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Payroll Course

Payroll is the total of the payment a company pays to its employees. In the accounting world, it is also a term used for calculating and processing paychecks.

On the income statement, payroll expenses are part of labour costs. They include employee salaries, employer payments for health insurance or similar benefits, payroll taxes paid by the employer, bonuses, commissions and related expenses.

Doing Payroll is a complicated process that contains ensuring that every employee is paid correctly, calculating the appropriate payroll taxes and correctly deducting several items.

Payroll is a significant expense for most companies and is the primary component of labour cost. Labour costs vary by industry, and comparing companies in different sectors should be done with in mind. In the accounting world, doing payroll is a crucial but often hopless job.In this field calculations must accurate, new and departing employees must be added to or deleted from various processes, the paychecks must be printed on time, and the taxes must be remitted to the proper authorities in the correct amount and on time. As the process ends, it begins again. Many companies subcontract some of the work.

Payroll Course in Hounslow brings you the skills you need to use this popular payroll program to process any businesses payroll confidently. As being able to use Sage 50 Payroll should lead to higher productivity. But it also helps the business conform to employment legislation and data security requirements.

Furthermore, broken down into practical modules this course is a viral and well-received introduction to moving from manual payroll to computerised payroll. Furthermore, it incorporates all the new government requirements for RTI reporting.

Payroll plays a vital role within any organisation. A career in payroll means specifying in a niche field with excellent progression opportunities.

In this course you can enrol at any time of the year subject to availability.

There are no formal entry requirements for Sage payroll courses. However, it is expected that students have necessary IT skills to run a computer.

Course Includes:
  • Free, high-quality course materials
  • Tutorial support
  • Highly equipped IT lab
  • Student Discount with NUS card
  • Exam fees and exam booking service
  • The personalised individual study plan
  • Specialist Career Management service
  • State of the Art Virtual Learning Campus
  • Free Payroll Software for payroll courses

Payroll Course is suitable for those of you:

  • Who are new to payroll and who wish to acquire the skills and knowledge required of payroll clerks before employment.
  • Who has worked in payroll and have not received a qualification.
  • Who wants to return to working in salary and need to update their knowledge.
  • Learners who are already employed in a payroll processing system or allied roles and want to ensure that they have both the knowledge and skills to perform some non-routine tasks.
  • Someone wants to acquire the skills to use the Sage software for their business or wants to help their clients set up their payroll system.

Who wish to offer a payroll service to their clients:

This qualification covers the theoretical knowledge and demonstration of the use of various tables and publications issued by HMRC and the display of how to carry out computerised handling of payroll related matters.