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"Future Connect Training offers Accounting Courses in Holloway with Practical Training integrated at each AAT Level. Bridge the Gap between Theory and Practice."

Accounting & Finance Basics: An Overview

Finance and Accounting for Beginners is the ideal course for management staff and Entrepreneurs who want to learn the language of corporate such as; The income statement/profit & loss reports and what to look out for in business the balance sheet and why this vital report is not complicated, meetings, Options for educating extra cash and best practice when making statements.

This description of accounting basics will introduce you to some basic bookkeeping principles, accounting concepts, and bookkeeping terminology. Once you have familiar with most of these terms and ideas, you will feel comfortable navigating features of accounting software.

Some of the basic bookkeeping terms that you will study include revenues, assets, expenses, liabilities, income reports,balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. You will become aware of accounting debits and credits as we show you how to record dealings. You will also see why two basic bookkeeping principles, the revenue credit principle and the matching principle, assure that a company’s income account reports a company’s profitability. We offer practical experience to learn all the aspects of accounting and finance. In this course, you will study how to manage accounts and financial transactions to function a successful business.

Financial Accounting For Beginners:

"Accounting and finance basics," the rules of accounting, including financial accounting, have been standardised to attain the following goals:

Materiality: Exclusion of data from financial statements will mislead economic decision-makers; therefore, all vital data should be recorded and misstatement of facts avoided.

Usability: Users of commercial documents should be able to depend on them—the documents should assist decision-making.

Objectivity: Financial reports should be free from bias, and financial accountants should carefully follow the principle of objectivity.

Comparability: Financial statements should allow users to compare the performances of corporations, and the documents should accompany the morals set internationally.

Accounting Course In Holloway

Objectives Of Accounting And Finance:

The purposes of financial accounting can be put in four categories, as follows: record business transactions as and when they occur (bookkeeping), to enable management to take course-correction strategies if required so that the data can be evaluated for preparing financial statements, compute profit or loss, ascertain the financial strength of the company by defining its assets and liabilities, so that these stakeholders can take suitable decisions on their investments in the business, communicate the information to stakeholders through proclamations and reports.

If you use bookkeeping software to record financial accounting dealings, you can access your record anywhere you want. You can obtain a journal entry form in your accounting software. A journal entry is a documented record of the business transactions in the bookkeeping books of business. An appropriately documented journal entry contains the correct date, amounts to be debited and credited, explanation of the sale and an exclusive reference number.

Accounting and Finance Trainings in Holloway (N7)

Accounting and finance for beginners is the perfect course for Managers and Entrepreneurs who need to get familiar with the language of business rapidly, for example, The Income Statement / Profit & Loss Statement, balance sheet. Not just it, it will tell you the best way to gather business data from your records with the goal that you accomplish more prominent benefits, step by step instructions to make reports that issue, reports that either an entrepreneur or representative can make to manage all aspects of the business better.

Our intensive and specialised course modules will take step by step to accounting and finance, making sure you finish this course confident and ready to tackle the financial world. This course will focus on:

  • The importance of basic bookkeeping practices
  • Keeping and maintaining a business payroll
  • Posting business record and assure everything noted
  • Keeping track of cash
  • Proper bookkeeping training
  • Profit analysis and shareholder balance
  • Describe taxes and preparing your business for an audit (whether internal or external)

The Skills You Will Gain:

Accounts are opening Balance Adjustment, Trial balance analysis & corrections, Month & Year-end Adjustments, Aged debtor & Creditor analysis, Depreciation, Wages Journals, Control Accounts, Clearing Suspense Account, Adjusted Trial balance, Management Accounts, Production of Year-end Accounts.

Benefits That You Will Get From Future Connect

Mixed learning approach with revision based people accessible from home to give you most extreme support in learning; Flexible one to one training sessions will be done, with the option to choose days, timing and courses; Recruitment organisation assist you with job hunting after training; Certification from certified Accounting firm; Specialised one-to-one instructing sessions for CV, Interview planning and Job chasing tips; Installation of software in your workstations for training from home; Covering experience necessary for all significant accounting bodies. The software you will get trained on Sage Line 50, Sage Payroll, XERO, QuickBooks, Advanced Excel.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Aspiring bookkeepers, business/financial analysts, accountants/auditors, equity research analysts, hedge fund analysts, investment bankers, and private equity analysts.
  • Business owners and financiers who want to elevate their skills and better comprehend their business.
  • Accounting professionals and students.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to learn the language of business
  • Managers, Vice Presidents, Directors that want to be taken extremely by their colleagues and bosses
  • Anybody who is scheduling a start-up business

Are There Any Requirements?

There are no formal entries or necessities for this course. We additionally anticipate that the students should have basic knowledge of Accountancy.

Payment method: You can pay the course fees in a number of the following ways Self-funded, Employer-funded, Government-funded, private education loan. We generally have offers available. Speak to us now, and we will give you today’s special. Our offices are based in North London, Harrow and Birmingham where the practical training will be conducted and planning to open a new branch in Holloway (N7)

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