Accounting Placements in London

"Accounting work experience is essential for job placements and gaining membership of accounting bodies. Practical accountancy training makes you job ready."

Accounting Work Experience in London

Accounting qualification like ACCA, AAT are academic in nature. You have to have practical accounting work experience to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The accounting work experience is essential in becoming the member of these accounting bodies. Future Connect Training has integrated accounting experience in all the trainings, we aim to give candidates not only the theoretical but also the practical knowledge as well.

Accounting Work Experience in London

Accounting Work Experience

The work placement is important for accounting students who lack practical work experience. It is similar to an internship in accounting. It fills out the difference between academic/vocational qualification and actual learning or dealing with possible issues.

If you’re on the search for an accounting internship, you’ll find a high amount of opportunities in the capital. London is the financial centre of Europe, and Brexit-aside will continue to be home to the more of employers offering accounting work placement in the UK.

All the big banks, professional services entities and government institutions have a significant presence in the capital. On the flip side, that means competition for accounting placements and internship is intense, despite the number of works available. So it’s best to begin applying early - aim to get your applications for summer accounting internships in London sent off between September and November. In the meantime, our guide to course in London will tell you many things about the ins and outs of doing internship in London.

There are tons of opportunities in outer London, if big city life isn’t your vibe. Most companies have regional offices, and smaller, local accounting companies also take on students seeking work experience.

Who do we help out?

ACCA individuals/Affiliates, AAT students/Finalists, University Accounting Students & graduates and even accounting professionals from EU, Asia and Africa to gain hands-on practical work experience which has backed to boost their accountancy work prospects and used many of them get accounting jobs. The job placement opportunity is given in association with Future connect Certified Accountants and other partner firms. If you’re at the very starting of your journey towards professional accountancy, you may be able to get some experience shadowing staff at accounting companies, or within finance fields at organisations.

Start by researching and identifying companies or businesses you could get in touch with, and seeking contacts. With smaller business, you could get in touch directly with heads of finance fields, while in larger companies you might get a better response from human resources. You can then message these contacts, stating that you’re looking to gain work experience in the sector, and explaining how this will contribute to your long-term goals.

Just when you are applying for a work, take care to show a specific interest in the organisation, and don’t forget to sell yourself; after all, work experience is a two-way street, and you are unlikely to be give experience unless you have something to give in return. Think about the kinds of work you could sort out with, and how your traits and strengths could help things run more smoothly for the field. For example, do you have excellent organisational abilities or a proven knack with figures?

Follow up with messages and phone calls after a few days, as some of your contacts might be happy to take up your offer, but have been too busy to respond.

Who’s Eligible for placement?

As part of our aid to individuals who attend the Practical Accounting Training, we offer the Accounting Work Placement, providing practical accounting work experience (Online) from London based Firm to help cooperate what you have learnt from the course.

During the accounting work experience, you will take the role of an assistant accountant and working on live client accounts.

You will be included in accountancy duties including: -

  • Purchase ledgers, Nominal ledgers and Sales
  • Bank reconciliation, Adjustments, and Journals
  • Creating of Profit & Loss, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet,
  • Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Taxation including VAT
  • Setting up and managing Excel spreadsheets,
  • Setting up new staff statements and running payroll,
  • Accounting and general admin tasks.
Accounting Work Experience in London

How Does placement Work?

Throughout the Job Placement, you would be given the role of an Accounts Assistant placed under our sister company Future Connect Certified Accountants. You will be able to finish the Job Placement remotely where you will be offered the 2-3 client’s data online to work on with, and you can also present your work by email to the main supervisor.

Once you completed the Job Placement, you can include that experience in your CV to help increase chance of getting your job prospects and overtake the competition. You may also help this experience in your PER needed by some professional accounting bodies.

Accounting placement involves a year-long stay with an accounting company, typically during your second year of school. As a placement individual, you’ll contribute to the business, get included in key projects and work on accounts - just like a fully-completed accountant.

At the end of your internship, you will have built a lifelong connections of industry contacts AND required the very skills future employers will be observing for (e.g. resilience, critical thinking and business acumen), BEFORE you even complete your course.

Plus, if you dazzle during your term there, it’s likely your employer will give you a proper graduate accounting work at the end. So it will be easy in your final stage, safe in the knowledge that you have a job waiting for you.

Terms and Conditions

  1. In terms, Job Placement is also referred to as Internship and work Placement
  2. All the accounting work placements are not paid and are available to provide practical experience in accountancy.
  3. The minimum time needed is 4 hours a week remotely.
  4. The work placement opportunity is only available to people who have attended applicable training sessions with Future Connect.
  5. Candidates have to start the work placement within two weeks of completion of the relevant training
  6. We are happy to provide a reference on the successful completion of the work placement.
  7. Candidates must provide two referees before the start of the work Placement.
  8. The Job placement is voluntary service provided by Future Connect, in no way it has any monetary value.
  9. Future connects reserves the right to stop providing this service without any further notice and any compensation to any parties.
  10. And Future Connect does not charge any fees for the job placement, and it is not a compulsory part of any training services it provides.
  11. Future Connect reserves the right to change the terms of the Job Placement at any time without giving any advance notice; therefore, it is the candidate’s responsibility to check for any changes in the terms and conditions regularly.

Needed experience from other roles

If you’re looking to make a future change into accounting, you may find you already have lots of significant experience. Many of the abilities required in accounting can be gained through roles that entail administrative and management duties, for example. If you’ve held a senior position in a different sector, you’ve likely been responsible for a budget, which is a good thing when applying for accounting jobs.

Something you have to gain in other jobs, and which is a requirement for most accounting jobs, is experienced working to deadlines. Whether it’s running major time-limited projects or completing small tasks within given time limits, you can relate your organisational and time-keeping abilities to your potential to excel in accounts.

Similarly, you probably already have some experience with problem-resolving. Perhaps you’ve attained this in a previous job that involved making sense of complex information or resolving issues. Maybe you have even solved issues as part of personal projects. This could give an impress potential employer, as accountants need to address financial challenges, as well as simply report on numbers.

You will find it easier to attain work experience in accounting when you have started to gain significant qualifications. The AAT Qualification is ideal for those with little previous information, as it takes you right from the basics at level 2, to advanced concepts at level 4. To find out more, get in touch below.

Main Accounting Jobs

Finding a job in the accounting department is a smart decision. Accounting is a department that will always be in demand, and it is a field or department that you can continue to grow and move up inside your entity. There are so many different jobs you can find in the accounting field. Careers in accounting can range from entry-level positions to executive level. Accounting future information for each career path listed below can be found in detail. Chose the accounting future you are most interested in; learn what it entails, what education you may need and the salary you can potentially earn

Accounting salaries can differ significantly based on your position in the accounting department. You can-do entry-level work, such as an accounting clerk or assistant accountant, and make an average salary from $30-$40,000 a annually. Working your way up through the accounting field takes time and ability, but as you do so, your salary should go high. Moving up to accounting managers you can easily earn $100,000 or more a year.

It is essential to understand what it involves to be an Accountant. A list of a few roles you can expect to take on if you decide to start a career as an Accountant is given below. 

  • Accounts Assistant
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Finance Manager
  • Credit Controller
  • Financial Accountant
  • Management Accountant
  • Auditor (External/Internal)