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"Sage 50 Accounts Stage a Classroom Training Course. The sage line 50 training is opposite for those with a basic understanding of Sage 50 Accounts. This training will help you to understand its core operations of Sage 50 Accounts."

Future Connect Training provides sage training. This is the opposite for those with a basic understanding of course. This sage line 50 training will help you to understand its core operations of this software. Some of the key topics include processing invoices, credit notes and payments, managing the sales ledger, posting bank payments and receipts, error correction and protecting your data.

What is Sage?

Sage Line50 Training

This is shapes and sizes to help them activate. This qualification will demonstrate you have the skills one of the world’s most accepted accounting software. It is used by businesses of all and expertise to work with Sage software.

Sage Qualifications

Our courses use suspiciously crafted learning equipment and evaluation techniques. Completing this courses award you qualificationswhich confirm your awareness and understanding of the extensively used this software package. During training to become a bookkeeper, payroll administrator or Accountant, many people take the educational way of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or ACCA training and association. While these give an exact knowledge of the imaginary side of accounting, they provide little sensible skill.

To increase one of our qualifications we put the theory into practice, working through a sequence of movements which allow you to become recognizable with how to use Sage for a diversity of real-life business situations, representative a range of standard business transactions, tax system, and reporting, showing how the theory relates to real life. Our ground-breaking training programs allow you to become well-known with sage and corroborate your understanding of the secretarial principles. Our qualifications show possible employers that you have the skills and knowledge they are looking for.

As an awarding organization Future Connect Training and Recruitment are documented by the government and specialized accounting bodies; these sage qualifications are valid throughout the UK. Since these courses are accredited, your professional experience will always be documented. Accounting Qualifications cover the range of technical and occupational qualifications which get together the standards for sage courses. These qualifications substantiate an understanding of the extensively used this software, created by the United Kingdom’s leading accounting software.

The Foundation (level 4) course| is perfect for any individual who has attended an introductory class in Sage and is keen to appreciate how this functions with bookkeeping standards and become well-known with Sage a business environment. The course includes following units that encompass:

  • How to make full use of the software?
  • Cash, bank and budget control
  • Management and proportional reporting

You can become Sage certified in 2 main areas:

Sage 50 Accounts: Gaining this Certification will show your information with the software. You will learn each and everything you require to know about invoicing, suppliers, running your cash flow, banking and VAT. So you will become fully capable in all areas of accounts.

Sage 50 Payroll: Studying Sage Payroll will confirm your knowledge in one of the most accepted payroll software solutions in the world. As well as this, you will appreciate how to evidence and process employees’ salaries and run computerized calculations.

Sage has collaborated with several Accounting and Bookkeeping donation Bodies, and more than a few Universities to expand a series of countrywide recognized and keeping pace knowledge in Computerized Accounting and Payroll.

This project supports learner and businesses by giving practical skills and representative how, when used capably, computerized software adds real value to a business, and increases business self-assurance in critical choice making shaped based on exact data. The courses let the learner practice sending the mandatory returns required by HMRC when running a business and explains the importance of timely data submission as well as simplifying the processes.

  • Sage’s unique qualifications and online self-study learning materials include essential finance, suitable for all learners to give essential finance skills in money and accounting management and industry specific qualifications such as CIS taxation.
  • The qualifications and courses mean that for the first time, a person’s skill at using Sage Accounting and Payroll software can be officially benchmarked, with an accredited certification which proves competency.
Sage Line50 Understand Project Closure

In this training everything, you need to know how Microsoft Office can participate with Sage 50 Accounts. It includes dynamically linking spreadsheets in Excel, running mail merges in Word and creating live links to PowerPoint productions.

Sage line 50 course enables to get setup and running with your Sage 50 Accounts software. You will cover the connection and the arrangement of your business. You will also make corrections and perform maintenance tasks.

In Sage line 50 Training you can learn

  • In Sage 50 lines you can update the live link between the query and Sage 50 Accounts using the refresh option.
  • Understand how to add both single and many calculations to a question then return the data to Microsoft Excel and format the cells.
  • Be able to run a mail join within Microsoft Word to link the data in Sage 50 Accounts to a Word document.
  • You can learn how to create labeled envelopes from the names and addresses this sofware Understand how to use the statement within Microsoft Word.
  • Be able to handle multiple tables within Microsoft Excel and join the tables together.
Sage Line50 Handle Multiple Tables
  • Know how to use the cycle through totals option in Microsoft Query .
  • Know how to create pivot tables and charts to dynamically interrogate the Sage 50 Accounting data.
  • Know how to add criteria to select specific data from this software
  • Understand the system procedure for Sage 50 Accounts and navigate around your software.
  • Know how to deal with the setup of your company information as well as your nominal, bank, customer and supplier accounts.
  • Have had a basic introduction to the Open Database Connectivity driver.
  • Be able to run a mail merge within Sage 50 Accounts to a Word document.
  • Be aware of your chart of accounts and how to tailor this to help you extract information that is relevant to your business.
  • Be familiar with Project Costing and understand how to configure the module.
  • Be able to set up Cost Types and Cost Code.
  • Understand how to assign invoices and bank payments to projects.
  • Be prepared to record committed costs.
  • You can understand the concept and use of resources, project charges and credits.
  • Familiar with project reporting, activity and on-screen enquiries.
  • Understand Billing and Project closure.
  • You can learn to create and enter Project Records and Sub-Projects.

Advantages of gaining a Sage qualification

  • Prove your skills in this software
  • enhance your earning potential
  • grow global recognition
  • Stand out to employers
  • extensive range of career paths you can go into

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