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Start your AAT journey today- Complete Guide 2021

AAT is the leading UK’s accounting body delivering entry-level accountancy qualifications. Students of any age, educational background, and experience can opt to study AAT and begin their career in finance and accounting. This article will lead your AAT journey by offering a complete guide from choosing the qualification to registering with AAT to start studying.

Step by step guide to AAT qualification levels and courses

Step 1: Choose your qualification

Deciding on what to study to have a successful career in future is no simple task. You need to be mindful of your desires and aware of your skills, capabilities, and, most importantly, your financial budget. Here are some tips for facilitating you in choosing your qualification.

Ask yourself why do I want to do this?

Before deciding on your career, be insightful of why you want to study? Your motivation will determine the field you want to join, such as social worker to serve humanity and accountant to effectively utilize your hard and soft skills.

What resources do you have?

The resource does not necessarily mean money, but it also includes your skillset, experience, the scope of your prospective career, interests, and job opportunities.

What are your preferences and interests?

Determining their interest is difficult for most people, but noticing your preferences in your leisure time will help in this case. Subjects you are most interested in class will define your interests in career choice. If you really like numbers and numerals, accounting is what you are seeking.

What learning mode do you prefer?

AAT qualification courses are available both online and in training centres. Thus, you either prefer virtual learning or face-to-face classes; you can choose AAT qualification levels.

Where do you want to work?

It includes both types of work facilities such as business, law, government, schools, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the location of the office. If you want to work abroad and in the above-mentioned fields, AAT can help you.

Explore the job opportunities for AAT

Despite the decrease in employment opportunities in all fields in the UK, AAT-related jobs are still in demand. If you are seeking an accountancy career, AAT is the best choice, to begin with. You can have a secure career in the UK and in other countries and firms as well. You can search the job opportunities for AAT at Future Connect Recruitment Agency.

These tips will allow you to choose an AAT qualification to become a proficient and competent accountant in future.

When can I start studying AAT?

AAT qualification is a very popular qualification among accountancy careers and job seekers. However, you need to know from which level you should begin. So, below mentioned are some tips to determine your starting point. You must know that AAT qualification consists of three levels: AAT Level 2 Foundation, AAT Level 3 Advanced qualification, and AAT Level 4 Professional qualification.

Moreover, the AAT qualification is also offered separately. Here are details for beginning the different AAT qualification levels.

AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate

It is the AAT qualification starting point for students with no accounting background. That is, no prior experience is required for this level, and you can begin at any time. It will teach you double-entry bookkeeping, financial statements, costing, and using accountancy software. It takes around six months to 12 months.

The completion of the AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping exempts your two units of this level, including Bookkeeping Controls and Bookkeeping Transactions. After completing the level, you can be appointed as an account clerk, account payable clerk, finance assistant, and payroll administrator.

AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma

It further polishes the skills and increases knowledge attained in Foundation certification. It requires knowledge and understanding of accountancy to begin this level and is ideal after completing AAT Foundation Certification. Having A levels degree or experience of an intermediate account can earn you exemptions in a few units.

Moreover, you can also choose an AAT Bookkeeping qualification instead of an Advanced Diploma if you have Double Entry Bookkeeping knowledge. In the end, of course, you will learn about advanced bookkeeping, financial processes, and accountant ethical practice. It takes around six to 12 months to complete, and you can work as an assistant accountant, finance officer, and advanced bookkeeper.

AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma

The final level offers more complex accounting knowledge with a choice of two specialist subjects. You need to complete an AAT advanced diploma to start at this level. It teaches about management, accounting, budgeting, financial statements, tax, and accounting systems. After completing the level, you can work as a tax manager, forensic accountant, finance analyst, and accountancy consultant.

AAT Qualification

Step 2: Register with the Training provider

After deciding on choosing the AAT qualification and gaining information about its pre-qualifications, you will register yourself with the training provider. Future Connect Training Institute can offer you expert level training through its experienced tutors and high-quality training.

Step 3: Register with AAT

Register with Future Connect Training Institute and choose the level you want to study.

Step 4: Enjoy your study

You will make most of your learning at Future Connect Training Institute and can avail services of Future Connect Recruitment Agency to get recruited by reputable companies and firms.


The present article provides a step by step guide to your AAT journey to become a competent and professional accountant in the future. You can learn more about our services by visiting our website.


Q.1. Why should I study AAT?

You should study AAT because it increases your potential earning, and offers you gain real-world and practical accounting skills, and career progression.

Q.2. What pre-qualifications are required for AAT?

You do not require any previous knowledge or experience to start AAT and can begin your education by enrolling in AAT Level 2 foundation certification.

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