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The article helps you to navigate through the Sage Practical Training delivered online or in London, Manchester or Birmingham offices of Future Connect. There are some Free Sage training options available as well. Even if you do the SAGE 50 courses online or in our office locations, you are given access to Sage tutorials and material is very well designed.

Sage FAQs

There is several software used in accounting field globally like Sage 50 Accounts, Quickbooks, Tally ERP, SAP ERP, GNU Cash etc. As a beginner, there will be a lot of doubts and urge to know about accounting software. This is the platform to clear the doubts and prejudices about Sage 50 Accounts. Here are some frequently asked questions mentioned below.

Sage Practical Training

1. What is Sage 50 Accounts?

Sage 50 Accounts is the most favoured bookkeeping programming for small and medium-sized organizations, created by Sage Group. This Computer program could be a market leader in bookkeeping and utilized within the UK and universally. The Sage 50 accounting software not only covers total bookkeeping capabilities but moreover goes past to incorporate basic business plans as well. Sage accounts Payroll can perform quicker processing and has specific functions and can be used by up to 40 employees. Its features are advanced accounting tools like stock/inventory management and module level security. Also, you can add options for payroll services and credit card processing to control your finances.

2. Why Sage 50 Accounting Course?

Run your business more proficiently with a time-saving in-depth arrangement to oversee your bookkeeping, invoicing, cash-flow, stock, taxes, and so much more. Sage 50 Accounts consistently combines the control and efficiency of a trusted desktop Software, with secure online get to and Microsoft Office 365 integration.

Regardless how large your business is, you have to keep your records of the company. Here the bookkeepers are playing a crucial role in your firm. If you have to be a bookkeeper, this Sage 50 Accounting software helps you to reach out your satisfaction on your profession. By gaining the knowledge of accounting, can efficiently handle the records and data of the company to meet the requirement of a bookkeeper.

3. Who is it for Sage 50 Accounts?

The Sage 50 Accounts is an accounting software which is currently used widely around the world. This Accounting Software is suitable for the business regardless of its size and nature. And also, The sage 50 course is reasonable for individuals who are considering around beginning up their own business or who are at present maintaining their own business also who considering almost changing from a manual to a computerised Bookkeeping framework and who are looking to move forward their career prospects

4. How many Levels for Sage 50 Accounts, which are they?

For Sage 50 Accounts Training has categorized into three levels based on its complexity and chapters. The levels and chapters included are mentioned below

Level - 1 Sage 50 Accounts as a Beginner

Sage 50 Accounts Beginners course aims to develop the skills for you to be able to provide up to date and accurate data to Management, in a proper way for your business. The sage 50 Accounts for beginners deals with

  • Sage 50 Accounts Program Basics
  • Creating Account names, Numbers and Bank Payments
  • Financial transactions
  • Bank Reconciliation and statements
  • Generating Customer invoices
  • Monitoring Customer Activities
  • Generating Product Invoice and Credit Note
  • Compiling and Sending Customer's Statements
  • Creating Purchase Invoices and Customer Receipts
  • Payments with Suppliers
  • Managing Recurring Data
  • Generating Reports and Information's
  • Dealing with the Active Set-Up Wizard
  • Value Added Tax Changes.

Level – 2 Sage 50 Accounts Intermediate

Level 2 Training course for Sage 50 Accounts is an intermediate level of Sage 50 Computerized Accounting, focus on providing the skills for you to deliver in the organization. This level deals with these sage main functions such as

  • Overview of the Sage 50 Accounts program
  • preparing and printing trial balance
  • Entering opening balances
  • Generating records of customer
  • Creating records of the supplier
  • Setting up liabilities, capital balances and opening assets
  • Checking data and information
  • Dealing with supplier invoices
  • Posting error corrections and altering records
  • Invoicing, preparing customer letters,
  • Entering new products and checking communication timeline
  • Audit trails, correcting basic errors, reconciling creditors and debtors
  • Producing banking statements and payments
  • Processing the purchase credit notes
  • Verifying the Audit Trails
  • processing purchase orders and sales orders

Level – 3 Sage 50 Accounts Final

Level 3 is intended to give people further developed information on accounting and Sage 50 Accounts. In addition, it is proposed for people who as of now, have decent working information on Sage 50 Accounts and wish to promote their examinations. It is likewise expanding on Level 2 however this Course gives the extra information required to set up the records for various kinds of business. The major functions in final course are

  • Developing a Chart of Accounts to Suit Company Requirements
  • Preparation of Sole Trader Accounts
  • Preparation of Trial Balance
  • Dealing with Errors in Trial Balance
  • Disputed Items
  • Use of Journal
  • Prepare and Process Month End Routine
  • Dealing with Contra Entries
  • The Government Gateway and Value Added Tax Returns
  • Provision for Bad Debts and Doubtful Debts
  • Making Decisions with Reports and Records Using Sage
  • Dealing with Prepayments
  • Monitoring Cash Flow
  • Generating forecast Reports
  • Advanced Credit Control
sage 50 Accounts Practical Training

These are the levels of sage 50 Accounts and its major Functions

5. What is the Qualification Required to learn Sage 50 Accounts?

There are no formal qualification requirements for this course. In any case, you must have fundamental IT knowledge to accomplish this course effectively.

6. What qualification gain after completion of Sage 50 Accounts?

After completion of Sage 50 Accounts you will be awarded with certificate of Sage Certification (UK)

7. What is Duration of Sage 50 Accounts course?

Duration of this Sage 50 Accounts Course is depending upon which platform you are choosing for the training program, such as E-learning or Traditional Classroom Based Learning, Normally the Sage 50 Accounts training course has the duration from 6 weeks to 12 weeks of time period.

8. Which are the job roles can apply after completion of Sage 50 Accounts?

There is a lot of Job vacancies are waiting for the clients who has completed the Sage 50 Accounts course here are some of the major job role you can apply after completion of Sage 50 Accounts training. They are

  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Payroll Administration
  • Junior Accountant
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Credit Controller
  • Management Accountant
  • Finance Assistant

9. What are the ways of funding for Sage 50 Accounts?

The Sage 50 Accounting course fee vary on the method of study chosen. You can pay fees in the following ways

  • Self-Funding Method
  • Employer Funded Method
  • Private Loan for Education

10. What are the training options Available?

  • Institutional Classroom
  • Online Training
  • Virtual Learning Campus

These are the training options available for Sage 50 Accounts Training .

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