AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping | FC Training 2022

AAT Q2022 Level 2 Foundation Certificate In Bookkeeping

Our short bookkeeping qualification offers a great introduction to the world of finance and takes six weeks to six months to complete. We develop you for a wide range of bookkeeping roles and are respected by employers worldwide. You can also progress to becoming an AAT licensed bookkeeper.

These entry-level skills give you the skills to become a bookkeeper and gain industry-recognised qualifications. In addition, if you wish to progress further, you will be exempt from some of the subjects of Level 2 Certificate in Accounting and Level 3 Diploma in AAT Accounting.

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About AAT

The AAT qualification is globally respected and internationally recognized. Organizations recruit AAT members for their knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm because AAT represents the highest standards of professionalism. In short, the AAT qualification is one of the most sought-after and provides our students and members with a professional status to be proud of.

AAT offers a set of bookkeeping skills, training students for many bookkeeping roles. Bookkeeping qualifications can promote associate bookkeeping membership where students will have professional recognition with designated letters AATQB.

Why choose this qualification?

Students who want to grasp skills quickly should choose a Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping. This qualification allows students to develop specialized skills or to recognize the skills they already have.

What does it cover?

The Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping aims to ensure that students have solid bookkeeping skills required for most financial roles.

Students who complete this qualification will develop practical accountancy skills in the double entry bookkeeping system and the use of relevant documents and procedures. Students will be able to learn transactions for accuracy, make entries in books and ledgers, and calculate invoices and credit notes.

Cover more complex level bookkeeping procedures, including VAT, reconciliation and trial balances, and promote their understanding of the relationship between different accounting records.


How to transfer sales, purchases and general ledgers. Students will learn how to check the accuracy of invoices, credit notes, remittance advice, account statements and small cash vouchers. They will learn how to use these documents to register sales and purchase daybooks, sales and purchase return daybooks, and account codes using daybooks permissions and discounts, as well as in total. They will learn that entering them into a digital bookkeeping system is the same process as entering a transaction manually. However, the method of entering them will be different from one system to another.

Number of lessons

  • Classroom: 4 days / 8 pm
  • Live Online: 4 days / 8 sessions
  • On Demand / Distance Learning: Study at your own pace
  • Subject Evaluation: Computer Based Examination

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to set up bookkeeping systems
  • Process customer transactions
  • Process supplier transactions
  • Process receipts and payments
  • Process transactions into the ledger accounts

Students will develop the ability to create value-added tax (VAT) control accounts and receivable and payable ledger control accounts, including reconciliation with receivable and payable ledgers.

They will use the journal to record various transactions, including error correction. Students will be able to recreate the initial trial balance after the adjustment. They will master to update the cash book after receiving the bank statement and how to prepare a bank reconciliation statement.

Number of lessons

  • Classroom: 3 days / 6 pm
  • Live Online: 3 days / 6 sessions
  • On Demand / Distance Learning: Study at your own pace
  • Subject Evaluation: Computer Based Examination

Learning outcomes

  • Use control accounts
  • Reconcile a bank statement with the cash book
  • Use the journal
  • Produce trial balances

How long does it take to complete the course

Level 2 certification in bookkeeping takes about 12 weeks to complete.

How will students be assessed?

To achieve this qualification, students must conduct three mandatory unit assessments and one synoptic assessment. The proportion of this qualification assessed by externally marked assessment is 100 percent.

All assessments in this qualification:

are computer-based

are set and marked by AAT

are time-limited

are scheduled by training providers or assessment venues

take place at approved training providers and assessment venues under controlled conditions


You must pass all unit assessments in the qualification you are taking. All exams are computer-based exams, and they are time-bound.

Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping exam

Introduction to bookkeeping - 90-minute computer-based test

Principles of bookkeeping control - 90 minutes computer-based test


Students should only be admitted for assessment when they are well prepared and are expected to pass the assessment. When a student fails in an assessment attempt, they should discuss their results with their tutor and review them appropriately before re-sit.

