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"Sage Training course in Elephant and Castle. Build up your skills using popular accounting software Sage with Future Connect, training and job support provided."

If you are looking for Sage Training courses near Elephant and Castle (SE1, SE11, SE17), our Finchley Connect training centre is just thirty minutes away. We provide practical accounting training, using various software, including Sage.

Sage is accounting software used by many accounting firms and businesses. Having experience in using Sage can be an advantage for those looking for accounting job roles. We provide a wide range of Sage course for all levels on accounting, using different types of Sage software.

For every Sage course, you will be given the necessary notes with instructions, and video demonstrations to guide in your learning, as well as our staff, who will be there to support you.

Sage is the most popular accounting software, used by a large number of corporations globally, and it offers a  complete accounts processing package for businesses. It's a perfect piece of software, and to achieve the full advantage of this software package, our Sage courses and training will assist you in analyzing all the critical features.

During sage accounts training courses students will learn how to manipulate supplier's details accurately, process invoices, sales, produce economic reports and manage the enterprise's VAT records through practical, step by step learning. Future Connect Training divided into the course into modules; this means that the nature of this training course doesn't need to be overwhelming.

If you're interested in working as an Accounts Assistant within the Finance Department of a business, or as the accounts team member in a small business, you'll add high cost to a team with these skills. Likewise, if you run your commercial enterprise and need to manage your own business's finances, this route provides you with the gear to be self-enough so that you don't need to depend on an external accountant.

Sage Accounting Courses

Do you want an exciting career in Finance and Accountancy Industry? Starting our Sage 50 Accounting and Bookkeeping course will beautify your career potentials and give you the capabilities and know-how you need to get started in Finance and Accountancy Industry. All our sage accounting courses are AAT Approved. Also, our courses are designed to conform to AAT and Sage certification exams.

Why wait, start a new course for your profession in Accountancy. According to statistics, the average revenue for Accountants is over £50,000. In this sector, the employ-ability price is higher than any other region.

Why Sage 50 Accounts Course

Every business, regardless of how huge or small, is needed legally to 'keep books'. Bookkeepers play a crucial function within organisations. Thus, they make certain accurate facts of individual financial transactions in an orderly, updated and comprehensive method. Sage 50 Accounts Software program is extensively used in numerous business sectors in the UK and internationally.

If you are organised and prefer operating through files and enjoy seeing a hard and fast of figures add up correctly, then bookkeeping or Accountancy with Sage 50 Accounts is the profession for you.

Combine Sage 50 Accounts Training and Practical Experience in Accounting

With the right capabilities and practical experience, you'll be capable of fast tune your profession in Accountancy, and precisely that's where we can fill the gap. Our intensive training courses assist you attaining the capabilities required to fast track your career in professional Accountancy.

If you're searching to gain competency inside the world's most popular bookkeeping software program, the Sage 50 Computerised Accounts direction will train the whole thing you need to know, while supporting you gain an acknowledged qualification. At the give up of the training, you have the option to benefit some practical revel in accounting by joining the elective activity placement. We offer Job Placement when you pick out Sage Training.

  • We are well known for quality
  • Tuition led with the aid of exceedingly expert tutors
  • Free sage accounting guides materials
  • Your CV will stand proud of the crowd
  • State of the artwork classroom
  • Tutorial help via electronic mail and phone
  • Access to IAB Membership and Certificate
  • Free Sage 50 Accounts Software
Sage Training in Elephant Castle

Here are the sage courses available in Future Connect Training

Bookkeeping and VAT: You will be working on three different companies, each with varying types of VAT schemes. You will be given invoices, receipt and bank statements from those companies, which you will be required to record into the Sage 50 Accounts software. You will be taught to carry out bank reconciliation and generate a VAT return. You will also learn how to submit a VAT return to HMRC using the Sage.

Bookkeeping and Payroll: You will be given all employee details which you will have to record into the Sage 50 Payroll software. You will be taught to process payments and leavers. Generate reports and update records. You will learn how Statutory Pays such as Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) are processes. You will be generating reports and submitting FPS (Full Payment Submission) into HMRC using the software.

Accounts Assistant: You will be working on a company which trades goods in Europe, hence will have different currencies. You will learn how to record transactions made in Europe. How EC Sales reports are used to submit VAT for goods purchased in Europe and to submit Intrastat return to HMRC. You will also be taught how to record bank transactions that use different currencies, such as Euro bank accounts and Dollar Bank accounts.

Management: You will gain experience in forecasting and budgeting using Sage 50 Accounts as well as profit and loss.

Final accounts: You will learn about profit and loss accounts, self-assessment and corporate tax. Forecasting and budgeting. During this course, you will gain experience using Sage Production Software.

The job roles you can apply for at the end of our Sage Course:

  • Sales/ Purchase Ledger Clerk
  • Account receivable/Payable Clerk
  • Credit controller
  • Financial controller
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • VAT administrator

After completing the course, you will be able to use Sage effectively. You will also achieve certificates recognised by accountants. We will also provide support in your job search, improve your CV, and guarantee a work placement.

If you would like more information or find out what course would be suitable for you, please contact us, we can book a free consultation. Our training centres in London are located in Harrow and Finchley.

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