AAT OR ACCA Professional Accounting Qualification?

"Accountancy qualifications AAT and ACCA are useful for the accounting career. Future Connect Training assists in opting for the best qualification."

Both Accountancy Qualifications, AAT and ACCA capability are, to a great extent, perceived by UK managers and endorsed by worldwide bookkeeping administrative associations and HMRC. It is challenging to choose whether AAT or ACCA is directly for you.

The significant thing to note when contrasting these two qualifications is that they're both respectable in their own right; they're focused on various sorts of individuals.

he AAT capabilities are a perfect beginning stage for somebody with no past bookkeeping experience and frequently expect energy to get to their courses. These courses are altogether down to earth and give a strong establishment to further investigation. When you complete the full suite of AAT capabilities, you gain the status of bookkeeping professional.

AAT and ACCA Comparison

AAT or ACCA, what is better?

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) was established in 1980 and is presently the world's driving professional body for bookkeeping specialists with over 150,000+ individuals across the globe – striking, wouldn't you agree? If you envision transforming into an accountant, this could, without a doubt, be a reasonable option for you.

AAT is built of bookkeeping, accounting and fundamental (at some point) capabilities that are effectively available, offering understudies incredibly adaptable learning alternatives.

You can enlist either on low maintenance or full-time premises and study through different techniques, including study hall, online separation learning or blended learning – sounds excellent, wouldn't you agree?

The advantages of finishing this capability are huge. In the first place, if you started this course with no earlier bookkeeping information, you presently have the most significant thing of all – KNOWLEDGE.

AAT experts are outfitted with aptitudes that can assist them in making sure about senior situations in top associations or run their organizations. This enrollment anticipates that every one of its individuals should:

  • Conduct themselves morally and expertly.
  • Comply with AAT rules and guidelines.
  • Keep aptitudes and capabilities exceptional.

By offering memberships to accountants, it expects to:

  • Establish AAT as key for individuals, organizations and associations;
  • Offer exclusive expectation capabilities that mirror the aptitudes expected to work in bookkeeping and related fields;
  • Promote the abilities of understudies and individuals and spread mindfulness about AAT;
  • Offer imperative help, data and assets to individuals associated with AAT;
  • Offer preparing and professional advancement to support understudies and individuals accomplish their latent capacity.

What is ACCA?

Similarly, as AAT, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a universally perceived accounting body with more than 208,000+ qualified individuals worldwide. This capability trains you to become a certified accounting proficient with a broad comprehension of current bookkeeping practices, measures and devices. Be that as it may, not at all like AAT, this capability expects you to finish 14 test papers, understandingly expending impressively more opportunities to complete. Also, this capability is, for the most part, custom-fitted for understudies who have recently finished skills, though, in correlation, AAT permits you to get qualified without past bookkeeping information or capabilities.

The neighbouring graph exhibits the typical pay desires for the region of London for an ACCA student through to accomplishing a completely qualified status. As can be apparent, compensation desires appear to be somewhat higher for ACCA when contrasted with AAT; in any case, one should think about various angles before enlisting.

You have to consider whether this is the best alternative to take; this course is incredibly requesting both time and monetarily. It doesn't offer the adaptability that AAT offers nor simple acknowledgement.

You can acquire the ACCA capability by finishing a lot of tests. This capability is profoundly looked after in counselling, the board, banking, fund, and Accountancy.

Benefits of ACCA

  • Enables you to turn into a Chartered Certified Accountant, utilize the designatory letters ACCA, and work in any part of the fund or the board in any business.
  • Better work prospects because of having demonstrated capacity in every aspect of the business.
  • Assures a company that you have what it takes essential to advance to increasingly senior administration positions.
  • ACCA is the most prominent and quickest developing worldwide expert accounting body on the planet, with more than 320,000 individuals and understudies in 170 nations.
  • Gaining such a capability is proof that the holder has aptitudes and information sought after by businesses in the industry, banking, evaluating, and counselling just as different callings like tax assessment and law.
  • ACCA Professional capability is of a high requirement and is equal to finishing a full University Degree.
Comparison between AAT and ACCA

What is the comparison between AAT training and ACCA training?

Take a look at the contrast between AAT and ACCA:

  • AAT is viewed as the initial move towards turning into an accountant, while ACCA is a propelled capability for individuals who are accountants.
  • AAT is a specialized level capability, while the ACCA capabilities are at the expert level.
  • AAT offers three bookkeeping capabilities, to be specific, Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2), Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3), and a Professional Diploma in Accounting (Level 4). Then again, ACCA has fourteen tests and a much bigger prospectus.
  • Having work experience is discretionary in AAT capabilities; it is obligatory if you seek after the level 4 course. Then again, ACCA requires at least three years of significant work understanding.
  • ACCA is a higher capability than AAT. If you wish to look after both these capacities, you should complete AAT first and gain your ACCA enlistment a while later.

AAT/ACCA – at a final glance


  • Students gain technical-level accounting expertise with AAT.
  • This qualification includes three exams.
  • AAT is the first step towards accounting, usually taken up by graduates.
  • Having earlier work experience isn't compulsory for AAT candidates.


  • Students gain professional-level accounting expertise with ACCA.
  • This qualification includes 14 exams.
  • ACCA is an advanced qualification and is usually taken up by working professionals.
  • Having relevant prior work experience is compulsory for ACCA applicants.

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