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"Sage Payroll course in Colliers Wood , learn all payroll procedures using well know sage payroll software. Develop the skills to find your desired job role."

What is Sage Payroll?

Sage Payroll Training is a cloud-based payroll solution that outfits to small and mid-size businesses across numerous industries, helping them accomplish their payroll operations. Sage Payroll permits users to pay their employees over a direct deposit, pay cards, or company-generated drafts. The solution provides various reports to the users for analysis. Sage Payroll’s types include a report-writer tool, delivered checks, GL export capability, and support from a named devoted payroll expert. Sage Payroll can incorporate with systems such as Sage 50, Sage 100, and QuickBooks. It can also be joined with time and attendance solutions to track PTO, overtime and delay.

Sage Payroll Features

The specific features included with sage payroll depend on the individual plan you select. Sage payroll facilities come in three plan options: sage payroll essentials, sage payroll essentials plus & sage payroll full service.

Sage Payroll Essentials

Sage Payroll Essentials is the simplest plan. Sage shows their payroll software plans on a range of “I want to do payroll for myself” to “I want somebody to do payroll for me.” The Essentials plan falls on the previous end of the spectrum. With this plan, you obtain payroll services through Sage’s cloud platform. This feature requires that you file your taxes yourself.

Moreover, with Sage Payroll Essentials, you can incorporate with your accounting software, including, of course, Sage accounting software. You also can include this payroll platform with software such as payment processing, time management, ACA compliance, and human capital management. At this level, Sage Payroll Services includes complete payroll reporting, access to their customer support team.

Sage Payroll Essentials Plus

Payroll Essentials Plus is the second level that Sage offers for their payroll software. On the spectrum we stated earlier, this plan falls somewhat to the right of the Essentials option. The Essentials Plus plan shields everything included in the Essentials plan, with one major count. Instead of trooping taxes yourself, Sage Payroll Essentials Plus gives you a choice to have it included in your project. As such, tax filing for your corporation in the first three states is covered.

Sage Payroll Full Service

The last Sage Payroll software plan is called Sage Payroll Full Service. With the Full-Service option, Sage will take on the accountability and manual procedures associated with the Essentials & Essentials Plus Plans. In addition to the payroll handling services included in the other plans, with this tier, Sage will file and dispatch your taxes in all states and authorities.

Sage Payroll HCM

Sage Payroll HCM have all the abilities of Sage Payroll Services and increases the tools of a human capital management system— hiring, recruiting, and on-boarding employees. With Sage Payroll HCM, you’ll get access to a career job portal to manage job descriptions & view candidate profiles. You can create and publish jobs to various job searching boards, distribute applications, and creäte reports.

Aims and Objectives

The goal of this course is to capable you to make use of Sage 50 Payroll to do all things you currently do manually, plus much more. It also aids you to record the regulatory data in an organised way; to ensure you’re employed to best practice.

This course conveys you the skills you need to use this popular sage payroll course program to process any businesses payroll assuredly. Broken down into practical modules, this training course is a prevalent and well-expected introduction to moving from manual payment to computerised payroll.

Sage Courses In Colliers Wood

Course Content:

  • Setting up company details
  • Pension and holiday schemes
  • Pay elements
  • Backing up data & restoring data
  • Entering employee details
  • Enter payments set the processing date, update payroll, calculate the cost of wages, and understand the payroll cycle
  • Change an employee’s NI category, enter adjusted payments, extract specific data and pay reimbursements
  • Processing SSP, attachment of earnings order
  • Processing a starter, adding a photo, recording annual leave
  • Processing SMP, SPP, correcting errors, processing a leaver
  • Processing a new employee with/without a P45, using quick SSP
  • Process weekly paid employees, changing tax code, editing company settings, processing a new starter
  • Calculating timesheet information for weekly paid workers and completing a gross pay summary, using advanced pay option
  • Processing end of SMP, dealing with pay for an employee who is dismissed for gross misconduct, produce an annual cost of wages
  • RTI Submission
  • Pension Scheme

Is This Course For You?

This practical SAGE payroll course is excellent for anybody working in bookkeeping and accounting. It’s planned for people who have an understanding of manual payroll systems and a familiarity of payroll principles and constitutional requirements such as PAYE, Statutory Maternity Pay & Sick Pay.

Sage Payroll Course In Colliers Wood

Our sage payroll training is suitable for anyone who is already studying and working within the accounting sector. Sage payroll is an immensely popular software and is used by big and small businesses all around the world. This Payroll course will give you an understanding of the concepts and working of the Sage Payroll software. Also, you will get a basic understanding of the manual payroll systems and how to submit RTI submissions to HMRC.

Individuals who are looking to be self-employed within the sector and want to start running their own practise will find this course to be extremely beneficial and invaluable as a starting platform. Having a certification to prove that you have completed this course will also help get into businesses who wish to start using payroll to process and record all of their payroll data.

Upon the completion of the course, you will have become an expert in using the Sage Payroll software after which you will be able to apply to job roles such as Payroll Administrator, Payroll Clerk, Payroll Advisor, Bookkeeper etc.

All of our course sessions are held at our training centre in Finchley and is located close to the Finchley Central tube station which can be accessed via the High Barnet branch of the Northern Line that serves between Colliers Wood and High Barnet.

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