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"Fast track your AAT Level 3 & AAT Level 4 qualification AQ2022, Get a complete understanding of synoptic exams. After qualifying AAT Level 3, Apply for AATQB Status."

In this AAT qualification article, we will be discussing the intermediate and advanced levels of AAT qualification. We will also be exploring the practical training appropriate at each stage. We recommend you to connect our training consultants for further details. The article recommends those who have accomplished the AAT level 2 AQ2022 with us.

What Is The AAT Level 3 & AAT Level 4 Course AQ2022?

After being licensed with level 2 of the AAT, your natural progression is the remaining two levels of qualifications in the AAT exam.

Course Content And Further Details Of AAT Level 3 & AAT Level 4

AAT Level 3 Diploma In Accounting AQ2022:

This level builds upon the important and compound accounting skill that is crucial from bookkeeping to account assistant jobs.

AAT Level 3 has the following Subjects:

  • Financial Accounting: Preparation of Financial Statements (FAPS)
  • Management Accounting Techniques (MATS)
  • Tax Processes for Business (TPFB)
  • Business Awareness (BUAW)

Financial Accounting: Preparation of Financial Statements (FAPS)

In this AAT qualification You will learn to use the principles of modern double entry bookkeeping, acquisition and disposal of non-existent assets. You will prepare depreciation calculations, term adjustments and an extended trial balance. You will also learn to create final accounts for individual merchants and partnerships and how to deal with incomplete records.

Management Accounting Techniques (MATS)

You will understand the purpose and use of management accounting and learn the cost and spreadsheet techniques required for companies and the principles behind cash management. You will also monitor budget changes and use management accounting techniques to assist in short-term decision-making.

Tax Processes for Business (TPFB)

You will review and enforce VAT legislation requirements, calculate VAT, review and verify Making Tax Digital (MTD) VAT returns, understand payroll rules, and make mistakes. We will study the implications of late filing and payment and how to report VAT information.

Business Awareness (BUAW)

You will learn about different types of businesses, structures, governance, the legal framework in which they operate and the effects of the micro and macroeconomic environment. You will also learn about the relevance of ethics in accounting, how technology affects businesses, its risks, and the need to protect data.

Skilled to know how to generate and alter different vat schemes, i.e. flat rate scheme, cash scheme, annual accounting, and discover further elements to VAT legislation.

AAT Level 3 Components

AAT Level 4, The Professional Level Of AAT Qualification:

After accomplishing AAT level 3, the final part of the AAT qualification is the AAT level 4. It is the most important and compound stage of AAT qualification and gives you membership footing. Once you complete all the subjects and the optional issues, you can apply for the MAAT standing, the Full membership status of AAT. It is a professional designation, and you are called the "Accountant", an esteemed title with an honorific.

AAT Level 4 Mandatory Units:

  • Drafting and Interpreting of Financial Statements (DAIF)
  • Applied Management Accounting (AMAC)
  • Internal Accounting Systems and Controls (INAC)

(Optional units - choose two):

  • Business Tax (BNTA)
  • Personal Tax (PNTA)
  • Audit and Assurance (AUDT)
  • Cash and Financial Management (CSFT)
  • Credit and Debt Management (CRDM)

Drafting and Interpreting Financial Statements (DAIF)

Learn about drafting financial statements, the relevant accounting standards, and limited companies' stability. You will also gain expertise in interpreting the financial statements of limited companies using ratio analysis.

Applied Management Accounting (AMAC)

Learn how to implement organisational planning in an organisation, use internal processes to enhance operational control, and make short-term and long-term decision-making techniques in AAT qualification.

Internal Accounting Systems and Controls (INAC)

You will demonstrate your understanding by reviewing an organisation's internal controls and accounting systems and making recommendations for any weaknesses you may see. You will also learn how technology can affect the role and responsibilities of the accounting system and the accounting function within an organisation.

Optional Unit - Business Tax (BNTA)

You will learn how to calculate taxes for the sale of capital assets through sole traders, partnerships and limited companies in AAT qualification. You will also understand the requirements of UK tax law, the implications of errors, the late filing of tax returns, and the ethical conduct of business.

Optional Unit - Personal Tax (PNTA)

You will learn about the tax system's principles, rules, and implications. Calculate taxpayers' income, income tax, NI, and capital gains tax.

Optional Unit - Audit and Assurance (AUDT)

You will understand the importance of audit and assurance frameworks and professional ethics. You will also learn to conduct an external audit, which includes planning and obtaining sufficient and appropriate evidence.

Optional Unit - Cash and Financial Management (CSFT)

You will learn how to make forecasts for monitoring cash receipts and payments, cash budgets and cash flows. When a business has a cash budget deficit or surplus, you will gain practical skills to take appropriate action to maximise its wealth.

Optional Unit - Credit and Debt Management (CRDM)

You will learn how to assess credit risks, make credit grants, borrow from consumers, and the principles of effective credit control. You will also learn about relevant legislation, contract law, and ethical principles in a credit control environment.

Duration Of AAT qualification course

AAT Accounting Level 3 Advanced: 6-7 months,

AAT Accounting Level 4 Professional: 8-10 months

Assessment and next progression

After completing AQ2022 AAT level 3 and AAT level 4, you can appeal for MAAT Status or continue with the ACCA or CIMA.

Certification you will gain in AAT qualification

  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting Certificated AAT Level 3 AQ2022
  • Professional Diploma in Accounting authentication AAT Level 4 AQ2022

Jobs Opportunities From AAT Level 3 And Level 4 AQ2022 Qualifications

You can apply for job roles such as:-

  • Bookkeeper
  • Self-employed bookkeeper
  • Management Accountant
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Accountant
  • Finance manager
  • Financial controller
  • Director
AAT Integration Practical Training

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Practical Training Integration With The AQ2022 AAT Courses

  • Accounts Assistant
  • Management Accountants
  • Final Accounts


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