AAT Level 3 & Level 4: Fast Track AAT Accounting | AAT Qualification

"Fast track AAT Level 3 & 4 Course after qualifying your level 2 of AAT accounting, your natural progression is the remaining 2 qualification in AAT exam levels."

In this article, we will be discussing the intermediate and advanced level of AAT qualification. We will also be telling you about the practical training suitable at each level. We recommend you call our training consultants for more details.

The article is a guideline for anyone who has completed the AAT level 2 with us.

What is the AAT Level 3 & 4 Course?

After qualifying your level 2 of AAT, your natural progression is the remaining 2 qualification in AAT exam levels.

Course content and details of AAT L3/L4

Level 3, Diploma in Accounting:

The progression for AAT level 2, a certificate in bookkeeping is level 3, i.e., the advanced diploma in accounting.

This level builds up on the important and complex accounting skill that is essential from progressing into accounts assistant jobs from the bookkeeping job.

The AAT Level 3 qualification consists of 6 units:

  1. Advanced Bookkeeping

Be able to prepare a trial balance, reconciliations, inventory, prepare accounts for irrecoverable debts and understand the concept of non- current assets.

  1. Final Accounts Preparation

Learning how to prepare accounts for all the different business, recording the changes in partnership and preparing the accounts for incomplete business records.

  1. Indirect Tax

Learn how to prepare and adjust various vat schemes, i.e. annual accounting, cash, flat rate scheme and discover further elements to VAT legislation

AAT Level 3 Components

  1. Management Accounting: Costing

Be able to prepare the budget accounts for the company and forecasting the company revenues, making sure all the KPI's, profit & loss, comparison prepared according to the company guidance.

  1. Ethics for Accountants

Be able to address issues regarding various ethical situations an accountant can face during working. AAT uphold the Ethics issue very seriously, and this subject forms the basis of AAT's principles of ethics.

  1. Spreadsheets for Accounting

Learn how to create advanced spreadsheets, which is required while working in accounting and making sure to use appropriate formulas and formatting, i.e. pivot table, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and sumif.

Level 4, the professional Level of AAT Qualification:

After completion level 3, the final part of the AAT qualification is the AAT level 4. This is the most critical and complex stage of AAT qualification and gives you membership status. Once you complete all the subjects, including the optional subjects, you can apply for the MAAT status that is the Full membership status of AAT. This is a professional designation, and you are called the "Accountant" a prestigious title with your name.

AAT Level 4 Compulsory Units:

Management Accounting: Budgeting

Developing the skills of how to prepare the budget control systems and creating advanced budget reports.

Management Accounting: Decision and Control

Be able to analyse the management accounts based on performance on several variable scenarios, i.e. materials, overhead costs and labour, and reconcile budgeted cost with actual cost.

Financial Statements of Limited Companies

Learn how to prepare financial statements, group accounts in a published format according to the guidance of companies house.

Accounting Systems and Controls

Learn how to analysing the current accounting systems and providing a recommendation for improvement.

AAT Level 4 Optional Units

Choose any two out of the following optional modules:

  • Personal Tax– Processing employee tax.
  • Business Tax– Understand the business taxes.
  • Cash and Treasury Management– understanding the cash flow patterns and forecasting future payments.
  • Credit Management– Build your knowledge about credit control and company liquidity.
  • External Auditing– Understanding how the audit process works and contribute to the examination.

Duration of the Courses

AAT Accounting Level 3 Advanced: 6-7 months,

AAT Accounting Level 4 Professional: 8-10 months

Assessment and next progression

After completion of AAT level 3 and level 4, you can apply for MAAT Status or continue your studies for ACCA or CIMA.

Certification you will gain

  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting Certificate AAT Level 3
  • Professional Diploma in Accounting Certificate AAT Level 4

Jobs you can apply for AAT L3/L4

You can apply below job roles:-

  • Accountant
  • Self-employed bookkeeper
  • Management Accountant
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Finance manager
  • Director
  • Financial controller.

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Practical training integration with the AAT Courses

  • Accounts Assistant
  • Management Accountants
  • Final Accounts
AAT Integration Practical Training

MAAT Status – How we can HELP

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