Accounting AAT

"We deliver four accounting credentials, both of which require six to 18 months to complete. Such skills include instruction for a broad variety of accounting and finance positions and are valued worldwide by employers."

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Accounting AAT

Accounting AAT

We deliver four accounting credentials, both of which require six to 18 months to complete. Such skills include instruction for a broad variety of accounting and finance positions and are valued worldwide by employers.

  1. Accounting Foundation Certificate (Level 2)
  2. Foundation Accounting and Business Diploma (Level 2) (16–19 yrs only)
  3. Advanced Accounting Diploma (Level 3)

This credential can be used as a path to becoming a member of AAT bookkeeping (AATQB)

  1. Professional accounting diploma (Level 4)

This qualification may be used as a path to becoming a complete member of AAT (MAAT).

Depending on your existing skills and experience, you may start with any qualification. If you already have some experience with accounting, take the AAT Skillcheck exam to find out the best certification to continue.

Foundation Certificate in Accounting

Thistraining should train you for accounting positions at the junior and entry-level. It offers a strong base in financial administration, addressing fields such as double-entry bookkeeping and basic costing standards and utilising accounting software.The training should continue with most of the students.

The certification would generally take about a year to complete, although that would rely on the method of research and the schedule of the course. The certification can be achieved in as few as six months.

You will learn units as bookkeeping transactions, bookkeeping controls, elements of cost, using accounting software, work effectively in finance, foundation certificate synoptic assessment from this certificate.

Foundation Accounting and Business Diploma

The training should train junior and admission level accounting positions for 16–19-year-olds. Its offers a strong base in finance management, addressing fields such a double-entry bookkeeping and essential costing concepts, coupled with related corporate correspondence and technical competencies.

Employers embrace certificates for accounting AAT as practical and technical qualifications that prepare students for the world of work, and especially for their role in accounting and finance.

The Accounting and Business Foundation Certification will contribute to jobs, such as:

  • Accounts Administrator
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Payroll Officer
  • Purchase/Sales Ledger Clerk
  • Tax Assistant/Trainee
  • Trainee Accounts Technician

Unless you can give proof of an established awarding entity obtaining a prior, appropriate credential, you will not have to sit any of the AAT tests.

We assume you shouldn't need to repeat research if you have already learned certification units of the same material. It ensures you will pursue quick on the most suitable AAT certification.

If you have: You could be qualified for exemptions.

  • Previous training in business or accounting
  • A degree in accounting or finance

Advanced Accounting Diploma

You must study more complex accounting skills like budgetary systems, professional bookkeeping, final reports, and accountants' ethical principles through this credential.

For UK students, this credential would also gain UCAS points if you are moving on to research at university. We expect this certification to attract 56 UCAS points based on class, grade and equivalence to the Level 3 AAT Diploma in Accounting (QCF).

Achieve professional membership in AAT Bookkeeping

When you fulfil this certification successfully, you will qualify for membership of the AAT affiliate bookkeeping and gain qualified AATQB status.

The Advanced Accounting Diploma will result in work development as:

  • Accounts Assistant
  • Accounts Payable and Expenses Supervisor
  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Audit Trainee
  • Bookkeeper
  • Credit Controller
  • Finance Assistant
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Payroll Supervisor
  • Practice Bookkeeper
  • Tax Assistant

The accounting AAT skills gained while completing this credential would allow you to trustfully pursue jobs and advance to the next stage of learning.

Professional Diploma in Accounting

TWithin this group, these may have higher accounting responsibilities, including drafting annual reports, planning budgets and analysing financial performance, as well as additional practise divisions including corporate tax, personal tax, an overseas audit and wealth management, and cash and treasury administration.

Accounting Training College

Training in accounting is necessary if you wish to undertake a career as a qualified accountant. The preparation you earn at the Accounting Training College contributes to the credentials you require in this esteemed field to begin or progress your career.

All accounting training college courses contribute to industry-accepted 2 certificates from AAT 3 — Common with employers to offer real-world, functional skills — Learn a 'standalone' certification to become entirely AAT Qualified.

Accountancy Course Online

A short accountancy course online will provide you with practical skills-both professional and non-technical-for the business. With several versatile and self-paced online business accounting classes, there are plenty of opportunities to fit all categories of learners. Please take the next move and browse our UK Accountancy Course Online.

Accounting Placements London

Most accounting postgraduate positions are given to applicants who have not finished their accounting placements London. It would help if you did other things to improve your employability. Any accounting placements London and technical services companies provide you with a chance to experience working life by delivering days of perspective, qualified academies and training workshops.

Guaranteed Practical expertise in accounting practises for an existing company. Have a good understanding of common accounting terms, standards, processes, and activities. Function on a variety of similar projects, which will allow candidates to develop appropriate job knowledge to manage multiple accounts effectively.

Why Future Connect Training and How to Contact

Our Future Connect Training accounting courses in London are designed to help students who are trying to develop their skills and enhance their expertise. Our Education in Accounting is required in London. We offer Practical Accounting classes for CPD.

  • For more detail about the London accounting courses, please dial 02037908674 and book your free consultation.
  • If not, please e-mail us at

The teachers are well-qualified, are highly professional and have the requisite teaching skills. The teachers are often highly educated, so they have comprehensive accounting know-how. I directly aided thousands of learners in achieving their market goals. We allow graduate students from our affiliate universities to obtain practical knowledge about the job.

Here at Future Connect, we are known for our positive attitude when it comes to pursuing research and will be delighted to bring you on board to improve your expertise and assist you in the field of employment. Through a cumulative influence of the detailed syllabus and the qualified teachers, you can quite quickly fulfil the standards and job objectives.