ACCA accounting course

Are you seeking a career in accounting? Great, let's get started riding on the way of management accounting to strengthen your knowledge and skills to reach the accounting destination.Our education and apprenticeships will guide you with the knowledge and experience you need to prepare the best possible source in London’s financial world, whether you desire to be a high-flyer in the town or heading the books for social businesses.

Table of Contents
  1. ACCA course overview
  2. ACCA Course Duration
  3. Course Content & Guidance
  4. ACCA Sub-Courses
  5. Top 5 facts about accounting programs in London
  6. Why Future Connect Training for ACCA
ACCA accounting course

1. ACCA course overview

The ACCA study is to give the accounting knowledge, skills, and professional advantages which will deliver finance authorities who can build successful careers crosswise all areas. Whether they are working in the public or individual divisions, practising in accounting firms, or seeking a career in business. The acca training Qualification is your plan to a professional state. Consequently, choosing to study ACCA courses at Future Connect Training will be one of the most meaningful decisions you would progress for your career.

2. ACCA Course Duration

Depending on the access time, the ACCA programs can hold almost 2 to 4 years to complete though it depends on whether the student is catching exams regularly. As an ACCA trainee, you can give up to 8 tests in a year.

3. Course Content & Guidance

I. Applied Knowledge Level:

There are three sections at this level.

You’ll study the role of accounting in the business context and develop the practical abilities and techniques required of an accountant.

Applied Knowledge

Applied Knowledge is the entry-level to the acca tuition providers education. If you have no former skills, then you must complete the last level of the AAT or FIA Diploma first, before jumping on to ACCA.

Learners with two A-Levels and three GCSEs in five separate subjects (including English and Maths) or with a non-relevant degree or NVQ qualification can progress directly on to the Applied Knowledge level.

All three subjects in the Applied Knowledge level and those can sit in any order.

Knowledge exams

Exams taken for the three Knowledge subjects are available to sit as a Computer Based Exam (CBE) at your local ACCA Exam centre.

Computer-Based Exams

Available all year round (subject to availability)

Objective analysis and multi-task questions

2-hour exam with a passing mark of 50%

Computer-Based exams consist of objective test questions and multi-choice questions (MCQs). MCQs include a series of tasks for trainees to complete, tasks which associate to one or more outlines.

Knowledge exemptions

If you are FIA, AAT, or CAT qualified or secured a relevant degree (e.g. Accountancy, Finance, Law or Management), then you may be suitable for exemptions from the Knowledge level. It would be best if you asked for exclusions through ACCA when you enrol with ACCA as a student.

We suggest doing this before you start the level to ensure you begin your readings at the correct point. You can check to notice if you qualify for any exemptions on the ACCA website.

ACCA Applied Knowledge Level Sections

  • F1 Accountant in Business
  • F2 Management Accounting
  • F3 Financial Accounting (INT)

II. Applied Skills Level:

Skills Module

Subjects can sit in any order. Students can sit up to four topics in one exam sitting and a maximum of eight per year. You can overlay with Applied Knowledge if this level performed.

Applied Skills exams

LW is prepared as a Computer Based Exam (CBE) all year round at different ACCA approved centres. Both written and computer-based versions of the LW exam are two hours long, with no reading time. CBE only examines ENG and GLO versions of the exam in the UK. Except for LW, reviews for the Applied Skills subjects are available as Session CBEs sat at ACCA centres and there are four exam sittings per year.

In the UK, Applied Skills subjects only examined by Session CBE. In some countries, the items are still also available as Paper Based Exams (PBE) which secure a place at the same time as the class CBE. Find out more about classes CBEs at your residence.

Session CBEs are 3:20 minutes long plus up to 10 minutes to know the pre-exam instructions. PBEs are 3 hours long, with 15 minutes showing time. Find out more about the CBE exam syllabus.

The pass mark for all modules is 50%.

Applied Skills exemptions

If students are holding an appropriate degree in Accountancy, Finance, Law or Management, you may be eligible for exemptions from the some or all the Applied Skills level. You must apply for exclusions through ACCA when you enrol with ACCA as a student.

We suggest you doing this before you start the level to ensure you begin your studies at the exact point. You can check to see if you pass for any exemptions on the ACCA website.

Applied Skills Level Units

  • F4 Corporate and Business Law (UK) (LW)
  • F5 Performance Management (PM)
  • F6 Taxation (TX-UK)
  • F7 Financial Reporting (FR)
  • F8 Audit and Assurance (AA)
  • F9 Financial Management (FM)

III. Strategic Professional Level:

There are two essentials papers plus two elective papers to be performed at this level.


ACCA has newly redesigned the Professional level (consisting of Essentials and Options subjects) to build the Strategic Professional level. There are four exam sittings per year. You can sit a peak of four exams at each session, and a maximum of eight distinct reviews each calendar year. You can overlay with subjects on Applied Skills if the Applied Skills level completed. Still, there are no exemptions available for the Strategic Professional Essentials level, so all topics must clear to continue with your studies. Strategic Professional questions can strive in any order, so you do not have to sit Essentials before Options. We would advise you to leave the Strategic Business Leader (SBL) until later in your studies. These are Paper Based Exams (PBEs) which sat at ACCA centres, booked directly with ACCA. Read more about exam dates on ACCA’s website. ACCA recommend you take the external ethics exam, Ethics, and Professional Skills before you sit any exams on Strategic Professional. Please visit ACCA’s website for more details.

  • (SBL) Strategic Business Leader
  • (SBR) Strategic Business Reporting


Strategic Professional Essentials and Options can attempt in any order.

