Accountancy Courses

Accountancy Courses You Should Do In 2020

"Accountancy courses by Future Connect Training are designed to enhance accounting skills of job seekers. We make sure you get the best training and Support."

Accountancy courses are designed to provide a learning experience to students. Due to the increasing demand for accountant and graduates’ employers want to hire an employee who has work experience in the accounting sector. Freshly graduates and part-qualified find it tough to make into the accounting sector as lack of Practical knowledge is a hurdle for them to get an appropriate job in the market.

As training and recruitment and training provider, we have developed our Accountancy courses keeping in mind the needs of the market and employers.

Our Accountancy courses are respected in the market and awarded by prestige awards in 2019/20.

Our Accountancy Courses

Our accountancy courses are for each level from Entry level in the accounting field to senior level training. From Bookkeeping entry-level to senior-level of Accountancy training and practice, we will be unable to open new opportunities and build new doors for your career aspects. Our course focuses on special Consideration of Trainee, and we aim to not only provide training but also help our trainee to get the best services and eventually play their part in development and progress of the organisation they are going.

Our Accountancy training course covers a wide range of industries that will help our trainees to get a job in a different sector. Moreover, our accountancy course is spread on different VAT schemes that will be unable our trainee to Analyse and calculate in detail about every VAT scheme for and based on their calculation can recommend the best Scheme suitable for each industry.

Our Assistant Accountant Course is consisting of providing the best services, has Constructing industry scheme, EC Sales and Intrastate return. We will go into details of accounts preparation and control account Adjustments, With Payroll monthly, Fixed Assets, Accruals and Prepayments and Petty Cash Transactions. With Assistant Accountant, we will train our student to submit CIS returns and with different industries Experience of working our students become confident in accounts preparation and submission.

Customise Training Course

That will help you to boost up your skills in a particular field and focus on the particulars that will help you to specialise in career. Just like Manager and Supervisors want to enhance their additional management skills, our management accounts training course will help you to evaluate performance, check inventory and keep a track on the performance of staff. The same way our management accounts course will help you to set targets to prepare budgets and accounts and check variance. These are adding on skills that can be enhanced by our Customise training course.

Awards Winning

Our accountancy Course is award-winning. We have been awarded Prestige Award for 2019/20 best training providing. And our accountancy course training reflects that. As we say, our Accountancy courses devised in such a way that it becomes engaging for our trainee to learn and develop their skills. In our course, we have practical and real company data that we will provide our trainee with the opportunity to process and calculate on real invoices. And prepare accounts on actual data. At the end of preparation, we will compare with actual files and returns submitted with the ones we calculated this would help us to find any miscalculations and any concept that we want to revise in our preparations.

Recruiter Satisfaction

Training Course devised by Future Connect has market trust and Recruiter backing as well. As we can see that our Trainees are getting 98% of Jobs in the market and appreciated by their employers. Our success story and trust of the market us make us proud and even compel us to provide the best services to our trainees and student so they will be able to get the job and play their part more effectively.

Certificates and partners

Our accounting training course is back up by our partners and certain governing bodies. We are CPD certified and will be providing training that will be in line with your career prospect. Moreover, our affiliation with partners will help you to secure jobs in our partners, or our recruitment team will help you to update and apply at a proper level depending upon the criteria and the accountancy courses that we have trainees our students. Explore our website for furthur details and read about New profit reporting proposals by the IASB