Frequently Asked Questions

"AAT FAQs, Find what does AAT stand for? What is AAT? Why Study AAT? How many levels AAT has? What is AAT Qualification equal to? How much AAT qualified Earn?"

So are you ready to take some serious steps towards your career as an accountant? As an accountant, you will be exposed to many different financial scenarios and situations. Your primary role will be to prepare the company’s accounts that can be then used to work on the financial health and KPI measurement of the company.

Although specific responsibilities vary from industry to industry, the role of an Accountant will usually include the following:

  • Tracking and examining company income and expenditure
  • Running payroll, and conducting audits
  • Identifying and investigating financial risks or irregularities (including losses or suspected fraud)
  • Advising on budgeting and making recommendations on how to increase profit
  • Calculating tax owed and filing tax returns

If you are interested in doing the above, you should consider staring with a well renowned qualification like AAT. In this article we will answer the most FAQs about AAT qualifications.

What is AAT?

AAT is a global body of accountants with a membership of over 130,000 members. It is recognized qualification in over 90 countries. The AAT members include students, professionals and self-employed business owners. The AAT graduates are respected globally and occupy different roles from junior to senor roles in many blue chip companies.  AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is sponsored by the chartered accounting bodies CIPFA, ICAEW, CIMA and ICAS. You can get exemptions from these body exams and move up in your career ladder.

Why Study AAT?

The AAT is a qualification for anyone how want to pursue a career in accounting. It is an ideal starting point. The AAT qualification helps you to attain all the skills from,

AAT Level 2, basic to intermediate accounting skills

AAT Level 3, Complex double entry concepts and understanding of management accounts

AAT Level 4, teaches the finalisation of accounts with elements of taxation.

How many levels AAT has?

AAT has following main type of qualifications

  1. AAT Accounting Qualifications
  2. AAT Bookkeeping Qualifications
  3. AAT Business Skills Qualification
  4. AAT Essentials

AAT Accounting Qualification

AAT offers four accounting qualifications, which each take between six and 18 months to complete.

  1. Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2)
  2. Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business (Level 2) (16–19-year-olds only)
  3. Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3)

This qualification can be used as a route to become an AAT bookkeeping member (AATQB)

  1. Professional Diploma in Accounting (Level 4)

This qualification can be used as a route to become an AAT full member (MAAT).

AAT Bookkeeping Qualifications

  1. Access Award in Bookkeeping (Level 1)
  2. Access Award in Accounting Software (Level 1)
  3. Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 2)
  4. Foundation Award in Accounting Software (Level 2)
  5. Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 3)

AAT Business Skills Qualification

  • Access Award in Business Skills (Level 1)

AAT Essentials

The AAT Essentials training programmes include:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Finance for non-financial managers
  3. Making sense of financial documents
  4. Managing cash flow – keeping your business healthy

Future Connect training delivers these qualification in London and Birmingham.

What is AAT Qualification equal to?

AAT (Association of Accounting Technician) is a qualification regulated by ofqual. The AAT qualification is regarded as Level 4 Qualification.  This is similar to a access course in the first year of university. The Complete AAT qualification can give you exemptions from ACCA, ICAEW and other accounting bodies.

How much AAT qualified Earn?

To find the AAT salary survey , please visit.

The AAT salary ranges from £20,000 for a level 2 AAT student up till £37000 for a qualified MAAT.

Some accounting technicians opens up their own accounting practices and work for themselves. The earning potential is than unlimited, the more client you engage the more revenue you make

How much AAT course costs?

The cost of AAT varies from Provider to provider. The average costs of qualification are

  • AAT Level 2 - £600 TO £1000
  • AAT Level 3 - £1200 TO £1800
  • AAT Level 4- £2000 to £ 2500

Duration of AAT Qualification?

Duration of AAT Qualification according to level of qualifications

  1. Level 2 AAT – 6 months to 9 months
  2. Level 3 AAT - 8 months to 12 months
  3. Level 4 AAT - 12 MONTHS to 24 months

At Future Connect Training, we plan to finish the Qualification within the time line suitable for the candidate. We have intakes at different months and candidates get a lot of flexibility in starting and pursuing the qualification.  

