How to become Financial Controller?

How to become Financial Controller?

What is a Financial Controller?

Financial Controllers are involved with the day to day transactions happening in the business, which will then be updated to the senior finance officers. These roles are found in larger companies where they will require more people working in the Finance Department.

The financial controller is a management executive who looks at preparing financial statements and ensures needful data from the financial reports. The financial controller is one of the most senior-level executives in the company. Their responsibility is to manage all the accounting and finance, preparation of profit and loss account, balance sheet, income statement etc. They need to assist with the financial forecast of the company.

What is a Financial Controller's job role?

The job role of a Financial controller will depend upon the size of the company. Generally, they are the head of the finance and accounts department. They are responsible for managing the accounts and finance of the company. Their job roles are below.

  • Preparing financial reports.
  • Analysing financial data.
  • Monitoring internal controls.
  • Overseeing and preparing income statements.
  • Participating in budgeting processes.
  • Managing financial transactions.
  • Streamlining accounting functions and operations.
  • Developing plans for financial growth.
  • Evaluating and managing risk.
  • Coordinating audit processes.

What skills are required for the role of Financial Controller?

The financial controller is the person who helps the company to survive the crisis; they help to maintain the strategic lines of the company. The skills will vary according to the company's needs, but social and communication skills are mainly needed. The main skills for a financial controller are listed below.

  • Attention to detail
  • Teamwork
  • Administration
  • Mathematics
  • Knowledge on Computerised Accounting
  • Business Knowledge
  • Time Management
  • Proven experience in finance management
  • Verbal & Oral Communication skills
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Auditing experience
  • Compliance oriented
  • Analytical skills

How to become a Financial Controller?

If you don't have a degree, you can also become a financial controller by accounting qualification. After that, you need to start building up the experience as an accountant or in a position in finance; gradually, you can build up your career to the financial controller. The accounting qualifications for becoming a financial controller are listed below.

  • Degree in Business and Finance or Accounting. AAT level 2,3, or 4 in Accounting.
  • NVQ levels 2, 3 and 4 in Accounting.
  • AAT Accounting Qualification at Foundation, Intermediate and Technician levels.
  • IAB Level 3 Diploma in Accounting and Advanced Bookkeeping.
  • IAB Level 3 Diploma in Small Business Financial Management.
  • Once you have completed these accounting and finance courses, you can become a financial controller.

What is the salary of a Financial Controller?

Salary for this job role depends on the type of industry and the sector's size, so that is not a fixed number. Generally, the minimum wage in the UK will be £29,000, and the average person for this role will earn around £59785. The more experienced you are, you can earn up to £70,000.

How can Future Connect Training help?

Future Connect Training will help you to gain experience in Customised Accountancy Courses to ensure that you can become a Financial Controller such as:

  • Accounts opening Balance Adjustments
  • Trial balance analysis & corrections
  • Month & Year-end Adjustments
  • Depreciation, Wages Journals
  • Control Accounts
  • Clearing Suspense Account
  • Adjusted Trial balance
  • Aged debtor & Creditor analysis
  • Production of Year-end Accounts

We provide theoretical and practical classes that help you understand the link between the knowledge you got from the theory and the suitable working environment. It will help you know about the real accounting practises which allows you to get better jobs and career growth.


What is a financial controller?

They are the person who is charged with overseeing the bookkeeping and process the reporting of the company.

What does a financial controller do?

Their key jobs are business budgeting, accounts, auditing and payroll. They are persons who are reporting to the heads regarding these.

What are the advantages of becoming a finance credit controller?

They conduct the company's financial analysis, maintain a sufficient level of capital in the business, are proper financial controllers of the company, and increase the company's productivity.

What are the duties of a financial controller?

They are the finance directors second in command. They are the persons who are responsible for the quarterly, annually and monthly financial reporting. And also, they manage the company's transactions, payroll, control accounts etc.

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