What is AAT? - acquiring an AAT qualification

"The AAT qualification is the best way for becoming a successful Chartered Accountant. AAT Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Accountancy provides you many privileges and exemptions."

AAT is a designation that most companies put trust and confidence in. Professionals prefer AAT qualifications as it proves that you have the practical accounting skills a company requires.

In this article, there's a brief description of AAT and AAT qualifications are given. AAT levels and career path is explained briefly. This helps account-related professionals and students to learn about it and choose the best.

AAT Qualification

What is AAT and AAT qualification?

AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians). It is one of the finest and most standard accounting qualifications of all. AAT, headquarter is headquartered in London.

It was found in the year 1980. It's a membership-based organization that offers finance and accounting qualifications based worldwide.

AAT professionals are equipped with skills that can aid them to secure high-level positions in top organizations/companies or manage their firms. This membership supports all its members to:

  • Follow with rules and regulations of AAT
  • Keeping skills and capabilities up to date
  • AAT is crucial for people, businesses and organizations and public sectors as well
  • Put forward a higher standard of qualifications
  • Advocate the expertise of professionals and spread awareness about the AAT accounting qualifications
  • Offer coaching and proficient evolution to aid professionals
What Is AAT Qualification

AAT Levels:

AAT is one of the highest recognized and approved accounting qualifications. It comprises three levels:- Foundation/basic, Advanced, and Professional, each of which takes a while to accomplish. AAT Level 1 is the initial or beginner level, and no exams are needed. You can start AAT Level 2 without appearing in AAT Level 1, given that you have the required numerical skills.

AAT level 2:

The AAT Level 2 Certificate will convey you a complete introduction to the foundational essence of accounting. You will learn how to work with manual and computerized accounting systems like Xero, Sage and Payroll, Quickbooks software.

AAT level 3:

The Advanced Diploma establishes your understanding added at Foundation Certificate in Accounting Level 2.AAT Level 3 Diploma is the advanced level of the AAT Qualification, taking you one step closer to full Accounting professional status. The qualification is appropriate for those who are junior or just beginners in the accounting role.

AAT level 4:

The AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting is the most developed and advanced level on the AAT qualification path. It covers different types of professional accounting jobs and roles, from managing budgets to drafting financial reports. You will also be able to concentrate on areas such as auditing, tax and credit control. Once you've achieved the Professional Diploma, you will be fully qualified as an account specialist.

Level 2:- Foundation certificate

  • Basic for beginners
  • Salary : $25,000
  • Pace into level:3

Level 3:- Advanced diploma

  • Middle-level qualification
  • Career path for the employment
  • Salary : $26,000
  • Pace into level:4

Level 4:– Professional diploma

  • Advanced level qualification
  • Ways for earning High salary rates
  • The way towards development and improvement
  • Salary : $29,000
  • Comprehend essential skills
  • High-level skills
  • Attain AAT membership


Have a look at the comparison between AAT v/s ACCA:-


  • AAT is reflected to be the first pace towards becoming a chartered accountant
  • AAT is a qualification of practical level
  • AAT offers three accounting qualifications
  • Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2)
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3)
  • Professional Diploma for Accounting (Level 4)
  • Having or gaining work experience is non-compulsory in AAT qualifications; however, it is compulsory to chase the level4 course.
  • First, You should complete AAT and then earn your ACCA membership


  • ACCA is an advanced or high-level qualification for professionals or high-level experts who at the moment are accountants
  • ACCA is a qualification of professional and experts level
  • ACCA has a total of fourteen exams and a much larger syllabus book
  • ACCA requires a minimum of 36 months of relevant work experience
  • ACCA is the next step or advanced level of qualification for the further

How to acquire an AAT qualification?

AAT Qualifications cover highly sought-after accounting and finance skills at the heart of every business. Practical qualifications to meet the demands of economics roles across all industries at all levels.

AAT Accounting Qualifications

We provide four AAT qualifications, which have a specific duration between 6 and 18 months to complete. These qualifications provide training for various finance and accounting roles and are respected by professionals and experts globally.

  • Foundation Diploma in Accountancy and Business (Level 2)
  • Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2)
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3)
  • Professional Diploma in Accounting (Level 4)

Qualifications for AAT Bookkeeping

AAT bookkeeping qualifications, each level of qualification, takes just six to twelve weeks to accomplish. These qualifications give training for a broad range of bookkeeping roles and rights and are respected by professionals worldwide.

  • Access Award in Bookkeeping (Level 1)
  • Access Award in Accounting Software (Level 1)
  • Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 2)
  • Foundation Award in Accounting Software (Level 2)
  • Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 3)

Qualification for Business skills

Certificated with the Business Skills qualification, it is aimed to give you the wider expertise required in every business. This is a foundation-level qualification for those who are taking their first step into work.

This qualification is perfect for freshers, beginners and those taking their first step towards their career path. As well as covering the foundation bookkeeping techniques and principles, you'll gain a broader and deep understanding of the business activities.

Equivalency of AAT Qualification

AAT Qualification is equivalent to or comparable to technical accounting level qualification.

  • AAT Level 2 has compatibility to GCSE
  • AAT Level 3 has compatibility to two A Levels
  • AAT Level 4 has compatibility to QCF Level 4 qualification

Future Career Pathways:

AAT accounting qualifications are recognized internationally and offer strong job opportunities in a range of industries. Once you are AAT qualified, then you could earn up to £38,000 in a year.

Careers options in AAT Level 2:

After achieving AAT level 2, you can become:

  • Accounts Administrator
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Trainee Accounting Technician
  • Accounts Payable Clerk

Careers options in AAT Level 3:

After successful completion of AAT level 3, you can be:

  • Finance Assistant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Credit Controller
  • Audit Trainee

Careers options in AAT Level 4:

After achievement of AAT level 4, you can be:

  • Tax Supervisor
  • Payroll Manager
  • Commercial Analyst
  • Senior Finance Officer

Advantages of achieving an AAT qualification

If you're looking to work in the field of accounting, AAT could be the best option. By learning the basics and foundation of accountancy with an organization/industry-recognized qualification, you'll have all the capabilities you require to begin your own bookkeeping business or career.

Additional advantages of studying AAT qualification include:

  • You could utilize your internationally recognized qualification to work worldwide
  • You'll obtain professional skills that are useful in every area
  • You could also become a Chartered Accountant- CA with further qualifications