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How to get more accounting clients in the UK

With the advancement of technology in all aspects, such as powerful apps and social media marketing, many ways are viable and easy to find accounting clients in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, in recent years, modern accountants have focused on paperless office work and cloud accounting, which is done remotely based on the customers' requests and needs. Additionally, they guarantee that accounting companies' services are tailored to the owner's budget and financial requirements.

What's the best way to attract more accounting clients?

Over the last 18 months or more, the upheaval has resulted in business winners, losers, and a few hardened survivors. The search for new clients continues, whether you're rebuilding your organisation, capitalising on previous successes, or simply attempting to acquire traction.

When lesser rivals have abandoned up, it is sometimes claimed that marketing is the ideal chance during difficult times. We look at go-to ways to focus your marketing and win new accounting customers when there is still a lot of uncertainty.

Own your industry

Many accounting firms specialise in one or more areas, such as working with clients in a specific industry or providing a particular service.

You may take advantage of your specialised knowledge by promoting yourself as the go-to accountant in your field. If prospective clients can tell that you understand their industry, they will feel more comfortable.

Consider joining relevant trade organisations and industry organisations in your region. It might be an excellent approach to meeting new clients while keeping up with the latest industry trends.

Accountancy marketing using digital platforms

Digital channels have always been a great tool to generate leads and turn them into customers. They take on new meaning as tech-savvy, and digital-native millennials become SME business owners. A nice, effective website is the first step in digital marketing. It is both your internet storefront and your principal content hosting platform.

How does your website portray you? It's time to consider an update if you believe it doesn't accurately reflect your services, let your brand down, or doesn't allow you to create material like blogs and case studies. Here are some more considerations for when your website may be damaging your brand.

Once you have a decent website in place, you can focus on leveraging digital channels to attract visitors and convert them into customers. It will imply material, most likely in the form of a blog.

A good blog will include usefulness to your target audience to develop rapport, demonstrate your knowledge to build credibility, and a clear (but not forced) link to your services. These concepts apply to other types of material, including case studies, videos, and, if you're feeling adventurous, a webinar.

Determine which ideal clients you should pursue

Understanding your potential clients and proving to them that you understand their demands are essential components of effective marketing.

Indeed, according to an in-depth study we conducted in 2019, 71 per cent of SME firm owners believe it is vital or extremely important that their accountant understands their industry. To establish your sweet spot, you must first identify your company's capabilities and then match them to market demand.

However, various marketing tools might assist you in reaching factual findings. SWOT analysis, buyer personas, and value proposition canvas are examples of these.

When you've finished identifying target clients and the services they require, you'll better know what types of content to create that will be useful to them.

Imagine you discover your company's expertise in property taxation and create a compelling new offering around it. It might lead to a series of blog posts or a webinar answering frequent queries property investors have to attract these potential clients to your business.


Even if you don't have a referral programme, you'll get some referral business if an existing client refers you to a friend. Consider what you could do by incorporating structure.

Many individuals will automatically refer when the chance arises, eager to assist both a valued source and someone who requires their services. Because they are based on the advice of a third party, these leads are frequently of excellent quality.

A referral marketing strategy establishes procedures for clients to suggest you. It's a common-sense approach for any business, removing some friction from making a referral while proactively planting the idea in clients' minds.

You may accomplish it in a variety of ways. You might teach your employees to ask questions as customer relationships grow, create an offer that may be included with your invoice, or send out email blasts encouraging recommendations.

Referee incentives can be effective but avoid compromising the referral's apparent validity.

Sell more to your customer interaction

Upselling and cross-selling are effective income generators. It's easier to sell to established customers. It's surprising how often a client is unaware of a firm's broad range of services. So think about how successfully you communicate alternative offerings to your current clients.


COVID limitations have significantly impacted traditional business networking organisations, although most have successfully transitioned to a digital version. Many people have supplemented their Zoom sessions with additional LinkedIn and other media activities to expand their reach. Face-to-face networking will undoubtedly make a comeback as regulations soften.

If you're already a networker, you'll see that it's similar to the referral strategies we discussed before. Instead of focusing on how individuals make referrals, networking increases the number of people who "know, like, and trust" you and are willing to promote your services.

If you don't take networking seriously but want to get more clients, now is a good time to start. You may learn the ability to a network. Even before official business networks, it's amazing to observe how many "networks" you're a member of when you take a moment to ponder.

Google Search Page Optimization for Business Websites

Google search is a powerful tool which offers precise results for practically all searches. People look for various items relating to company accounting and locate the appropriate firms for their organisations.

So, based on these, it is a better method to optimise your website to rank highly in Google search utilising various SEO tactics to raise your site exposure, which enhances your chances of attracting your target or future accounting clients. To make things feasible, you must always be highly taught or have strong exposure to the Google search algorithm m and the accounting industry.

Prefer Service Exchange

You can trade accounting services for other entrepreneurs' products or services while looking for accounting clients. For example, change your talents and services with a graphic designer to create a logo or a website designer to improve the exposure of your website. Try initiating a service exchange with local company owners, which can assist you in developing positive relationships with other businesses, which might lead to a reference for your accounting firm to attract new clients.

Declare the Best Process you will use

Discuss with your clients your job nature and the finest processes you provide to them, which are more appealing, such as

  1. Each year, the number of clients is severely controlled.
  2. Clients are handled with respect, and the connection continues after the tax procedure is completed.
  3. Serve the needs and desires of accounting clients.
  4. Client input is given greater weight.
  5. These are the easiest and most effective ways to reassure your clients and draw their attention to you.

Be a Forward-Thinking Accounting Firm

You should be more knowledgeable and aggressive in your financial elements to find a possible accounting customer for your organisation. Do accounting for your existing company, and try to show off the job you've done in a more efficient method to others to convince them that you're the greatest accounting firm for their small business.


Always be open about your work approach and make it evident to potential clients to make an informed decision. Assist them in their business, and convince them to trust and rely on you for their growth. So far, you must be competent in all technical areas and understand what is going on.

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