It also includes a reference to HMRC website for more up to date knowledge.

  • Processing Wages and payments.
  • Dealing with Statutory pay.
  • Processing Starters and Leavers.
  • Real Time Information (RTI) processes.
  • Reports & Backups.
  • Voluntary deductions & Student Loans.
  • Payments due to HMRC.
  • Calculating the Cost of Wages.
  • E-submissions.

Skills You Will Gain

The students will acquire following set of skills after completing this Accounts Assistant Training Course.

Control Accounts

Accounts opening Balance Adjustments

Trial balance analysis & corrections

Month & Year end Adjustments

Depreciation, Wages Journals

Control Accounts

Clearing Suspense Account

Adjusted Trial balance

Aged debtor & Creditor analysis

Production of Year end Accounts


Employee Records

Payments and Deduction

Basic Pension Schemes

Pay Elements & Company Reports

Statutory Payments

Generating Payslips

FPS, EPS , RTI Submissions

Setting up Starters & Leavers

P32 and HMRC Submissions


Sales Day Book

Purchase Day Book

Credit Notes

Debtor / Creditor Reconciliation

Petty Cash Reconciliation

VAT Calculation

Bank Reconciliation

VAT Adjustment

VAT Submission

Career Path


Financial Controller

Junior Accountant

Asst. Management Accountant

Accounts Assistant

Credit Controller

Finance Manager

Accounting Clerk

Budget Analyst

Payroll Administrator

Payroll Clerk

Assistant Controller

Work Placement Structure

After finishing your training, you will be given a chance of guaranteed work placement at our offices or at our external client’s offices. The duration is dependent upon the training course you have opted with us.

Accounts Assistant Training
This course includes:
  • 240 hours of Training
  • Complete Bookkeeping, Payroll and Trial Balance Adjustments until FTB
  • Manual calculation of SSP, SMP, SAP and more
  • VAT Schemes, claims and Adjustments including Penalties and surcharges
  • IFA Endorsed Certificate of completion
  • Control Account, P&l and Balance Sheet Reconciliation
  • CV and Recruitment support
  • Offices available in Finchley, Harrow, Hounslow, Mile End, Corydon, Birmingham and Manchester
  • Free AAT Level 2 Included
  • Fully flexible structure – On Demand Training
  • One on One Individual Training
  • Sage , Xero , QuickBooks and Adv .Excel for Bookkeeping
  • Sage Payroll, Bright Pay ,Xero and Qb Payroll
  • In-class, Online and Live Online options to train
  • Access on Mobile and TV

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