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Payroll Management Course

"CPD Approved Payroll Management course in Birmingham has modules, interactive quizzes. Useful support service and study materials will build your confidence."

Many things want to be covered when running a successful business. One of the most significant aspects of any business is, of course, payroll management. The members of the industry elaborate in payroll management have exclusive responsibilities to confirm that the business operations can retain momentum. In essence, the payroll management team is at the core of any business.

Payroll Management Course

Payroll Management Course is arranged to ensure an in-depth understanding of payroll, and the complex payroll legislation involved, and also provides payroll management skills including performance, project, time, and work management.

Payroll is a list of staffs that get paid by the firm. Payroll also mentions to the total quantity of money employer salaries to the employees. As a professional cooperate function, it involves:

  1. Establishing organization pay policy, including flexible aids, leave encashment policy, etc.
  2. Outlining pay slip components like variable pay, basic, LTA, and HRA
  3. Collecting other payroll efforts (e.g., BUSINESS’s food seller may supply info about the amount to be mended from the employees for meals spent)
  4. The definite calculation of gross salary, legislative as well as non-statutory deductions, and received at the net pay
  5. Releasing staff salary
  6. Putting dues like TDS, PF, etc. with suitable authorities and filing revenues

Why Invest In This Course?

This course will help you to build confidence and knowledge in payroll, and help prevent penalties and fines for non-compliance.
The work-based project and completed assessments will be provided, which will improve knowledge and upgrade transferable management abilities, profiting your job through improved efficiencies and effectiveness.

What Are Key Objectives Of Course?

Besides the fundamentals, you'll also acquire:

  • To hire and manage fruitful payroll professionals
  • To establish and uphold self-service, direct deposits, and payment card systems
  • Automate payroll system
Payroll Information Process

Who Is This Course For?

  • Who is a beginner to payroll and who wish to obtain the skills and knowledge required of payroll clerks before employment
  • Who have already worked in payroll and have not received a certificate
  • Who want to update their knowledge in payroll
  • Who are willing to acquire the skills to use the Sage software for their company
  • Who wish to hand over a payroll service to their clients

Payroll Management Course Will Cover


  • Figure out the law relating to payroll, employment status, data protection and confidentiality
  • The act for PAYE and National Insurance Contributions (NICs)
  • The Statutory Minimum Wage
  • The needs of the Working Time Directive
  • Pension scheme and the various pension schemes together with the outcome they may have on PAYE and NI deductions
  • Real Time Information (RTI) scheme
  • Deadlines that apply for submitting information to HMRC

Different payments that can make up a workers' gross Pay

  • The right gross Pay for employees who are paid an annual weekly wage, salary, overtime, piecework, hourly Pay, and bonuses including statutory payments when required
  • Statutory payments of maternity, sickness, paternity and adoption Pay
  • Advance holiday pay

National Insurance Contributions

  • Contracted in and contracted out NI contributions
  • NI contributions for a gross pay figure


  • Tax codes
  • Calculate the amount of money that is taxable for an employee with a given tax code and PAYE to be deducted
  • Change in tax code issued by HMRC (Forms P6 and P9)

Statutory deductions

  • Attachment of earnings
  • Student loans


  • NI deductions for Directors
  • NI deductions using the "non-Cumulative."

Benefits in Kind

  • The result Benefits in Kind has on an employee's Pay and their employer's costs for; a company car, private health insurance, private fuel, loan, other common basic benefits assuming all required details are provided and complete
  • Forms P11D, P9D and P11D (b) with more information relating to the benefits and the deadlines for the submission.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

  • The basic principles behind CIS
  • Learn how to make appropriate adjustments to payments to HMRC for CIS tax
  • Fill up a CIS300 form at month-end for a contractor business in the construction industry
  • Fill up a CIS132 form at month-end for a subcontractor business in the construction industry

Different ways that apply to a company running a payroll, including

  • P45, P46, P11 & P60

Payroll Management Training And Certification Course

The Payroll Management Training and Certification course program help beginner and intermediate HR professionals acquire the basic payroll requirements. The Program comprises plain-English explanations of the numerous requirements, methods, and procedures, as well as many examples, managerial tips, and interactive Question and Answer to help deliver valuable vision into passivity requirements.

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Benefits That You Will Get Of Payroll Management Course

  • Free installation of software so that you can revise at home.
  • Open seven days a week and provide full support whenever you need either through phone, email, etc.
  • Provide you with high-quality video and study material
  • Conduct a mock interview to make you ready for the real interviews
  • Prepare a CV and help on job search

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