Introduction to Levels of Sage 50 Accounts

"Sage Courses has different levels from beginner to advance. Future Connect can help you to find the right mix for your training needs."

'Sage 50 Accounts' is a popular accounting software developed by Sage Group for businesses which are small and medium in their sizes. Sage 50 Accounts extends a person to professional experience in the accountancy field. Sage 50 Accounts Training with Future Connect Training and Recruitment will open the door to your career as a highly qualified accountant. Every professional who has qualified with Sage 50 accounts has a lot of opportunities in the current market. The Sage 50 Accounts mainly Classified into three levels based on its complexity,

Introduction to Levels of Sage 50 Accounts

Levels of Sage 50 Accounts

  • Level 1 – Sage 50 Accounts Course for the Beginners
  • Level 2 – Sage 50 Accounts Course Intermediate
  • Level 3 – Sage 50 Accounts Final

And, Future Connect Training and Development provides a fast track Training on Sage 50 Accounts from Level 1–3.

  • Sage 50 Fast Track Level 1-3

Level 1 Sage 50 Accounts for Beginner

As a beginner, Sage 50 Accounts training is one of the significant accounting software currently available in the market. Sage 50 Accounts training will lead you to a highly qualified accountant. There are a lot of vacancies and opportunities for the individuals who completed the Sage 50 Accounting course.

Sage 50 Accounts Beginners course aims to develop the skills for you to be able to provide up to date and accurate data to Management, in a proper way for your business.

Any business, regardless of how small or large, is required by law to keep books. Bookkeepers must play a significant role in the company.

Moreover, if you like working through documents and happy to be seeing a set of figures and data add up correctly, then bookkeeping is one of the career options for you.

Sage 50 Accounts Beginner Chapter

Sage 50 Accounts for beginners deals with the following subjects and chapters such as

  • Deals with Sage 50 Accounts Program Basics
  • Creating Account names, Numbers and Bank Payments
  • Financial transactions
  • Bank Reconciliation and statements
  • Generating Customer invoices
  • Monitoring Customer Activities
  • Generating Product Invoice and Credit Note
  • Compiling and Sending Customer's Statements
  • Creating Purchase Invoices and Customer Receipts
  • Payments with Suppliers
  • Managing Recurring Data
  • Generating Reports and Information's
  • Dealing with the Active Set-Up Wizard
  • Value Added Tax Changes.

Level 2 Sage 50 Accounts Intermediate

Level 2 Training course for Sage 50 Accounts is an intermediate level of Sage 50 Computerized Accounting, focus on providing the skills for you to deliver in the organization. Every business has to keep the records by law. As per this law, all businesses have to deal with their books of records. As a bookkeeper, this opportunity is the way to prove the role of a bookkeeper in the organization. If you are capable of dealing with the facts and figure in the organization and enjoying the figures adding up properly, this career option will be perfect.

Sage 50 Courses Intermediate Chapters

  • Overview of the Sage 50 Accounts program
  • preparing and printing trial balance
  • Entering opening balances
  • Generating records of customer
  • Creating records of the supplier
  • Setting up liabilities, capital balances and opening assets
  • Producing reports
  • Checking data and information
  • Dealing with supplier invoices
  • Posting error corrections and altering records
  • Invoicing, preparing customer letters,
  • Entering new products and checking communication timeline
  • Audit trails, correcting basic errors, reconciling creditors and debtors
  • Creating sales and credit notes,
  • Producing banking statements and payments
  • Processing the purchase credit notes
  • Preparing journals
  • Verifying the Audit Trails
  • processing purchase orders and sales orders
  • Processing the Trial Balance
  • Creating Backups for data protection
  • Restoring data
  • Bad debts Writing-off

Level 3 Sage Accounts 50 Final

Level 3 is intended to give people further developed information on accounting and Sage 50 Accounts. In addition, it is proposed for people who as of now, have decent working information on Sage 50 Accounts and wish to promote their examinations. It is likewise expanding on Level 2 however this Course gives the extra information required to set up the records for various kinds of business. Therefore, it enables better budgetary administration and control of the business. Learn Sage 50 courses in London Campus.

Each Bussiness, no matter the size of the business, should be required by law to 'keep books'. Bookkeepers play a crucial role in the organisation. In this manner, they guarantee records of person money related exchanges are exact, efficient, up to date, and comprehensive. If you're composed and deliberate, like working through reports and appreciate seeing a set of figures include up legitimately, at that point bookkeeping is the career for you.

Sage 50 Courses Final Chapters

Sage Accounts 50 Final

  • Developing a Chart of Accounts to Suit Company Requirements
  • Preparation of Sole Trader Accounts
  • Preparation of Trial Balance
  • Dealing with Errors in Trial Balance
  • Disputed Items
  • Use of Journal
  • Prepare and Process Month End Routine
  • Dealing with Contra Entries
  • The Government Gateway and Value Added Tax Returns
  • Provision for Bad Debts and Doubtful Debts
  • Prepare and generate Final Accounts
  • Providing Management Information Reports
  • Making Decisions with Reports and Records Using Sage
  • The Fixed Asset Register and Depreciation
  • Dealing with Accruals
  • Dealing with Prepayments
  • Monitoring Cash Flow
  • Generating forecast Reports
  • Advanced Credit Control

These are the levels and chapters cover within the Sage 50 Accounts training. Future Connect also provides a fast track learning program for sage 50 Accounts which covers all the chapter included from level 1 Sage 50 Accounts Training as a beginner to The level 3 Sage 50 Accounts Trainer Finals.

Sage 50 Accounts Training Fast Track

If you're looking to gain competency within the world's most well-known bookkeeping software, the Sage 50 Computerized Accounting course will educate everything you would like to know, whereas helping you pick up a recognized qualification. This Course is outlined to provide people from beginner to advanced information of bookkeeping and Sage 50 accounts. It is aiming for people who aim to move forward career prospects and to be able to way better financial administration and control of the business. This Course covers Level 1-3 of Sage 50 Bookkeeping/Accounting Preparing.