AAT Payroll Courses in Manchester

"AAT Payroll courses in Manchester can enhance your career in accountancy and bookkeeping as well as it gives you valued skills. Business professionals who want to get a better understanding of how payroll can help them in the day to day task of their business will also benefit. Become a qualified accountant and member of the International association of accounting professionals -IAAP with our payroll pathway program in Manchester. A specialist intends payroll Management course by considering the need of both the job searchers and people already working in recognized businesses, which covers most of your specialized needs in the area of accountancy and payroll management field."

Table of Contents
  1. AAT Payroll Courses in Manchester: Overview
  2. Syllabus
  3. Assessments
  4. Computer-Based Assessments
  5. Requirements
  6. Career path
  7. Career profile
  8. Salary Ranges

This diploma course will support you to learn from scratch and take you to an advanced level of professionalism. As you may identify that payroll administration skills are important because keeping good payroll skills establish the trust and competence in the workplace. So, if you want to gain various payroll management skills, then this is your most wanted course. This course is the best course of AAT foundation qualification. AAT foundation qualification designed this course for the following reasons:

  • Help the businesses understand its liabilities – by understanding payroll requirements, a business can better compute current and future cash flow.
  • Managing pay and administering changes in worker tax codes, for example, if someone gets to leave, receive a pay rise or be a director.
  • Confirming that employees receive an accurate salary on time, taking into account pension contributions, no tax they need to pay and student loans.
  • A payroll accountant needs to confirm that employer and employee tax is computed correctly and paid on time to have fines.
  • Payroll certified public accountant must report employees’ payments and deductions to HMRC on or before each payday.

AAT Payroll Courses in Manchester: Overview

Payroll accounting needs keen attention to detail and outstanding communication skills, as well as the numerical ability and strong administrative skills. It’s a fast-moving, interesting role which would suit someone capable of:

  • Work under resources pressure
  • Use technology efficiently
  • Prioritise tasks
  • Handle private information and data on an everyday basis.

Payroll accounting is an important part of a business – employees certainly notice if they’re not paid on time, and HMRC wants to be notified on the correct dates – so there’s a numerous responsibility.


  • Topic 1- Payroll
  • Topic 2- H M R C
  • Topic 3- Types of Payroll System
  • Topic 4- Sage Payroll
  • Topic 5- Payroll Management System


When studying an AAT qualification, your understanding and skills will be tested through computer-based assessments (called CBAs). These are administered by AAT assessment venue or training providers and run completely on PCs or laptops.

Computer-Based Assessments

AAT assessment venue schedules date and time for CBA’s. These computer-based assessments are marked one of three ways: Completely computer marked, and so results will be accessible automatically; partially computer-based and partially human marked, and so results will be available within six weeks; completely human marked, and so results will be accessible within six weeks after the assessment.


Without any former knowledge of payroll, the learners can take this AAT London course. There are no age restrictions to enrol in this course. Thus, anyone who has ambitious to learn about payroll management can take the course. There are no precise deadlines for admission, and you can enrol anytime on this course. Students want to enrol for this training course should meet the following requirements;

  • Basic knowledge of the English language
  • Basic computer and numerical skills
  • Age must be 16 years or above

Career path

After accomplishing this training, you will be capable to hold yourself with specific knowledge and skills with the maximum level of confidence to progress yourself and increase the skills for your career in the related employment sector.

Career profile

The role of a payroll administrator has become ever more significant as a result of changes in law around tax and pensions further enhance business regulation and the increasing importance of compliance. A payroll accountant is accountable for:

  • Managing PAYE
  • Recording expenditure on pays and salaries
  • Organizing payment of employer taxes properly and on time
  • Control employee pension sickness, contributions, maternity & holiday pay
  • confirming employer and employee NI is correctly calculated
  • Calculating employee bonuses such as company cars, health insurance & share schemes

Salary Ranges

The Salary Survey 2019 in Manchester provides facts of the typical salary an accountant might suppose to earn, based on info gathered from AAT members. Salary ranges are defined below:

  • Senior Manager earns an average salary of £43,000
  • Accounts or Finance Officer £25,464
  • Team Leader or Supervisor £27,000
  • Mid Manager £34,000 and Junior Manager £28,560
  • Administrator Accounts or Finance Assistant £19,500

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