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"We provide certified Payroll Qualifications in Morden with our integrated accounting training with the use of accountancy software’s like Sage to get work placement."

Payroll Qualifications: Award in Payroll Techniques

Payroll Qualifications is suitable for those wishing to increase, consolidate their payroll knowledge and need to integrate statutory payments. This course designed on the learning content of the payroll centre certificate in basic calculations course and is ideal if you have basic knowledge of current UK payroll practice and are looking to progress your learning. Excel in payroll career and attain a high position in the industry.

Payroll Qualifications: Overview

Whether you are a beginner in accounting and payroll or you are looking to learn office software to improve your knowledge, we at Future Connect provide practical training to meet all your requirements. Our accountancy courses offer practical training on the software of your choice off of our list. All our practical exercises are given using widely used accounting software’s like SAGE, XERO, and QuickBooks, also using MS Excel to record data.

It’s time to build your career.

With the help of this course, you will equip yourself with the skills to perform tasks for several roles within the payroll industry. All of our trainers are CPD Certified professionals who will keep all your targets in mind while you are coaching with real-life situations in an accounting environment.

Who Will Benefit:

This complete payroll qualifications training is also invaluable to accounts & HR staff who have some responsibility for the payroll process as part of their wider remit. As well as a practical overview of the more challenging areas of the UK tax and NI system, you will increase awareness of the responsibilities relating to another rule that affects the overall performance of the payroll function.

What you’ll achieve:

By the end of this course, we will learn to deal with many advanced zones of payroll such as; Statutory leave and pay, payments & deductions from wages including overpayments, Court Orders and Student Loans. Also included is an overview of the influence on the payroll of other legislation, the National Minimum Wage Act, including Working Time Regulations, and the Asylum and the Immigration Act.

Our Training Will Cover The Following Topics:

Payroll qualifications are designed to study this course without taking the final assignments and therefore, not get the certification. This payroll training course covers everything you want to be able to explain precisely how complexed payments and deductions are calculated and reported, handling work and pay and the leaver procedure and overpayments

  • Employee Records
  • Basic Pension Schemes
  • Payments and Deductions
  • Pay Elements & Company Reports
  • Generating Payslips 
  • Statutory Payments
  • FPS, EPS RTI Submissions
  • P32 and HMRC Submissions
  • Setting up Starters & Leavers
Payroll In Morden

What Does A Payroll Manager Do?

A payroll manager runs a payroll department or team accountable for paying wages correctly and on time. Payroll bureau involves managing several units.

Management tasks would involve:

  • Supervising and training the payroll team
  • Advising on tax and pay laws
  • Creating payroll policies and procedures
  • Analysing and reporting on financial data
  • Managing computer software and systems
  • Checking and auditing payroll to make sure regulations are met

Skills You Need:

If you are intent in a career in a company’s payroll department, it’s essential to possess the following traits: Excellent numeracy skills, the integrity and honesty to respect confidential information, Good written and oral communication skills, High quality IT skills, outstanding time management and organisational skills, Exemplary attention to detail and accuracy.

Career Path & Progression

With experience, you could progress to the payroll supervisor / manager.

Payroll Administrator-PA: This role is more or less entry-level in payroll terms and involves computing the hours worked by employees.

Payroll Analyst: In this job, you will do a variety of complicated accounting functions when it comes to formulating, processing, maintaining, confirming and reconciling employee payroll records. You will be asked to make practical decisions when it comes to applying and understanding facts, law, data, policy and procedure.

Payroll Accountant: This role is vital in the development of any successful business. Constant changes in industry rule, legislation, audit controls and amenability mean organisations must ensure their payroll & accounting procedures are in perfect shape. The duties of a payroll accountant may comprise reconciliation & support of payrolls and General Ledger accounts.

Payroll Specialist: This job involves using managerial software to ensure employees are paid the right number of money for specific hours they have worked. As a payroll specialist, we are responsible for confirming the hours worked are accurate, the right payment option is used, and employees are salaried on the correct date.

Payroll Manager: This is a role with high accountability as you must manage the entire payroll section within your organisation. Duties include management and training of your team, offering advice on tax and payment laws, ensuring regulations are met and making payroll policies and procedures.

Future Connect Helps You:

Our Training Approach: Our ultimate target is to make sure that you complete the course in a manner which is satisfying to you as we want you to excel in this course and beyond. This course will make you a competent user of the payroll software, which is something that is in demand within the payroll industry and will increase your chances of finding a better job.

We blend training with revision and tasks that need you will have to do before arriving for your next class to make sure that you never have to catch up previous courses before you move ahead with the training.

After completing the course, you will receive certification to show that you have received practical training along with CPD and IAB certifications. These certifications will add value to your profile within the accounting industry.

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