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Important Update regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19): Online Accounting Courses

Distant Learning (Home Study) and Live Interactive Sessions available via Future Connect Training Online Specialist team

Accounting Courses, Awards, Diplomas, CPD Practical Accountancy Training from Home

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has sent shock waves around the world, and these are the most challenging times in recent history. Cities and towns are put on lockdown, and the very social fabric is being affected. These measures are essential to restrict the growth trajectory of the Virus, but at the same time, it is causing massive disruption in our day to day life. At Future Connect Training, we aim to keep you going, help you take the next steps, make sure you are motivated, and the spirits are high. The leaning and self-development journey you have already started, or planning to start, you will find us on your side. All our Practical Account Training and AAT courses are being delivered online via our state of the art E-portals. We run live interactive sessions to keep your journey as smooth as possible.

What is distance learning?

Future Connect Training's Distance learning option covers all your learning need from the comfort of your home. The time table is flexible, and you enjoy full support from your qualified trainers as you would have in-centre. Unlike other providers, we have dedicated training managers, who speak to you every day and give you feedback and assist you in your leanring to make it more productive,

Live interactive training sessions :

If distance learning is not your thing and you need real-time support. Not a problem, our online interactive sessions are the best option for you. We have a virtual class setup where your trainers are available to answer all your queries real time; you get feedback , knowledge in real-time. Your clients and VAT figures are checked in real-time, and your clients are signed off.

Now, that's real support!

All our courses re-accessed via or online learning platform, the platform manages all your training progression and gives you prompts for the next level of training. Innovation - leadership and customer care is our pride. Our team enjoys to help you. We hope that we will beat this Corona Virus Together and will see it as an opportunity that opens new doors for you, and we look forward to helping you develop your skills and achieve your goals.

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Distance learning is needed in today's world where COVID-19 has restricted physical classes and jobs. We at Future Connect understand that closing of educational institutions is impacting the student’s learning and students seem to worry about their degrees. Therefore, we are offering a distance learning facility through our well-organised and functional online training system.

What are the benefits of distance learning?

You do not have to wait for school opening orders from government

You can apply in the desired course right now and attain qualification in it through our remote training program.

You can apply in your desired institutes in any country

Distance learning provides you the option to learn from any education institution around the world. Students from south asia are at advantage as they can avail the AAT qualification from reputable UK institutions that allow their career progression.

It offers the flexibility of place and time

E-learning is extensively fitting and accommodating as it enables you to learn from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the guiding material is easily accessible all the time, and you can access it whenever you want using your mobile phones or laptops.

It offers technical knowledge and help you to remain updated

Today accounting is based upon cloud-based working and efficient use of technology. Therefore, teaching the students using technology can enhance the outcomes in future. Moreover, we use the recent government legislation of MTD, making tax digital in the latest software version to offer updated knowledge and information.

Which accounting courses are available at online training?

AAT Qualifications

AAT Level Qualifications allow you to learn the basic to advanced concepts and processes in accounting and kick start your accountancy career through foundation certification and make you a professional accountant after an advanced diploma. The courses included in AAT Level Qualification are as follows.

IAB Qualifications

IAB accounting courses consist of two main qualifications: IAB Bookkeeping and IAB Payroll, which further consist of five and three courses respectively.

IAB Bookkeeping Qualification

It includes

Level 1 Award in Computerised Accounting

Level 2 certificate in Computerised Bookkeeping

Level 2 certificate in Computerised Accounting

Level 3 certificate in Computerised Bookkeeping

Level 3 Certificate in Computerised Accounting

IAB Payroll

It includes

Level 1 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Payroll

Level 2 Award in Payroll and Business

Level 3 Award in Payroll and Business

Short Courses

Moreover, short accounting training courses are also available at Future Connect.

Audit Training Courses

Payroll training program

You can choose any course depending upon your needs.

Recruitment opportunities

Future Connect Recruitment agency also offers you opportunities to get hired by high paying industries. The services available include

Professional CV building

Training for job interviews with a recruiter

Connecting you with best hiring officers

Ensuring your employment based on your skills and qualification

Fully-funded scholarship

Check out the eligibility criteria for the fully sponsored scholarship and avail yourself the opportunity to learn free of cost accounting courses and develop the required skills for boosting your career.

Remote assessment facility

We have a remote assessment facility with remote invigilation for AAT assessments. You do not have to go to secure accounting assessment centres and can sit your next assessment at home.

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