Jobs after AAT Qualification?

Average salary by job level Average bonus by job level Base Salary

Director/Senior Management £43,000

Middle Manager £34,000

Junior Manager £28,560

Team Leader/Supervisor £27,000

Accounts/Finance Officer £25,464

Administrator Accounts/Finance Assistant £19,500

What are the benefits of studying AAT?

The AAT Qualifications has many benefits, apart from being a part of elite club of accountants and bookkeepers, AAT qualification gives you a real earning potential of around £21600 as a starting salary. AAT is considered as an alternate option to university thus avoiding student debt.

Once qualified the possibilities are enormous. You can be employed or self-employed, others go on to become managing directors or finance directors of well-known companies.

How many exams AAT has?

The AAT qualification comprises of four levels (1, 2, 3 & 4) and they are progressive. You have to follow the sequence of the qualification, unless you have an exemption. The exams includes subject at different levels and they vary at complexity as well. 

For you to get a full AAT membership , all the exams of the AAT needs to be completed that includes Level 3 and Level 4. If you are new to accountancy and have no prior background, the starting point is going to be Level 2 . i

he AAT qualification for consists of three levels:

  • AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting it has 5 Subjects)
  • AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting. it has 6 Subjects
  • AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting. It has 6 Subjects.

AAT can give you a qualification equally recognised locally and internationally. AAT also works with other many accounting bodies and can get you exemptions once you have qualified. 

How the AAT exams are conducted?

All assessments in this qualification:

  • are set and marked by AAT
  • are computer based
  • are time limited
  • are scheduled by training providers or assessment venues
  • take place at approved centres and venues under controlled conditions.

To achieve the qualification and to be awarded a grade, a student must pass all the mandatory assessments and the synoptic assessment. Unit and synoptic assessments are not awarded grades individually, but the marks achieved in all assessments contribute to the student’s overall grade for the qualification.

AAT Exemptions

AAT is a very flexible qualification. Candidates can start at any level, if they can prove the skills level suitable for that level. AAT has skills check service on the website that helps the candidates in better understanding of starting level.

The best way to establish your exemption is to speak to an advisor for further information on AAT Exemptions.

AAT Exam center finder?

We have exam center all around London,

North London – Finchley Central (N3 2JU)

East London – Mile End (E3 4TY)

West London – Harrow on the Hill (HA1 1LJ)

Birmingham – Hagley Road (B16 8QG)

Can I start the next level of AAT after exams or do I have to wait for results?

There’s no need to wait – make use of the extra time available by starting the next level straight away if you wish.

Am I too old to study AAT course?

Absolutely not. There is no age limit to study this course. We already have students in their 50’s and 60’s that are studying a bookkeeping or accountancy course so that when they retire, they have an occupation to keep them active and earn an income.

Do the course fees include books etc? 

Depends on the options you choose. The course fee can include books and exam fee as well.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes, you can pay by installments. Future Connect has many finance options.  You can pay for each subject and even divide AAT payments as low as £50

Is it necessary for me to be working in accounts to be able to complete a course?

No, not at all. Many students find that the way to get into accounts work in the first place is to start studying for a suitable qualification. They find that employers take their applications much more seriously – especially once they’ve got some exam passes under their belts.

What is AAT with Practical Training?

Future Connect training has a unique blend of academic and practical. We have mapped up the practical training with each level of AAT.

AAT LEVEL 2 – Bookkeeping and VAT Training

AAT Level 3 – Accounts Assistant and Management Accounts Training

AAT Level 4 – Final Accounts Training

WHY AAT at Future Connect Training?

  • AAT accredited and approved training provider.
  • Expert classroom-based support available
  • Practical training and AAT subjects integrated to make sure you get the best of the both.
  • A dedicated e-portfolio to book your training, any time 7 days a week at our North, West and East London and Birmingham offices.
  • Free e-portfolio to track your performance and training milestones integrated into academic modules of AAT
  • CPD Certification essential to become an AAT Member integrated with all AAT Levels .
  • Weekend and evening classes are available.
  • Three certificates from 1 course - 1 from AAT,1 from CPD and 1 from XERO
  • CV preparation, mock interview and Job hunting support available