AAT Level 3 & Level 4: Fast Track AAT Accounting | AAT Qualification

"Fast track AAT Level 3 & Level 4 Course after you are licensed, with your level 2 of AAT accounting, your common procession towards the remaining two qualifications in AAT levels exams."

In this article, we will be discussing the intermediate and advanced levels of AAT qualification. We will also be exploring the practical training appropriate at each stage. We recommend you to connect our training consultants for further details.

The article is a recommendation for those who have accomplished the AAT level 2 with us.

What is the AAT Level 3 & 4 Course?

After being licensed with level 2 of AAT, your natural progression is the remaining two levels qualifications in the AAT exam.

Course content and further details of AAT Level 3 & Level 4

Level 3 Diploma in Accounting:

The advancement for AAT level 2, a certificate in bookkeeping, is level 3, i.e., the advanced diploma in accounting.

This level builds upon the important and compound accounting skill that is crucial from bookkeeping to account assistant jobs.

AAT Level 3 qualification contains six modules:

  1. Advanced Bookkeeping

Be good enough to prepare a trial balance, reconciliations, inventory, prepare accounts for irrecoverable debts and understand the concept of non-current assets.

  1. Final Accounts Preparation

Learning how to prepare accounts for different businesses, record the partnership changes, and prepare the statements for deficient business documentation.

  1. Indirect Tax

Skilled to know how to generate and alter different vat schemes, i.e. flat rate scheme, cash scheme, annual accounting, and discover further elements to VAT legislation.

AAT Level 3 Components

  1. Management Accounting: Costing

Be able to prepare the company's budget accounts and forecast the company revenues, making sure all the KPIs, profit & loss comparisons are designed as per the company guidelines.

  1. Accountants principles

Be skilled enough to address issues regarding various ethical situations an accountant can face during work. AAT upholds the Principle issue very solemnly, and this subject forms the foundation of AAT's concepts of Principles.

  1. Spreadsheets for Accounting

Knowledge of how to create advanced spreadsheets is required while working in accounting and using proper formulas and formatting, i.e.HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, sumif and pivot table.

Level 4, the professional Level of AAT Qualification:

After accomplishing AAT level 3, the final part of the AAT qualification is the AAT level 4. It is the most important and compound stage of AAT qualification and gives you membership footing. Once you complete all the subjects, together with the optional subjects, you can apply for the MAAT standing, the Full membership status of AAT. It is a professional designation, and you are called the "Accountant", an esteemed title with your honorific.

AAT Level 4 Mandatory Units:

Management Accounting: Budgeting

Developing the skills of how to manage the budget control systems and designing up to date budget outlines.

Management Accounting: Decision and Control

Be able to look over the management accounts based on the execution of several inconsistent scenarios, i.e.overhead costs and labour, materials, and reconcile budgeted cost with the actual price.

Financial Statements of Limited Companies

Learn how to create financial statements and group accounts in an issued form per the organisation's guidelines.

Accounting Systems and Controls

Grasp how to examine the current accounting systems and provide a suggestion for development.

AAT Level 4 Optional Units

Select any two out of the following optional units:

  • Personal Tax– Refining employee tax.
  • Business Tax– Knowledge and understanding of the business taxes.
  • Management of Cash and Treasury– Grasp the cash flow patterns and predicting the payments.
  • Credit Management– Build your Skills and knowledge regarding credit control and companies liquidity.
  • External Auditing– Better grasp and understanding of how the audit process works and contribute to the examination.

Duration of the Courses

AAT Accounting Level 3 Advanced: 6-7 months,

AAT Accounting Level 4 Professional: 8-10 months

Assessment and next progression

After completing AAT level 3 and level 4, you can appeal for MAAT Status or continue with the ACCA or CIMA.

Certification you will gain

  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting Certificated AAT Level 3
  • Professional Diploma in Accounting authentication AAT Level 4

Jobs opportunities from AAT Level3 and Level4

You can apply for job roles such as:-

  • Bookkeeper
  • Self-employed bookkeeper
  • Management Accountant
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Accountant
  • Finance manager
  • Financial controller
  • Director
AAT Integration Practical Training

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Practical training integration with the AAT Courses

  • Accounts Assistant
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