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"Studying AAT Courses needs hard work and dedication.Once qualified you can enjoy benefits of AAT qualification like good salary and job prospects like our success story."

Learning AAT

Story of our trainee, who has benefited from being an AAT graduate against all odds. A Story of Consistent hardwork!

Studying AAT courses gives you professional knowledge and skills which are very useful in the current economy to run an organization. It improves the standard of competence and helps you to further progress in your career. AAT qualification will be a strong foundation level for the ones who further want progressions in Chartered accountancy bodies.

AAT Qualification

AAT qualification, which is also called as Association of accounting technicians is in very high demand. It is the most recognized UK's prominent professional body for the accounting sector. It has the employees and members across the world, which represents AAT. AAT qualification is valued in the finance and accounting sectors. If you do not hold any experience in any of these sectors, but you can study this qualification.

Certification and Benefits

After completing the AAT qualification, you will become a certified Accounting technician, where you can either start your practice or apply for high roles in an organization. AAT certification is recognized and has the highest standards; it gives the practical and technical qualification which employers look for. After AAT qualification you will be eligible to apply for AAT membership which gives you status and recognitions. It also helps to start your licensed practices.

AAT Courses and Different Levels

  1. Foundation certificate in accounting (Level 2): This is the first level of AAT qualification. This course gives you an overall understanding of financial transactions and bookkeeping. You will be learning about double-entry bookkeeping and various bookkeeping transactions and controls. This foundation certification helps you to have strong basics with the required knowledge and skills. After completing level 2 qualifications, you will be eligible for the AAT level 3 Certification.
  2. Foundation in Accounting and Business (Level 2): Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business certification will help you to gain knowledge and skills in accounting and business. By studying about entering accounting transactions and producing the reports. This qualification will prepare 16-19 years old for junior and entry-level accounting jobs. It covers the fundamentals in finance administration, covering areas such as double-entry bookkeeping, basic costing principles, and business communication skills.
  3. Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3): After completing these foundation and advanced levels, you will be eligible for AATQB, which is AAT qualified Bookkeeper. What is this course and what does it mainly covers are discussed below?

AAT bookkeeping course: This AAT bookkeeping course would be a kick-off for your career in the accounting sector. AAT bookkeeping course has two different certifications they are foundation certificate in bookkeeping (2 exams) and an advanced certificate in bookkeeping (3 exams). After qualifying these 5 exams, you will be eligible for AATQB status. This helps to gain professional recognition, and you can also become a self-employed bookkeeper. So, you can set up your bookkeeping practices.

  1. Professional Diploma in Accounting (Level 4): This is the last and final stage to gain Accounting Technician qualification. By studying AAT level 4 qualifications, you can further continue your career in other professional bodies like ICAEW, CIMA, and ACCA. The advanced professional skills in accountancy will help you to monitor financial performance and budget preparations of an organization.

AAT Membership and Training

AAT qualification could be achieved through proper training. There are many platforms to find the perfect training provider. You can undergo training through online or classroom teaching with professional tutors. AAT also has its approved training providers, so you need to compare all the training providers and ask questions to make sure that they meet your study needs. After completing the course, you can sit for the assessment with the help of your training provider by checking the schedule and dates available. AAT membership helps you to stand out from the regular crowd. As a member of AAT, you will be able to determine the high quality of standards and ethics in accountancy.

Types of membership at AAT is given below.

  1. Student Membership
  2. Affiliate Membership
  3. Bookkeeping membership (AATQB)
  4. MAAT Membership
  5. Fellow membership FMAAT
  6. AAT licensed membership

Learning AAT

AAT at Future Connect

Future Connect training institute is an award-winning training institute for professional training. It is approved by the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) professional body for their excellent training and career advice, which helps the ones who would like to start their career in accountancy or finance sectors. As our motto is to not just help in getting qualification but also giving them the practical experience and career solutions. So, if you are passionate and interested in starting your career in accountancy, then Future Connect Training would be the best choice.

This is the story of our AAT aspirant Mrs Amna Mansoor who completed her level 2 and level 3 AAT qualification and now studying for her final assessment.

After having many responsibilities and children, I had to move back from my Finance role in an organization and had to take care of my family. Later, when my children started going to high school, I got enough time to focus and again restart my career aspiration. After researching for a training provider who will guide and support me till my assessment, I found Future Connect and decided to start my course with them as the online training schedule which was given was convincing.

2 years back, When I was studying for AAT level 2 qualification, I was being interviewed for a job after a couple of rounds, it was down to three applicants. Different candidates were highly qualified in my eyes and on the other hand, are well experienced in that field. The other candidates were more significant pay. However, with my experience and the way I had begun my AAT, I landed the position.

At the beginning of my present organization. I processed with the AAT level 2, 3, and now 4. I saw the prompt advantages of the capabilities. They were agreed to pay for my qualification, and I had a compensation raise. It's been fabulous to benefit scholastically, monetarily, and expertly.

I am adapting such a great amount on level 4, from the board records to estimating. My recommendation to anybody hoping to take AAT qualification with Future Connect, its internet adapting may sure you properly utilize your time and plan accordingly.

So unmistakably the qualifications merit the speculation.