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"Payroll courses in Beddington covering all essentials elements of payroll processes, as well as hands-on experience in using Sage Payroll software."

Payroll Course is ideal for those who are new to payroll that requires training on the essential elements of payroll processing, such as calculating deductions from employee payments. Payroll training courses at Future Connect provides real-life practical experience.

We are based in North London, Harrow & Birmingham, and also we have students from different places like Beddington coming to join our training centre.

The payroll course is perfect for those new to payroll that require training on the fundamental elements of payroll processing, such as calculating deductions from pay. This course provides an excellent working knowledge of the different bookkeeping and payroll methodologies on the software of your choice off our list. Our unique approach of blending the essential theoretical concepts and practical skills give you an enormous competitive advantage in your job quest.

Core aspects of payroll, but also provides a foundational knowledge of functional and irregular points of payroll like court orders, student loans, and processing starters and leavers. Essential skills in interacting with non-payroll internal and external bodies are also covered.

At the end of the training, you will have a sound understanding of payroll and statutory obligations, as well as demonstrate proficiency in manually calculating the gross to net function. Our standard along the duration of the practical training that you will receive is so interesting that we have had students travel from Beddington in Croydon to complete this course.

Our training will cover the following topics

  • Employee Records
  • Payments and Deductions
  • Basic Pension Schemes
  • Pay Elements & Company Reports
  • Statutory Payments
  • Generating Payslips
  • FPS, EPS RTI Submissions
  • Setting up Starters & Leavers
  • P32 and HMRC Submissions
Payroll in Beddington

About Payroll Course with Future Connect Training

This is a great training programme if you want to learn manual and digital payroll. It is a fully flexible and self-paced, suitable for beginners. During the payroll training, you will gain practical experience on how to run a payroll manually, so you get to know the procedures and processes, and then you will learn how to run payroll using Sage. Furthermore, the payroll elements of this course, you'll study Microsoft Excel, a valuable spreadsheet programme widely used in finance and payroll departments.

Payroll Training Courses

Our Payroll training course is one of our ranges of short accountancy courses.

If you have an interest in figures and wish to learn manual and digital payroll, then this practical course is for you. Through studying for this course, you will become confident in popular and in-demand software, including Microsoft Excel and Sage Payroll. It means you'll have all you need to get into the world of payroll; the course will also help secure your interview in a payroll department.

We offer flexible courses that you can start when you like, and fit your studying around your existing home and work commitments. We also provide course advisors on hand to help, if you need additional support

  • Our flexible training which fits around your commitments
  • Our support on the side from our friendly course advisors
  • Get the skills in demand by employers

Aims and Objectives

The objective of payroll programme is to teach you how to run a business payroll both digital and manual so that you can efficiently and effectively put your skills directly into practice in the workplace.

Basic Payroll Training Courses

If you're completely new to payroll, our short payroll courses offer you the opportunity to gain an insight into the operational principles behind the processing of payroll and underlying legislative.

Is this course for you?

This basic course will help you learn the principles behind the processing of company payroll. Basic payroll course is most suited to those who never worked or processed payroll before, and if you're new to this role or looking to work as a Payroll Administrator or Payroll Clerk, this course is ideal for you.

Payroll course acts as a precursor to a digital payroll training course such as Sage Payroll.

Our payroll training is a great short course that can help you get to grips with the general principles of payroll. During the course, you'll start right from the very beginning and understand the role and responsibilities of running a company's payroll and then progress to learning the necessary legislation and regulations you will be required to deal with in the field.

Our payroll training courses are very effective and concise. You will study through the campus of our local training centres.

in this course we offer three lessons covering a range of topics:

Lesson One:

What is meant by payroll; associated roles and responsibilities; information around complying with the requirements of employment status, Real-Time Information (RTI) and employee rights.

Lesson Two:

Employee information necessary to a business, the P45, data protection and starter checklist, the PAYE system, student loans, the structure, National Insurance and content of payslips.

Lesson Three:

Statutory payments including sick pay, paternity, maternity, adoption pay, processing leavers, payroll year-end

On successful completion of payroll training course, you will receive a Future Connect Training certificate. If you wish to progress further, you will be in a great position to further your knowledge by learning how to run payroll using a digital program, such as Sage Payroll.

Sage Payroll Course

From all of our finance courses, our Sage payroll training course is the most popular and the most in-demand. This payroll training course will help you gain the understanding and practical skills you need to use payroll software. Sage payroll courses will prepare you to gain an IAB Level 2 course.

Is this course is for you?

Sage Payroll training course is ideal for those that already work within bookkeeping and accounts, and they have a basic knowledge of manual payroll systems and looking to develop a career in the payroll. The sage payroll training course will teach you with computerised payroll up to a level 2 standard. If you wish to work within accounts or payroll office or an HR department, Sage course would be the best pick for you.

It is an extremely popular software system that is used around the globe. This course helps you to keep up with modern technology and be employable to most companies. It will make you a valuable asset to any company.

This Sage payroll course walks you through best-practice methods of carrying out Payroll processes and payments and HMRC reporting, plus much more.

The Sage payroll training will cover areas such as processing SSP, editing tax codes, producing an annual cost of wages and using advanced payment options. During the course, you'll be kept up-to-date on all of the latest technologies and methods used within Sage 50 Payroll. That gives you the confidence to use it self-assuredly.

Our Training Approach

Our approach to training is entirely practical, and you will be trained by our expert trainers who will make sure that you can call yourself a master of the software upon completion of this course. To ensure that you do not have to catch up on previous lessons we will provide you assignments that need to be completed before your next class so that you can move ahead with the following topic upon evaluation of the assignment.

By the end of the course, trainees are expected to have a sound understanding of payroll and statutory obligations, as well as demonstrate proficiency in manually calculating the gross to net function.

You will have to attend all of your classes at our training centre in London.

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