There are no exemptions accessible for the Strategic Professional Options level. You only require completing pair out of the four papers.

Strategic Professional Options exams

The Strategic Professional Options exams are Paper Based Exams (PBE), which met at ACCA study centres, and there are four exam sessions throughout the year. Find out more detail about exam entry dates on the ACCA website.

Exams are 3 hours long with 15 minutes available for reading time.

The clearance mark for all papers is 50%.

(Pick two from four)

  • P4 Advanced Financial Management
  • P5 Advanced Performance Management
  • P6 Advanced Taxation (UK)
  • P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance (INT)

For further information on the contents of each paper, you may visit the ACCA website.

4. ACCA Sub-Courses

  • ACCA - Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA): Advanced Audit and Assurance will guide you how to analyse, evaluate, and report on assurance commitments, as well as other concerns in audit and assurance, within the circumstances of current financial developments and best work practice.
  • ACCA - Advanced Financial Management (AFM): Inside Advanced Financial Management, you will incur an in-depth understanding of the world of finance and get the theoretical skills lacked senior financial advisors and managers.
  • ACCA - Advanced Performance Management (APM): Advanced Performance Management concentrates on improving advanced management accounting methods. You will study to precisely assess the execution and strategic development of global corporations, getting into account economic as well as outer factors.
  • ACCA - Advanced Taxation (ATX): ACCA Advanced Taxation will support you to obtain the knowledge required to offer well-informed guidance on how large-scale taxation influences financial decision-making.
  • ACCA - Audit and Assurance (AA): ACCA Audit and Assurance introduces learners to the nature, purpose, and range of assurance engagements, both inner and outer. It comprises planning the audit, implementing risk assessment and the structure and content of the independent auditor’s statement.
  • ACCA - Corporate and Business Law (LW) (English): ACCA Corporate and Business Law offers learners to the overall English legal practice, including contract and tort, which underpin business activities. The synopsis incorporates a range of legal areas relating to several aspects of the business of most concern to finance specialists.
  • ACCA - Financial Accounting (FA): ACCA Financial Accounting leads trainees to the fundamentals of the administrative framework relating to accounts construction and the qualitative characteristics of valuable information. The syllabus includes drafting financial statements and the origins of accounts preparation.
  • ACCA - Financial Management (FM): ACCA Financial Management intended to equip applicants with the skills that would expect from a finance manager responsible for the finance purpose of a business. It qualifies candidates for more advanced and specialist education in acca distance learning Advanced Financial Management at the Professional Level.
  • ACCA - Financial Reporting (FR): ACCA Financial Reporting forms on knowledge gained in ACCA Financial Accounting at Knowledge Level. The main sections of the syllabus include the reporting of financial information for single companies and groups following generally accepted accounting principles and appropriate accounting standards.
  • ACCA - Management Accounting (MA): ACCA Management Accounting introduces trainees to details of management accounting which used to make and support decisions. This module aims to develop knowledge and understanding of management accounting techniques to assist management in planning, controlling, and monitoring performance in a variety of business contexts.
  • ACCA - Performance Management (PM): ACCA Performance Management forms on the experience earned from ACCA Management Accounting at Knowledge Level. The Performance Management exam analyses candidate's understanding of how to maintain the production of a business.
  • ACCA - Strategic Business Leader (SBL): Strategic Business Leader is ACCA’s case study examination at Strategic Professional Level. This module aims to demonstrate organisational leadership and senior consultancy or consulting capabilities and related professional skills, through the setting of an integrated case study.
  • ACCA - Strategic Business Reporting (SBR): Strategic Business Reporting is a Strategic Professional Level module that allows knowledge earned at the Fundamentals level. You will expect to know the core technical skills to develop and analyse financial records for single and combined entities.
  • ACCA - Taxation (TX): ACCA Taxation introduces candidates to the subject of taxation. It presents the core knowledge of the underlying teachings and major technical areas of taxation and Professional accounting taxation technician level 4as they concern the activities of individuals and businesses.
ACCA accounting course

5. Top 5 facts about accounting programs in London

  • It has high levels of progression on studies from AAT Level 2 to 3, and from AAT to work.
  • Accounting Training centres for 18 to 24s offers more techniques to improve skills and get experience.
  • Operating with top employers has contributed outstanding progression for many students.
  • 100% of learners 2015/16 agreed the quality of instruction of these courses was excellent.
  • The high street bank explained our trainees as, ‘Brilliant, enthusiastic about learning and developing’.

6. Why Future Connect Training for ACCA

Future Connect Training is an Award-winning training hub with AAT adequate teachers who provides outstanding training and learning. We offer functional training on aat or acca using real business records also supports to do CV development, mock interview, and Job-hunting help.

Advantages of following Future Connect Training centre:

  • AAT Approved Training Centre
  • Hand-picked Industry Certified Tutors
  • 24/7 Excellent Junior Support to complete your training and career goals
  • Gives detailed study material
  • OnDemand Software training that will help to enhance your practical skills.
  • Online 24/7 entree to VLC (Virtual Learning Campus)
  • Offers Exam preparation kit
  • Free e-portfolio to follow the current performance and training findings combined into academic modules of ACCA
  • A dedicated e-portfolio to schedule your coaching at our East, West, North London, and Birmingham branches
  • Grants Exam booking service
  • CPD certification is essential to growing an AAT member united with all AAT Levels
  • You can get three certificates from 1 course – AAT, CPD, and XERO
  • Encourage you to get a work placement, which will deliver you a real-time experience to work in the industry.
  • Adjustable payment options (Debit card, Credit card, PayPal, Cash, and Bank Transfer)