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Social Media Marketing Course

  • 3 Months
  • 25 Sessions
  • 72 Hours

In the fast-paced evolution of Digital Marketing, the function of Social Media Marketing is important. Traditional marketing remains in today's world, but marketers are focusing on this cutting-edge medium to engage with their target market. The training comes with pratical insights and live client work to equip you with real life experience required for your dream job.

Course Overview

Social Media Marketing is one of the most advanced and engaging ways to build a brand with a small marketing budget. Since the internet’s inception, companies have been using it to market themselves. Communication, organisation, creativity, and data analysis are all skills that social media training may help with. In each period, marketing methods have been altered to reflect customers' technology.

Many consumers learn about businesses through social media news feeds. More than 9 million companies utilise social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others to communicate with customers. It is referred to as digital marketing nowadays.

You'll be able to tune your advertising for higher conversions and engagement while lowering PPC/CPC/CPA expenditures. You'll be able to create and implement any SMM ad, social media, and internet marketing strategy that we use for our clients! You'll be able to boost the number of likes on your Page, the number of followers on your account, and the amount of interaction on your posts.

Join this course right now to discover how to use the power of social media marketing to push your business, product, service, or public figure to the next level!

Suitable For

This course is suitable for

Anyone who wants to master the most cost-effective and highly targeted advertising tactics available online!

New or experienced marketers are interested in building advertising across all social media platforms!


Influencers, bloggers, celebrities, and public figures

Employees in Social Media Marketing


Certified SMO Professional

Certified SMM Professional

CPD Certificate

Work Experience

Course Modules

Marketing Fundamentals

Please refer to our Complete SEO Course for module details.

Social Media Marketing Fundamentals

When you initially establish a Page, you're asked whether you're a company or a brand, a community or a public person. Visitors will notice these categories in the About area of your Page, and you will learn how they assist people in locating your Page.

We'll guide you through the full process of creating your first ad campaign in Facebook Ads Manager in this chapter of our Beginner's Guide to Facebook Ads. Your ad campaigns are created and coordinated through the Ads Manager.

You'll learn how to establish a Facebook business account in this course. The lesson is geared for beginners and covers the fundamentals of getting your Page up and running. You'll discover how quick and simple it is to build a page.

You will receive an email or notification that you may now utilise Facebook Shops before starting your business. Businesses with a linked Facebook Page shop and an Instagram profile may be eligible for a combined storefront on both platforms.

The tools you need to properly post, monetise, measure performance and communicate with followers are all in one location with Creator Studio. With these core courses, you'll learn how to make the most of what Creator Studio has to offer.

We'll teach you through all you need to know about creating winning Facebook Traffic Ads that are laser-focused on your ideal customer. We're also offering you some strong tools to assist you to boost your marketing efforts across the board, in addition to my secret Facebook Traffic Ads techniques.

This training route focuses on Facebook campaign reporting and analytics fundamentals. Reporting against company objectives, examples of effective measurement, and how to relate campaign insights to reporting are all covered.

You will learn what techniques to use to improve your products and services sales using WhatsApp after finishing this course. We guide you on how to correctly set up your Whatsapp profile for your sort of company, how to build your contacts and improve your Whatsapp status views, how to promote on Whatsapp properly.

Our courses are a terrific way to remain up-to-date on Instagram's ever-changing upgrades and best practices if you're looking to improve your professional Instagram talents.

This course will teach you how to use Instagram ads and design your first ad campaign. We're all aware of the value of Instagram marketing. After completing this course, you will be able to grasp the process of designing Instagram ads and get a competitive advantage.

Learn what Instagram is and what makes its community distinctive in this course. Install Instagram and get started. Understand how to establish a presence on Instagram.

Discover how to utilise LinkedIn to expand your design firm. Designers may use LinkedIn to display their qualifications, exhibit their work, and make a strong first impression.

Learn how to use today's greatest tools to create, implement, and assess a winning marketing plan.

This is the course for you if you want to build your brand or establish a channel from the ground up. This course is for anyone who wants to develop their brand with a YouTube channel and create videos.

This course is for those who want to make video content but don't necessarily want to make a short film or a documentary. From inception to completion, students will learn how to create a YouTube video, including how to choose the correct equipment, production accessories, and editing and NLE software foundations.

Marketing Analysis
Please refer to our Complete SEO Course for module details.

Skills You Will Gain

The students will acquire following set of skills after completing this SEO Training Course.

Social Media Management

Hashtag Expert

Instagram Marketing

Facebook Content Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

Brand Management

Content Creation


Marketing Management Tools Expert

YouTube CMS

Inbound Marketing

LinkedIn Management Expert

Career Path

Business Marketing Consultant

Content Marketer

Community Manager

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Manager

Creative Design

Social Media Consulting

Brand Strategist

This course includes:
  • 25 Sessions
  • 72 Hours of Hands-on training
  • Multiple Projects to test your skills upon
  • Online option available
  • Flexible Payment Structure
  • CV and Recruitment Support
  • Learn Marketing Fundamentals
  • Join the leading Industry with over 20 billion Pounds of investment
  • Learn Essential Marketing Tools and Tips & Tricks to viral your content
  • Creative Activities, Lectures and more
  • Masters level Course Content with Hands on Training

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