AAT Level 3 Distance Learning in Manchester

"In Manchester city, AAT level 3 is a professional qualification, based on practical, real-world bookkeeping knowledge and is recognised and appreciated by employers. The AAT qualification offers students with excellent and safe career prospects for both employment and self-employment in Manchester accounting."

Table of Contents
  1. AAT Level 3 Distance Learning
  2. AAT Level 3 Modules
  3. AAT Level 3 Exams
  4. Employment and Market Opportunities

These AAT level 3 online courses are perfect for those who have just completed AAT level 2, or those already at a more middle level of their job. They are looking to develop existing accounting skills such as organisational and management processes relevant to finance officer roles, comprising cost accounting recording; preparing final accounts for small businesses; preparing reports and returns.

AAT Level 3 Distance Learning

AAT level 3 distance learning allows you to study at a time and room to suit you. Sometimes it is difficult to get to an educational centre for various reasons. That’s why distance learning provides you with the perfect way to fit your studies around your daily promises. Distance learning requires commitment and attention. It would help if you questioned yourself the following things:

  • Have I studied like this before?
  • Am I fully committed to study and get my certification?
  • Am I looking to complete this course in a short time?
  • Do I have the pledge and full motivation to study through distance learning?

Distance learning is very flexible; it can be more exciting than traditional classroom-based learning. You’ll need to retain your motivation levels high and stick to your deadlines. It will make your life very easy. If there are no vocational training centres near to you, you can still study through distance-learning. No of books and worksheets delivered to your home address. Get access to (VLC) virtual learning campus or any other online student portal for additional AAT study materials. You have to pass four computer-based tests (CBT’s) and one final Synoptic assessment at an approved AAT level 3 exams centre.

AAT Level 3 Modules

The advanced professional diploma is for you if you have important practical accounting experience and a strong grip of all the modules covered at level 1. AAT level 3 modules leads to more complex accounting tasks, including, following topics:

Advanced Bookkeeping (AVBK): After completing this unit, the student will have a good knowledge of the accounting principles and theories underlying all financial accounting. Having established a full understanding of the accountancy equation, they will understand the nature and significance of the different categories of account and how the records relate to each other.

Final Accounts Preparation (FAPR): In this module, the student will develop accountancy skills in the reorganisation of accounting information from incomplete records. You’ll learn how to establish financial statements for sole traders. The student will be capable of using different tools and techniques to manage accounts. You’ll be able to find missing information and know the significance and restrictions of the trial balance. They will become aware of the statement of financial position and report of profit or loss.

Management Accounting: Costing (MMAC):  This module will develop an understanding of how costs are managed in organisations, and why many organisations treat costs in their ways. They will be capable to recognise different methods to cost accounting and management.

Indirect Tax (IDRX):  First thing you will consider, is understanding of VAT rules and regulations. Complete VAT returns correctly and on time. Understand VAT fines and make adjustments for earlier errors.

Spreadsheets for Accounting (SPSH): How to use a spreadsheet to enter, edit and organise mathematical and other data. Select and use suitable formulas and data analysis tools and methods to meet requirements. Use tools and practices to present, and format and issue spreadsheet information.

Ethics for Accountants (ETFA): Understand the moral values of professional working. Understand ethical behaviour when employed in any organisation. Understand when and how to take proper action following suspected breaches of ethical codes. Understand the ethical concern of the finance professional in promoting sustainability.

Final Synoptic Assessment (AVSY):  All assessments are a computer-based assessment that is partly computer marked and partly human marked. The assessment consists of study modules. This assessment will test your knowledge and understanding of advanced bookkeeping, ethics for accounting, final accounts preparation and management accounting.

AAT Level 3 Exams

The AAT level 3 exams consist of seventeen papers and examinations in total. Through this qualification, you’ll learn hands-on skills to prepare you for the workplace, from simple finance administration skills to advance final accounts and complex administration-accounting tasks.

Exam rules and regulations in Manchester

  • Assessments are computer-based and sat at an AAT approved exam centre.
  • The exam is allocated a proportion mark.
  • On completion of the qualification, an overall grade is granted according to this:
    • You will be granted the status of pass - 70-79%
    • You will be granted the status of merit - 80-89%
    • You will be granted the status of distinction - 90-100%
  • Exam dates: Assessments dates are announced through AAT official website
  • Percentage marks for each level unit assessments are available instantly on completion of the assessment.

Employment and Market Opportunities

The AAT level 3 online course can lead to a wide variety of roles in Manchester accounting, including:

  • Assistant Accountant
  • Accounts Payable and Expenses Supervisor
  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Audit Trainee
  • Credit Controller
  • Bookkeeper
  • Finance Assistant
  • Payroll Supervisor
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Practice Bookkeeper
  • Tax Assistant