This Qualification is not subject to re-sit restrictions.

Can students improve their grades?

Students who have low grades and want to enhance their grades can do so by re-sitting their assessments. Suppose a student sits again but, in doing so, achieves a diagnostic result that will reduce their overall grade. In that case, their previous high result will be valid, and their overall grade will be determined for eligibility. Only students' highest results will count in their grades.

Students who passed are already demonstrating a high level of competency, as AAT maintains a pass mark of 70% in all assessments.

How and where to study

You can study distance learning online, through collaborative study, or in the classroom. Also, do it in the evening, part-time or full-time, whichever suits you. We Future connect training institute will provide you with training even if you choose distance education.

Study material

The course includes the following materials:

1. Study Text

Textbook covering a full syllabus with examples and activities.

2. Pocket note

Our AAT Pocket Notes are short review notes highlighting and prioritising the topics you need to pass your AAT exams.

3. Test kit

The exam kit gives you plenty of exam-style questions and answers to test your knowledge and practice.

4. Study program

Our study programme outlines the structure of the course.

5. Online syllabus coverage

Covers key topics and other methods for distance education.


Training provider fee

£150 - £800

This fee covers your tuition (if attending a study course) and is paid directly to your training provider.

Standard Qualification fee

The standard eligibility fee includes:

£50 registration fee

Two Assessment fees of £49 each

It gives a total of £148.

The registration fee is paid directly to the AAT and will give you access to study support resources and assessment for up to 12 months or until you qualify, whichever comes first. Students must pay an assessment fee to your training provider or location.

Entry requirements

Most of the students will start at the foundation level. For the best chance of success, we suggest that students begin their education with good quality English and Maths. This qualification can be a fast track for an AAT Advanced Diplomas in Accounting.

Students can start with any qualification based on current skills and experience. Already have some accounting experience?


Exemptions may be granted to students who can provide proof of previous, relevant qualifications. If eligible, students may be excused from taking some AAT exams.

A fee will be charged for the exemption. Exceptions will be a maximum pass in the overall qualification grade.

Jobs that can lead to

The skills developed from studying this qualification will enable a student to find a job and progress to the next level confidently. The student completing this qualification will develop the basic skills required in accountancy and finance.

They will use bookkeeping skills to confidently conduct accounting transactions and process financial information per established procedures and schedules.

a Clerical Assistant

a Trainee Bookkeeper

an Accounts Clerk

a Finance Assistant

an Accounts Administrator

Funding options

Employer Support

If you have a relevant job or already working in a relevant field and want to improve your education, your employer can fund your tuition fees. You need to talk to them to see if you are eligible and if they are willing to support the cost.

Payment plans

Bookkeeping includes AAT Level 2 certification with our interest-free payment plan. This allows you to expand the cost of your tuition for up to 12 months at no extra cost. You must spend a minimum of £500 to qualify for a payment plan.


Q.1. What can a qualified bookkeeper do?

A bookkeeper will keep track of money coming and going, manage daily cash flow, prepare tax returns at year-end, and help to manage finances more efficiently. As an authentic bookkeeper, you can work in the finance team or offer your services with self-employment.

Q.2. What is involved in bookkeeping?

Bookkeepers monitor the company's financial data and compliance by maintaining accurate books on payable and receivable accounts, payroll, and daily financial entries and understandings. Performing daily tasks such as financial reporting, general ledger entries, and record adjustments.

Q.3. How long does it take to become a bookkeeper?

The AAT bookkeeping qualification takes anywhere from six weeks to six months to complete and will provide you with the basic skills important to many financial roles.

Q.4. Is bookkeeping a good career?

The demand for bookkeepers is high and growing. You have the best chance of getting a job upon completing your qualification. Bookkeepers are wanted everywhere, so if working abroad is your dream, you should consider a career in bookkeeping.

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